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    Default Tales from Anpan Land-o

    Starting new.

    Entry 1: The characters.

    Meet my kids.

    Cobi-pan man. Age: 2 years, 10 months. Likes: Anpan man, eating, dinosaurs, and trains. Traits- destructive, extremely silly, sometimes whiney. Very good at small motor skills (drawing, manipulating blocks)

    Luca-pan man. Cobi's twin brother. Age: 2 years 10 months. Likes: Anpan man, running around, his grandparents, and trains. And Blues Clues. Traits: equally silly, destructive, extremely observant of his surroundings. Curious about people, what they're doing, and how they're feeling.

    Mika-panna. Age: 3 months. Disposition: Happy. Likes: anyone who holds her, the mobile, the ceiling fan. Do I need to mention she's the sweetest baby in the world?

    And then there's me. Anpan Mom. Talents: Able to load the mini-van in under 5 minutes, including applying sunscreen and keeping velcroed shoes ON; swivels jogging strollers through zoo and aquarium crowds; bakes a mean blueberry scone, along with a number of yummy cookies. Tries hardest: to keep the kids away from candies and sugary junk food, avoid the television, and get the Anpan kids to stand up for themselves.

    Occasional guest appearance by:

    DH-man. Breadwinner, usually home at 330 pm, during the twins' "destructo-saurus" periods. *sigh* Hobbies: his beloved first born, his car; baseball; finding a new job.

    So, we start this entry at Mother's Day. What a perfect day

    We dropped off the boys at the ILs' house yesterday... came home, had some wine and curry for dinner... DH went to his car club meeting, leaving me and Mika to find some entertainment for ourselves... in the form of... the SHOPPING MALL.

    Actually, a few nights before I was going to buy some stuff online, but DH said to just go shopping at the real store so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. Fair enough. We end up at Ann Taylor (I had eyed out some shirts online), and to make a long story short, here's what happened:

    I need new t-shirts. Desperately. My current ones are kind of tiny, with monkeys with big mouths on them (anyone heard of Paul Frank?) They show off every flab mark I have around my underarm area. Anyway, I start shopping online, DH tells me to just go shopping, so's I don't have to pay for shipping. Before he leaves for his car club meeting, he says, "Have fun! Don't spend too much!"

    So's I have an evening to myself, and decide to make a Girl's night out of it... pack up Mika and my mom, we go to the mall... hit Ann Taylor, pick out a few shirts (in Ms and Ls, just in case) and then, the shorts/pants rack. I figure, I was always a sz 6/8, I'll pick out a 10, too, just in case the 8s are tight.

    Get in the dressing room (after 30 minutes of browsing). Try on 1 pr of jeans, thinking it was the 8. TOO TIGHT, figure I'll try on the 10's, they MUST fit, right? THEY WERE THE 10s!!!! So I try on the rest of the t-shirts, they look pretty cute, ask the dressing room attendant what she thinks of it (does it accentuate my massive 36 C boobs LOL or does it look too tight? of course she has to make the sale, but I take her to be sincere)... and then decide to pick up even MORE t-shirts... take another look at the 10s, and figure, I'll lose this pouch, the handle bars, the thighs, if I keep walking/jogging/yoga-ing. In a year or so, right, after this cow gig is over.

    So I check out. And the total is $3 short of a "special offer"- spend $75 and get a $25 gift card! WHAT THE HELL, I tell the cashier, I'm picking something else up!

    Lady behind me says, "Oh! Me too! Thanks for reminding me!" She leaves the counter with her $60 pants, in search of something around $15.

    Add a $30 black shell to my tab. Shoulda just gone for the panty hose.

    So, now we're about $100 poorer, but I'm richer 4 shirts and 1 pr of pants that squeeze the breath out of me

    BTW I just spotted a polka dot blouse I'm in love with at the agnes b online store!

    This morning, we woke up, had our usual Sunday breakfast of Anpan and Melonpan (MIL shops for us at the Panya on Saturdays w/ the boys, it's a routine now), and coffee... went for a walk... came home, did some paperwork, had lunch, read, then met the boys, ILs and my parents at the park. What a perfect day.

    So, what'd the Anpan kids do today that was spectacular. I don't know. They're just so sweet. I captured it on video (made it a POINT today to do some filming, as we're so bad at it!) and got Cobi and Lucas eating some pizza, talking about washing their hands in their water cups, kicking a soccer ball with DH, running around, chasing said soccer ball, and fawning over little sister.

