Crazy Days With A Toddler

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Crazy Days With A Toddler

Tyler Dominic was born July 10, 2002 at 5:31am weighing 9lbs 8oz and 21.5 inches long. He had long dark black hair and beautiful blue/green eyes. He was exactly 14 days overdue. That right there should have told me what a stubborn child I had on my hands....

Fast forward, Tyler is now a very active and intelligent toddler. He will be 34 months old on May 10th and of course will turn 3 on July 10th of this year. He is a little over 30lbs and about 3ft 4in tall give or take some. He has sandy brown hair with blonde highlights and gorgeous hazel eyes.

Tyler's most recent accomplishments:
-Count to 25 in English
-Count to 12-15 in Spanish
-Knows entire alphabet written
-Recites the alphabet in English and Spanish
-Knows all his shapes, numbers, and colors
-Can spell his own name

As I said, I have a very intelligent little boy. But he is also a very stubborn little boy!! Smile I hope I remember to post each day what happened, what was learned, how I feel, etc.

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Thursday, May 5 2005

Tyler woke up at 9:00am this morning. He walked to his gate as he usually does and yelled "Mommy, I'm awake!". (My room is right next to his and I keep my door open so I can hear him.) I went and got him up. I changed his diaper and cleaned the mess in his room. Then we went to his highchair where I set him up with a cup of soy milk and a bowl of dry Apple Jacks.

I had to go to the doctor today for my injections in my back so Uncle Mike watched Tyler while my Mom took me up there since my car is broke (needs a new head-gasket *sp?) When I got back Tyler was watching Blue's Clues still eating cereal.

I got Tyler dressed (he wears 3T now!) and had him put on his own shoes. It's something I'm trying to teach him to do on his own instead of just throwing his feet in the air when he wants to wear shoes. We went next door where there is a little boy named Vince that is close to Tyler's age. Tyler and Vince played with some play tools and watched Dora the Explorer together. Then I showed Vince's mom how Tyler can recognize all his letters by writing them out and asking Tyler what they were. She was shocked. I also showed her he knew a few shapes and numbers. Vince sat there clapping for Tyler, it was too cute. They watched some more t.v. together and ran around playing.

At 12:30 I brought Tyler home to change him again (he's still in diapers!) and feed him lunch. He didn't want anything i offered and finally I gave in to the constant request -or order- for hot dogs. Tyler ate 2 complete hotdogs then had a cup of juice and some Ritz sticks. I laid him down in his racecar bed and told him he had to take a nap. He just rested for a little bit.

I had to run to the store so my mom offered to watch Tyler since I had to walk and we weren't sure if it was supposed to rain. Me and Mike went up to KMart and got him 2 new outfits and me a whole bunch of new shirts and a skirt and a pair of flip flops. We are going up there next week to get everything for Tyler for his birthday and putting it on layaway so we can pay it off before his birthday instead of buying presents here and there. Smile That's exciting!

I got home at 1:40 and Tyler was still laying in his bed just reading a book. I asked him if he wanted a snack and he jumped up and ran over to me. I gave him a cup of jell-o and a pack of blue's clues snacks. He really liked that.

Then I took him in the backyard and let him play for an hour until my dad got home. Tyler loves to be standing at the door when his Papa gets home! They played together for a bit, i love watching that as my dad never had little kids (he became my step dad when I was 7).

I have to go grocery shopping so I had nothing really to make for dinner. So I got Tyler some chicken nuggets and french fries from McDonald's. He doesn't often get take out so after every bite he said "Mmmm that's good!" LOL. It was too cute.

He sat with me on the couch while I read a book and he read one of his books.

It's now 8:56 and I'm attempting to put him to sleep. I keep hearing small whispers of "i want t.v." from his room. I might go read him one last story then it's really bed time!!!