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Upcoming Projects

Hello All!!

So what is everyone working on right now?

I finished the sweater for Cooper, and he refuses to let me put it on him Sad I got one sleeve and the hood on last week, that was it. Sigh.

So since I did pretty good with it, and am pleased with how it turned out, I took Sierra to choose some wool and have started making her one. Same brand of wool, but she picked out purple/hot pink.

I'm also waiting to go buy some wool to make a baby blanket, the gender is a surprise. My GF is in labour as I type, so...... I'm going to use that Bernat Baby Blanket, the really chunky, soft stuff.

I also scored some wool off Craig's List this morning, 3 balls of Bernat Alpaca, 1 of Bernat Satin, and some other odds and ends(enough of each to at least make a little scarf or something) for $15. I was happy, because at Zellers later I saw the Alpaca for $5 each, and $4 for the Satin, so I think I got a decent deal. Now to find something to make out it Smile

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That stinks he won't wear it! Sad

I haven't been knitting at all! I just have no motivation lately. I did however start a hat last night. Hats are my thing. Wink I have been picking up clothing here and there for our son's summer wardrobe and realized duh! he needs some new hats for spring/summer! So I'm knitting the "Trail Cap" which can be found here...it's the blue bumblebee one. http://www.tottoppers.com/patterns/trail-cap/ I'm about half done with it.

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My Mum is knitting DS a dice foot stool (because I knit too slowly ad really don't have time), but we didn't have the pattern with us when we bought the wool so have way too much so she is making him a pair for my place and some for her place

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That hat is super cute!

Well, my GF had a boy. I changed directions again, and am now making a blanket out of Red Heart Baby Clouds. It is the wave stitch blanket from the Bernat website. I'm almost halfway done, the shower is on the 2nd, so I'm on a deadline.

My mom and I are taking the kids down across the border tomorrow for some (hopefully!) cheap shopping, so I've found a couple yarn stores to meander into on our way to the outlet mall.