    Mika has hay fever. I just know it is... because _I_ get it, too. Poor kid. She's got the running nose, watery eyes, sneezing. And yet she manages to smile through the whole thing. Awwwwww, the kid just warms my heart! Looks like one of her eyes will be developing a clog or something soon. I have to keep watch on it.

    BTW my mother's day gift today- 3 turtle picture frames made of koa wood. I've been wanting them for the longest time. Actually, I wanted 5, but DH said the larger 2 weren't in stock. Here's a link: http://www.islandcollections.com/koa...otoframes.html

    The funny thing is, these frames are made by a fellow twin club mom's husband. His stuff is stunning. I love koa anything. Wish we could get some koa furniture, but I'm not getting anything pricey while the boys are so destructive.

    It's time to head for la-la-lan-do. I'm tired.

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    Default Tuesday- staying at home

    WHAT a busy day! Now it's time for resting Except it's only 12:30 pm and there's still a ton of things to do.

    Yesterday, we went to Aunty Betsy's house... along with Tamlyn and Aunty Pam (Pam's my cousin, Betsy's her mom.) We played inside on Tamlyn's toys, and outside, with your golf set, soccer ball, and bubbles. What fun you three kiddos had! Tamlyn's exactly 9 months younger than Cobi and Lucas. She's so funny, a little Diva, if you will. Sassy, stubborn, but cute as hell.

    It upset me (and Pam) that Aunty Betsy kept telling Tamlyn (her granddaughter) to ask her mommy for "mum mum". Pam just finished weaning Tamlyn around last month, the babe's 2 year birthday. Pam really wants to try for another child, so she went through a round of Clomid (which is why she had to wean)... the whole process was very traumatic for Tamlyn, which is why Pam was hurt and I, pissed at my aunt. She just KNOWS how to push buttons. Grrrrr. She thinks she's funny, but really it's insensitive.

    Anyway, it was great fun, but Cobi didn't nap, Lucas dozed off in the car, and when we got home, both were raring to go. Wonderful. I was tired as heck, and took a nap in my bedroom with Mika... when I hear uncontrollable laughter. The boys had gotten into my grandmother's sewing needles. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. how the heck they even got into the room is beyond me.

    Anyway. I decided to keep us home today. Usually it's library day, but DH got upset with the 'messes' the boys are making, so I thought I'd clean up a bit so the boys wouldn't get into my papers and jewelry box. What a great feeling. I clipped all the Huggies points that have been sitting in a drawer in their room (freeing up some space), cleaned up my AMOMS (twins club) files, vacuumed the 'puter room, dusted the ceiling fans in my bedroom and puter room, and did some laundry. The boys were ever so helpful in the yard.

    Speaking of which, our sunflower is going to bloom any day now! (My dad has been saying so for the past million years). But really, now you can see the yellow coming out! Cobi and Lucas have been watering the thing for a few weeks now. At first, we lost interest in gardening (2 weeks ago), but are motivated by knowing that a flower's coming out! The stalk is so huge, it's almost taller than me! And there are little sunflowers coming out of the stalk where the leaves come out.

    2 weeks ago, we planted even more sunflowers- a bush variation- in the lower garden. Those are starting to sprout. I'm getting excited at the prospect of having beautiful sunflower bushes As long as the bugs stay away! The boys are enjoying watching it grow, as well as watering the green onions, pineapple crowns, and tomato plants. I was hoping that I could keep them occupied watering the entire garden, but that was too much to expect from them. Oh well, at least I got some cleaning done while they played with the water and their outdoor toys. Using the water from the laundry machine, I bet we could irrigate the entire yard! But that's kinda ...umm... impossible LOL. I took out about 2 buckets of laundry water for them to feed the plants with.

    There's talk currently on the boards (the debate board as well as our July board) about homeschooling and pre-school. You know, the more I think about it, I'm wondering... If I find a REALLY sweet job that pays well... maybe DH could stay at home and teach our kids! LOL LOL LOL. He is, by training, a teacher. And I think any effort either of us make would be better than the education they'd get at a Hawaii public school. Maybe I should start working on my business plan. Let's hope a republican president stays in office, so that I can get a small business off and running!

    Did I mention that the boys are pretty much fully day trained? They ask to use the bathroom when they have the urge. Lucas is pooping more consistantly in the pot. YAY! Cobi's still refusing, but you know... I'll take the peepee training over nothing!

