Whats on your needles or hook?

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Whats on your needles or hook?

I am currently working on a pair of longies for a sweet momma for her up coming little baby girl. Whats everyone else working on

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Well, it;s been a while since I've worked on it, but my mom's sweater is still being worked on (since 2 years ago). It's a one-piece style. Hmm... But there are so many other projects going on... family tree, putting in hardwood floors, organising various committees, taking care of Ivy, and then relaxation! I want to get more exercise too! And I go back to work in November too!

oh! and I wanted to make some baby quilts too...

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I'm almost finished with a washcloth. My dh wants a hat next.

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I'm working on a sweater for my baby granddaughter. Then I have some very brightly colored variegated wool that I want to work with, but I'm nor sure yet what I'll make with it. Possibly hats.

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In the last month I have finished.
22wide x 12tall diaper bag
2 kids scarf shrugs
2 kids purses

I have other projects to do for x-mas too.

The Scarf shrugs I did with an 11.5mm hook and that is the largest I have ever worked with. It was odd at first but after the first 2 rows it went smooth and I could finish a shrug in 2 hours.

I have to make SIL something any suggestions?

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Oops, I forget to check this board.
I recently finished a pair of Froot Loops socks (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring08/PATTfrootloop.html)
I am currently knitting some dishcloths to give out as gifts - I'm using this pattern: http://sites.google.com/site/love2knitdishcloths/home/dishclothindex-html/stars
Since the dishcloths are reallllly boring, I'm about to start on this: http://keeponknittinginthefreeworld.blogspot.com/2009/11/miss-marple-clue-4.html
And I'm also trying to start knitting a pair of wool pants for DS (totally winging the pattern), but I'm having issues with the hand-dying. The dying I did turned out really ugly, so I'm going to overdye them. I've been procrastinating about doing that and then last night, DS broke the one big bowl that will hold all the yarn. So I may put off overdying even longer...

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I finished a pair of mittens that I had started a long time ago. Also yesterday I started and finished a hair flower attached to a hair rubber band and 1/2 a pair of slippers. the slippers are my own pattern and now to attempt to copy the notes I wrote as I was making it to make the other one. Wish me luck I am going to need it.

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I finished knitting one of these:

From the knitting pure and simple website. I did a little colorwork in mine. Its washed and blocked and I just bought the zipper to put on it today. Now actually sewing the zipper on will be a challenge for me. I"ve only done one other zipper before and I really hated the process.

I am currently knitting a pair of these:


I am doing them in a dark green, brown, light green combination. Very enjoyable so far.

I am however, going to put them down or keep working on them side by side with a pair of fiddlehead mittens:


I've done a pair of these once before and they are great. I wear mine all the time. I am knitting a pair for my niece for Christmas. I only do two colors instead of 5 (because its cheaper, still looks nice). Two different shades of green this time.

I am really drawn to color work. I love color work, love the way it looks, love the way it keeps the knitting interesting.

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The mittens are neat!!! Can't wait to see them when you are done.

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I just got done with 3 pairs of baby socks, now I'm working on a matching hat for one of the pairs, hoping to have babe wear them on the trip home from the hospital.
I have some newborn longies on some needles too, but I think I'm going to just undo them because I'm not liking the pattern and it's making me not want to even try to work on it. I really need to find a newborn longie pattern knit in the round.
Hopefully sometime in the next week I'll also get around to finishing sewing my pouch sling.