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Miss Bella

Bella had her 19th month checkup last night and I realized in the middle of it all that she certainly isn't a baby anymore. A toddler? When did that happen? Actually, I am sure it happened a while ago and I resisted it.

(I'd like a moment of silence please... Waaa!)

Stats: 24 lbs, 33.5" and a ball of endless energy and laughter.

She is talking all over the place and surprises dh and I almost daily with a new word. One of my favs is "potomus" (hippopotamus).

She sleeps great, bink-free and goes to bed by herself. We have a little rountine of sorts; read a few books, give daddy a night-night kiss, then we say good-night to dad, to the living room, to the outside (with a promise to see it tomorrow), to the kitchen (after which she asks for a pop-sicle), to the bathroom, to Hobart the dog.. She waves to all, says night-night and then once we hit her bedroom it switches to hello. Hello to her bed, to the moon and to night-night. She promptly lays down, jabbers to herself for a few and is off to la-la-land. I love our bedtime routine. She sleeps hard. And she plays hard. Those must go hand in hand.

She is also just now starting to fight the carseat and highchair from time to time. What a struggle.

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Boo has been on the fence the last few mornings. I see a glimmer of what I suspect others call the "terrible twos", but I also think that is part of the package. I mean really, she is growing and learning at such an incredible pace. Frustrations are mounting at limitations, both with her abilities and with the limitations placed on her. I also realized the other day that we spent most of our energy accommodating her every whim and now we aren't. Tell me that isn't frustrating.

Listen to me, talking like Bella is a royal pain. She isn't. We are just at a new stage, and that requires an adjustment at times. Our biggest conflicts are about coming inside when she wants to be outside, or getting dressed. I am trying to put her to bed a little earlier to allow more time in the morning for play instead of making it a rush of breakfast and getting ready for daycare/school. We'll see how that works out.

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Demonic Child?

Bella gave me a run for my money this morning. It was a battle of wills to get her dressed. I was tempted to put her in the car sans clothes and let the room leaders dress her later. (Dh was no help, he sat back and laughed as he caught the action. What a turd.)

I get to "school" and the room leader shares a Bella "time-out" story.

It seems that Bella pinned another girl to the ground and was squeezing her chubby cheeks! This girl is the baby of the classroom and the one Bella usually dotes after. Then... the room leader says, "She was using a growly voice! I looked at [the other room leader] and said, "if this kid's head starts spinning I am going to freak out!"

OMG! I totally started laughing since dh taught her a little second voice... the low and growly one. She uses it most in the mornings, if you can imagine hearing a low and deep "Good Morning", "Color" or "Hello". Truly the things we teach our children may very well bite us in the butt!

Thankfully, she didn't hurt the little girl and I also found out that one of the older kids has been doing the same thing before Bella did it yesterday.

Let us hope that Bella behaves herself today. As the room leader said, She is never aggressive or mad, so it was a big surprise to see her act that way.

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Bella slept in this morning, we had such a crazy busy weekend and she was late to bed each night.

She really had some fun though, Saturday evening we spent it at my dad's house and once she warmed up to the large group of aunts, uncles and cousins, she ran around non-stop, screaming, and having a great time. It was very cute.

Sunday, my mom picked Bella up early for a drive to my aunt's house for brunch. Dh and I ran some errands and shopped. Then dh took off with his dad for the rest of the day and I painted the exterior of the house. Bella did great, played and had fun with my cousins' kids. It was a great test run for July, when dh and I are taking a trip without her. 3 whole days without Bella. It will be our first night without her, ever. She is very comfortable around my mom. And my mom is willing to stay at our house the entire time so that Bella may be even more comfortable during our absence. Grandma is so good to her.

Sunday night, dinner at the ILs house. We had a late dinner due to the boys getting back from the races late. Bella basically stuck to me and dh as she normally does. The ILs overwhelm her a bit from the moment we set foot in the door so it takes even longer for her to relax. They are getting better about it, but being the only grandkid does that.

Bella is talking more and more. This weekend we were driving down the street, car was quiet and Bella yells out at the top of her lungs, "Hello Bella!" It took us by surprise and cracked up us. She knows she adorable... and funny.

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Bella has been scaring the ladies at school with her deep voice. I have to admit it is a little strange, but funny, especially when she says, "Cooookie Monster!" LOL!

She is really starting to warm up to dh now that he is around more and not commuting. This really helps me. It used to be dd and the 160 lb dog as my endless shadow through the house. Now I see how enclosed I was and appreciate the additional space I have. The dog still follows me around, but not as often since dd isn't as well. Biggrin

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