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    Default UGH! Sometimes I just feel like...

    konking their two heads together like coconuts I am so so so terribly tired. The zoo was fun. Yes, it was fun. But it was also utterly exhausting. Why is it that when we're about to leave the house, everyone's fully dressed, done with the potty, the place is clean... and... THEY DUMP OUT THEIR FRIGGING TOYS?! ARRRRRRRRRGH. There is NO way I'm going to leave a mess before we leave, and it is becoming too hard to resist slapping their thighs with the palm of my hand. I've been trying VERY hard to control myself, and finally learned the trick: "The longer you take to clean up, the shorter we'll have to play at the park/with Tamlyn/ at the zoo!" WORKS! It hasn't prevented them from tipping their trains out of the bins, but golly it does speed up the clean up time.

    Tonight was pretty hot in our house. Not only temperature-wise, but I was getting angry with the boys as it was. Mika was laid out on our bed, and why oh WHY is it that C and L can't stay away from ME?! They just had to follow me into my room, bring their easter eggs and dramatize their Magical School Bus video, "Busasaurus" OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. "OHhhhhhhhhhhh NOoooooooo!!!!" "That's a pteradon! that's a pteradon!" "Hey, Arnold, what do you have?" *sigh* It's so cute, and yet sooooo LOUD! They brought out every hello kitty stuffed animal Mika owns; they dragged out a blanket and pillow (she's cold, mommy!). Yep, they're definately loving; they're just a little over brotherly, and the stimulation was too much. I took her to be with Daddy in the living room, but the boys did not follow her, and decided to stick with lucky old me.

    And then. tonight just before bed, they took their sweet ol' time cleaning up. WHY do they do things at such a slow speed, gingerly picking up each train only to stop the clean up progress. GRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate how mean I sound, but hell, I'm tired and grouchy. I tell them that if they don't clean up by the time I count to 3, those trains are OUTTA here, gone, bye bye, not gonna play w/ them anymore. That gets their attention. And they were such good boys, how could I stay angry.

    So, where was I Oh, yes. Today was a nice day. Before we embarked on our zoo adventure, I called my big sister and noticed that Lucas has created a verb out of the word "timber."

    Can you guess what timber means by the context?

    timber (v). knock over. destroy. Commonly used by little boys infatuated with blocks.

    Lucas also pooped in the potty tonight.

    Lucas also slept with us in our bed the past 2 nights- it seems like he needs a warm body to cuddle up to, and Cobi zonked out on the couch with Daddy, so Lucas was left buddy-less It's sweet when he's in our bed, I love to cuddle up to him. I told DH when he came into bed, "Take him to his own bed" (half asleep)... Dh said, "Well, it looks like you WANT him here with your arms covering him and all."

    They're only little once, right? We will always welcome them in to cuddle

    So the zoo. Yes. Ummm, it was really nice and sunny. They added misters (mist-ers, cool water - i hope it's water) near the francois monkeys, which was really nice. THey should put them all over the freakin' zoo, it's so hot everywhere! We got to see both Sumatran tigers, the orangutan Rusty was climbing on the chain link fence, and the 2 lionesses and the lion were in full view. As were the rhino, ostrich, giraffes, and zebras in the savannah area. A baby goat almost followed us out of the petting zoo, the hippos were in the water, but their two heads were so close together, they reminded me of Cobi and Lucas when they sleep together :warmfuzzy: Near the water bucks, there is a running stream, and C and L said, "I see a fish! I see a fish! I see a FROG!" :O I told Lucas:

    You did NOT see a frog.

    Yes! Yes! I see a frog!

    :O It was a frog. Gross. A wild frog. Ewwww. ribbit. In the herpatorium (sp?) there are frogs galore, but for some reason, a live frog in the real world in FRONT of the glass. Yuck, not in a ZOO! Can't it do some major damage to the rest of the animals?

    The neatest part of the day was when we were sitting on a bench eating snacks. Cobi offered a package of cheese to Justin (my cousin's son)... justin took the bag... but when I walked away, I heard Cobi ask Justin in a sweet, polite voice:

    Would you like a cheese, Justin?
    WOW was that my son?? I guess I never hear him offering anything to me; it's always "I WANT CHEESE! I LIKE CHEESE!" (I don't know the whole "I like cheese" bit; I wonder if they get it from me asking if they "would like" something?? It just sounds SO pidgin, and like my grandma!) Or, if he wants to give me something, he'll just shove it in my face (like a blueberry) or say, "here, mommy!"

