Beep Beep (well that's what Daddy calls him)
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Thread: Beep Beep (well that's what Daddy calls him)

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    Default Beep Beep (well that's what Daddy calls him)

    Well my little boy is only 8 months but I am starting over here in the toddler journals because he will be here soon enough and I don't want to move this later.

    In a couple years from now my little boy is going to look up at me and ask "mommy why do you call me Beep Beep?"
    and I am going to have to tell him about when he was a baby and he would just drag everything that might have been in his way while he crawled and daddy would start saying beep beep Aiden coming through and move everything!

    My little boy is getting so big so fast. I miss the days when he couldn't roll or crawl let alone stand and try to walk.

    well gotta go for now he woke up from his nap.

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    So yesterday we went out and got Aiden weighed He is a wopping 21 lbs and 14 ounces! ANd 29.5 inches tall! My baby boy is getting to big way to quick. After his weigh in we went out and about.

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