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What is your favorite

type of object to knit or crochet and why?

I think mine is mittens. I love them in so many ways!

I love them because they are useful, extremely useful...well, at least I use them a lot, and my kids too LOL.

I love them because they are a great canvas for showing off colorwork or cables.

I love them because they are a small portable project, but can be complex enough to make a decent project out of...yet not overwhelming.

I love them because they are just a warm and cozy symbol of winter to me!

I especially love double lined mittens, they are fantastic. I have a pair and I wear them all the time.

If you are wondering what inspired this post....

I just spotted these on ravelry and drooled all over myself:


So what is your favorite type of project? Do you have an example pattern to show what your idea of tremendously enjoyable knitting/crocheting is?

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Those mitts are lovely!

I no longer do much work with more than one color unless the yarn is variegated. My eyes are not in great shape these days. Complex patterns are hard for me.

In the past I enjoyed fancier things. I loved a sweater made on tiny tiny needles that I made for my daughter. It was navy with city buildings (with lighted windows) across the front and sparkling stars in the sky. She didn't fit in it long either...but it was great fun! I haven't got the pattern any longer. (That was over 30 years ago!)

I think I am drawn to a project by the yarn itself. I enjoy hats for the grand children because they finish quickly! You can see the owl hat I made over on my projects at Ravelry.

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I prefer simple to complex, but I prefer lace to cables. I enjoy the knitting more than the finished product. I knit baby pants like they are going out of style, and DH rarely puts them on the boys. I can knit them without a pattern, without thinking and it's statisfying to create them.

I knit socks, but don't enjoy the slow results, I like hats and cowls and mittens too. I've never knit a shawl. I like children's sweaters and vests, and girly skirties (but have no use for them) I've made a couple of sweaters for myself. I have the yarn for a scrappy cardigan for myself but for some reason I am putting it off. Probably because I'm afraid to "use up" all my really nice Mosaic Moon yarn.

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I don't know as I can name a favorite, just because of my lack of experience lol! I've been knitting for a long time, but only flat things, like scarves. Okay, mostly scarves, and some small blankets for my DD's toys.

Now that I am learning to crochet, the book I got has a nice pattern for a hat in it, that I found simple, quick, and attractive. I've made 2 adult sized, then fudged it a little and made 2 baby ones. I also had a pattern for a knit hat that is made flat and then sewn together, so I made one for my DD, and one for me, but I've made different tops for different hats. Some are flat across and have tassels(the kids) and the adult and baby ones are gathered at the top. I screwed up the first one, it's soooooo long, but rolled up a few times it'll keep ears nice and warm haha.

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I don't think I really have a favorite, but Ido like hats and mittens! and things for babies!

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I love to make hats. I guess living in Canada we wear a hat for so many months and my kids are bald until 2.. then again my 2 year old is still pretty bald Wink

I am starting to crochet hats. I used to knit in the round, but have found the crocheting is soo much faster. I still prefer the look of the knit hats more, but recently made up my own pattern for a hello kitty hat for friend (crochet) and it came out great.