    Oh, gosh, it's past my bed time.

    What else did I want to say...

    Mika. Sweeeeeet Mika. She's got the cheeks and mouth that Lucas had when he was an infant... but for some reason looks like Cobi when she's sleeping. She was alert for a long strech of time while we were at the zoo. Lots of fun. What a beautiful baby As are her brothers.

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    Default WHAT?! It's Friday already?!?!?!

    Man, where does the week GO!

    First, I should start by saying that yesterday, we went to the park down the street with Tamlyn. I'm happy to note that Cobi and Lucas are getting better at sticking up for themselves. Tamlyn kept pulling Lucas's hat off him, and he was getting upset over it, fighting back for it. Well, not fighting, but protesting enough so that she wouldn't take what's his. She loves him, he loves her, it's all good. I mean, they ARE cousins!!!

    It was an O-K day all in all; I had a lot to look forward to- dinner with girlfriends! Yay! Hooray for me for getting out of the house We met at a sushi place that my parents started taking me to when I was in intermediate school. The 'master' has trained his 2 sons (who are younger than me) to take over, it seems- the sushi bar wasn't fully stocked, and the master wasn't there- I only saw one of the sons. I know the wife was there, for sure. Hmm, I wonder if everything's ok. The food was great; the conversation and compay even better! We talked and ate and chatted for about 2 hours, which was about our limit for staying away from home. Mika tagged along and was a good baby

    Anyway!!! Today was AWESOME! We met the twins club at a botanical garden here. It was just such a perfect day. OK, so I was 30 minutes late, but oh, well. They waited for me, I felt so horrible. But the day was so so so so SO much fun! We fed the ducks (who were quite aggressive!) and got to play with other twins. They are all so adorable! And I do realize that Cobi and Lucas play much much better with other twins. Total lightbulb moment The other twins, despite giving their moms a hard time, are SO good at sharing and understanding the concept of 'turn'. I'm so happy Cobi and Lucas had the opportunity to play with other kids like them! WHY have I stayed away from the group for so long!!! And one of the ladies I've become close to is MOVING! And I don't mean moving to another side of the island... she's moving to SWEDEN! *sigh*

    It was also great to be able to give Cobi and Lucas my undivided attention. No baby to feed ... no diapers to change. As much as I want to spend every waking hour of mine fawning over my daughter, my sons need me as well.

    As we were leaving, we picked up some really neat red beans that fell off trees. Brought them home, and I read some informational paper that said there is NO picking of flowers, fruit, or seeds! OOPS. Oh, well. They're really pretty. I hope to start a seed collection for the boys, from various places and parks we visit. They can do whatever they want with them, except for sticking them up their noses or teasing Mika with them.

    Speaking of which... For the past 2 nights, Mika's been skipping her 2 am feeding!!! She's been sleeping STRAIGHT from 8 pm to 5 am- and she only feeds at 5 because I'm SO full with milk that I feel like I'm going to explode!

    I'd like to end with a few funnies:

    While we were at the park, two of the moms were chatting, and the kids were getting pretty antsy, so I started giving piggy-back rides. One of the twins, 3 years old, REFUSED to get off me, and I tried telling her my back was sore. "The horsey needs a break, honey," I said.

    Her response? "NO! The horse isn't broken!!!"

    Another one-- the other night, Lucas was showering with me and suddenly, the water turns cold (because someone upstairs flushed the toilet or something.) Lucas starts crying, "I'm COLD! MY COLD!" repeat, repeat, and of course he's sucking in air. I"m holding him, because unlike his claims, it AIN'T cold to me, but I try to keep him warm... and without any warning,

    *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!* RIGHT in my hands.

    He says to me, "My make BOOP in mommy's hand. My WAAAAAAAARM"

    Here're some pictures of today:
    NOte, the mommy duck with her little baby ducks??

    Ducks being aggressive.

    Our sunflower facing the wrong direction!!!

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    Default Oooooooooh! I hate slugs!!!

    The slug ate our sunflower in the making It's Cobi and Lucas's first experience witnessing the world of garden pests. Cobi said, "The slug ate my sunflower. I want to grow MORE sunflowers." We have a whole set waiting to sprout, which we planted on Saturday, hopefully they'll come out and I can lay out slug pellets (Forgot today). Good thing great-grandma spotted the slug party going on near their chili flowers- she spread hella lotta salt over there LOL. Then I collected them in a plastic bag. Hopefully they'll dry out.

