What holiday projects are you working on?

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What holiday projects are you working on?

Or, if you haven't started yet, do you have an idea of what you want to work on for the holidays? I am currently making a fall wreath for our front door (my first!), and when we're done with Thanksgiving, I plan on switching it out with a Christmas wreath. I also want to make a Christmas stocking for my daughter (probably stamped cross-stitch), and a fleece blanket for my son, which will probably be one of his Christmas presents. Biggrin Share what you're doing because I would love to have some ideas/inspiration for the holidays!

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Probably not a lot in the knitting/crocheting crafts - maybe a pair of 3-fingered mitts for my brother for hunting.

I'm making a bunch of reusable shopping bags and a couple of rag quilts. Also making Eye Spy Bags for the kiddos we buy for.

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I don't know whats wrong with me...

I've lost the knitting bug! Sad

I am going to go to the NY Sheep and Wool festival this weekend, so hopefully it will help rekindle my passion.

If I do any holiday projects, it will depend on who I get in our annual Christmas drawing. So we will see!

Right now though, i would like to make some flip top mittens for the kids...and new hats for fall. If i can ever get myself motivated!

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I just learned to knit but I'm hoping to make scarves for my sis and her fiance. I might do washclothes too. Nothing complicated yet Smile I just made a scarf for my niece using the faggot stitch (K1, YO, K2tog) and I really loved it. Right now I'm making a ball for a friend who's due in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping to make either a toy fish or a bigger ball to go with it (from my clearance rack knitting book :lol:)

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I'm actually making a lot this Christmas! We're trying not to spend much this year, so I'm making most everything for the kids. Mostly these projects are sewing- hope that's okay to post here! I'm making:

For DS1: a fleece blanket and bean bags

For DS2: Felt Food and a new blankie

For Both: Picture block and some dress up capes.

I've already made the bean bags and the blankie for DS2, and I have the materials for everything else. I'm working on Reed's quilt right now though, and I want to have that completely finished and sent out to Sarah before I start anything else.