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    I went to pick up Luke yesterday and he had scratched himself on the face. pretty good too. I'm reallllly hoping they heal by monday b/c that is when I was going to try and take his 1 year pictures. we'll see. Otherwise, I mean, hey, he's a baby and they do things.

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    oh. and I gave him lemon and lime for the first time. He did ok with the lime, but after stuffing some lemon in his mouth he made the funniest face adn after a couple minutes started gagging. That was enough Lemon!!!!

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    got a gorgeous bracelet from Ivy

    and found one of Luke's baby hats in our bedroom. *sniff*

    last night we went to choir, and everyone loved on him, as usual. He toddled along the hallway and was all shy. Then we got hom and I had to change him b/c he'd pooped. He threw a holy fit whie I was changing him. But we rocked for a few minutes and all was well.
    and he slept until just about 8! yay for that!

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    been a few days.
    Luke is being his usual self, but crabbier lately. maybe he's teething, maybe he realizes his birthday is coming up and just acting like a crabby old man. lol!
    Here's what I decided to use as his 1 year pic.

    I was hoping this one woudl turn out

    but it ended up being fuzzy. dammit.
    I also have these

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    ok, so I took some more pics and am so undecided.

    here are a few others I took on Monday as well.

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    Luke's passport arrived!

    looking at it

    last night after his walk he also decided to climb into his stroller for a bit

    and then played behind the shelf (I had to move it to clean up something he'd spilled)

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    Luke being Luke lol!
    Will have pics from his birthday party adn the weekend in a bit.

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    all righty. did I mention here that he's started climbing on the end tables?

    before his party, wearing a hat

    loving the balloon daddy got him

    sampling the frosting rather than blowing out the candle

    the token eating the birthday cake shot

    he wasn't really into the whole opening the presents thing either, so I did that

    some of his presents

    in the hat from ivy and major

    a not so good pic of the two of us from yesterday

    in the cute outfit i had him in this morning

    and finally, a pic of our family, including my parents, brother and his girlfriend, tim and I and luke

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    Hi Lisa!!! I had no idea you had a journal on here! I wanted to get on to wish Luke a very happy birthday tomorrow!!!! I cannot believe that gorgeous boy of yours is ONE already!! He is such a sweet, active, bubbly kid - I love all his pictures and that video! I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow, and try not to shed too many tears!

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    oh my god. My baby is 1!!!!!!
    ok, here are some pics.
    ok, here are ALOT OF PICS
    we started off the day by having a breakfast of cheese and grapes.

    then mommy tried to get his 12 month (1 year) shot on the couch but Master Luke wasn't cooperating very well

    then we did a bit of toodling around and came home and took a nice long nap.
    After which we went to the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa
    Where he rode the carousel with Grandma

    he wasn't quite sure of the whole thing. lol!
    Grandma was reading all about some animal, don't remember what

    Then we had to take a picture with Mommy

    then we went and saw the Giraffes

    and watched them getting fed

    then mommy tried desperatly to get a picture of Luke with the Kangaroos but they weren't cooperating

    then we looked at a big brown bear

    then since we'd gone to the zoo to see the Koala's but the disply closed 2 days ago, I took a pic by the sign. loL!

    and a pic by the Butterfly Garden

    then we went home and tried desperately to get a good pic with his birthday shirt and crown, but cooperation wasn't happening

    then we went to Stonefire where we played and ate

    by the water table

    and the railroad area

    and with the blocks

    and then did some face painting, where I got my first goosey egg on my head when I bent down and wacked it

    if you look about his right eye you can see the lump

    grandma holding ice on Luke's head

    playing where Luke hit his head AGAIN

    Loving the slide area

    trying to crawl UP the slide

    and going home
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