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Thread: What's your UFO policy?

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    I am making a toy bag now and it is taking forever!!! 2 hours in and it has 12 rows of a 20 inch radious tube.

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    I don't have many knit or crocheted UFO's, just one at the moment and I work on it once a week or so. I have a few patterns I want to make and I have a huge stash of yarn..but not the right kind for these patterns...lol

    I am kinda in cross-stitch mode, I have a few from last year that are unfinished. My wolves was started almost 3 years ago and it's sitting in a paperbag waiting for me to get back to it. I have finished other ones in between then and now but that one just gets to me, it's huge and on black canvas..I hate black canvas...lol. I also have a cross stitch that I am making as a wedding present for my mom...too bad she got married last month and I'm still not halfway through it. I bought a new/old one at the beginning of the month and have been working on it most recently. I say new/old because I have bought it before and it was missing threads and when I contacted the company to request more they never got back to me, so I got tired of waiting and bought it again, and guess what...it has too many threads... I am not complaining cause now I can make 2 and give one away for Xmas.

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    I'm not too bad. I have 4 UFO's at the moment. 3 are active projects and one is snoozing...not sure when I will get back to it because it's really boring.

    I have yarn for 2 more projects. But that's only because I bought a TON of yarn back in March from knitpicks. With a $50 order, shipping was free, so I bought enough yarn for about 8 projects.

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