Thought I'd say Hi

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Thought I'd say Hi

I lurked and posted a while back on a few different threads, but I never did a real intro on myself- and thought I should do that.

I'm Bonita, I've knitted and crocheted since I was maybe 8 or 9. My Ganna (grandma) and Mom both knitted, but Mom's a lefty, so I learned a lot of things "backwards". I've never had any luck making sweaters or things to wear that actually fit. I can't seem to get my gauge working right, but I've made lots of afghans, baby blankets and sets, ponchos,
scarves, hats, mittens, that kind of thing.

My first projects were baby blankets and baby sets. I even had an extra one made and knitted when I was still in HS that I had forgotten about, and my Mom sent it to me when my ds was born Biggrin somewhere I have pictures of him wearing it- and I can take photos of it to show you too, when I remember.

Hope to be here more often, especially after my ds starts kindergarten, when I should have more time to do some things.


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Hi! The board has slowed down a bit, but if we keep posting, others will come!

Show us pictures of what you're working on!

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Welcome! :wavehello:

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Yes, for me things slowed down with my grandson's birth on the 17th of June. He,of course, is PERFECT!

I'm just working on a blanket. The gauge given on the skein wrapper is way off, so the blanket just may fit a queen sized bed! It is WAY too hot to knit this week, so once things get below 90F perhaps I'll resume work on it and on weeding the gardens.