Two color knitting question

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Two color knitting question

When you knit fair isle (not intarsia), how many stitches max do you carry the yarn behind? I was wondering because I've heard many different opinions. One woman at my knitting group even catches the yarn every other stitch. I just had a pattern when I made the dots for a strawberry. It was 7 stitches red, then one stitch green. I caught the yarn once in-between (so every 3-4 stitches). If the space had been 5, I probably wouldn't have caught it at all. To me, 7 was just too far.

Does it depend on what you are doing? Like a hat you would have longer floats, since no fingers or toes go in it, but mittens you would catch it more often?


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I haven't done a ton of fairisle work. 7 does seem like a lot, but I think there are probably some projects I could envision doing it.

The last fairisle project I did...the largest span was 5.

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I haven't knit this style yet, but I do own a sweater that has floats on the back, and I"m always catching it on the buttons of the shirt I wear under it, or my fingers when I try to put it on. I also have to be really careful with it when I wash it. If I ever made one, I'd probably do really tight so it's not messy from behind, but that's just me.

It would depend on who it's for, Mittens I would do every stitch (is that possible) or every other at the most, also anything for my 5 yr old I'd do the same.

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*lurk* It depends on the application, yes, you're right. If it is something like a sweater for me or another adult I have gone 10 stitches, max, between catching. For Callie? 2-3 is normal. For gauntlets and gloves, also 2-3.

And the actual grist of the yarn makes a difference as well. If it is some of my worsted handspun versus a gfood bulky the spacing will obviously differ, and some fibers handle the friction that is involved in carrying better than others.

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