What blogs do you read?

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What blogs do you read?

I was just finishing catching up on pg.org and getting ready to move on to my favorite blogs. Then I realized that they are ALL knitting blogs. I was having the best chuckle at the the yarn harlot (http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/) when I thought I'd come back and ask ya'll. Are you a blogger yourself? Are you like me and just sit back and enjoy others blogs? What are you reading these days?

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I love the yarnharlot, I have her book.

I haven't read blogs in awhile. I do subscribe to some yahoo knitting groups though.

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I read a TON of knitting blogs. If you click on the www part of my profile, it'll take you to my blog and the (outdated) list of all the blogs I follow.
I love the Harlot, enjoy Wendy Knits, I also really like Scout's Swag, she also makes the most incredible hand dyed yarn.