    So, we watered our plants this morning with our dirty laundry water... I wish there were a way to irrigate it straight from our laundry sink to the garden! It's such a pain to carry buckets of water. At least the water's being recycled and the boys are learning something there!

    After we were done in the garden, Lucas was running around w/o clothes on...

    so I told him, "we better put our shirt on! Or else the bugs are going to get you!!! They think you're YUMMY!"

    Lucas: NO! I'm not a food! I'm a boy! I'm a big boy!!!

    ROFL. They say the cutest things!

    So, anyway... my parents left for Las Vegas this morning; after that, they'll go to LA to be with Aunty Joni for 2 weeks. TWO weeks! How am I going to manage this house without them! Someone send me some good housekeeping vibes, PLEASE!!!!!

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    UGH today, part II.

    The boys are with Daddy right now- I'm somewhat pissed off Was getting water for Lucas upstairs, and wrapping up some other chores (taking out the trash, setting out the garbage container, saying good night to Grandma) when I hear the boys marking on the walls. YES it can be heard from upstairs. Come downstairs, and wouldn't you know... the big mirror has crayons ALL over it. AGAIN. You'd think that their father was watching them. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Good luck cleaning the mirror, pops.

    I actually wanted to journal something funny Lucas said, again. We were eating lunch together, and I was playing with Lucas and his feet.

    Lucas: "Mommy, what you doing?"

    Me: "I'm playing with you."

    Lucas: "You playing with me? Am I a toy??"

    ROFL!!! And now that he's sitting on my lap, I suppose it's time to say goodnight.

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    Where does the week go? TOO FAST, it's all gone! I don't even remember what happened! I think on Thursday we went to the park with Pam, Tamlyn and a few other little friends... Yesterday we were at the beach. Wasn't that fun! C and L reFUSEd and I do mean refused... to get into the water. I dressed them in their new U/V outfitus for the first time. They looked so tall and slim... and handsome! My boys are growing up I was tired of sitting on the sand, and just grabbed one, and splashed with him in the water. Cobi. He ended up having a great time.

    Actually, DH's friend is visiting now. Uncle Dalen. He came with us yesterday. What a great help he was!!! He picked Lucas up and dunked him around for a bit! After that, Cobi and Lucas didn't want to get out!

    While we were splashing around, I couldn't help think how different they look now. Not babies anymore. Definately handsome little men. I wish they'd stay babies forever, but I guess that's not possible.

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    It's been about a week since I last entered anything here. Not that nothing's going on!!!

    I'm so tired of the naughtiness. I hate to say it, but the word "dangerous" is burned on my vocal chords. It comes out so smoothly now, like it's the only word I've been saying all my life. In truth, it feels like the only word I've been saying for the past month!

    This past week wasn't particularly tough; and I realize now that the boys aren't necessarily DESTRUCTIVE... they're just walking disaster areas! They touch EVERYTHING in site, pull things down, out, off, create messes here and there. UGH. My job is to tell them to clean up after finishing one task, right? MAN they are so fast, my job also includes running after them and disciplining if they don't listen! Cobi's doing a good job of listening. He won't clean up on his own initiative (what big words and demands to expect of a 3 year old!), but Lucas will test and test. I swear, he gets 'closed' in his room at least twice a day!

    Can you see this discipline thing is getting to me? LOL.

    Dalen said that it's necessary. If we don't do it, they'll just run wild... we have to teach it to them. I understand what he says.

    Anyway, this was also a pretty fun week Yesterday, the three of us (Mika stayed at home, and Pam and Tamlyn came to watch)... went to the beach with a bunch of playgroup friends (again!) It was nice and overcast... we brought their nets, and a friend of ours caught three little fish! And her son caught a hermit crab!!! I thought that was so neat. We're going again on Wednesday. This time, I'm going to make sure that Cobi and Lucas get a chance with the nets, too.

    It was so nice to be with just the two of them, not having to worry about M... all three of us played in the water. I loved cuddling them and being close again, not having to yell or say 'dangerous'! They enjoyed it, too... I think they're loving the water more now, which is good. Both walked freely in and out of the shallow area, and the other little kids are naturals in the water, so they could watch how it's done.

    Tomorrow's a birthday party at the zoo, for our neighbor. I think it'll be lots of fun.

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    As expected, the party was a lot of fun! We got to sit for 45 minutes in the aviary, feed birds, watch them fly around us- some were in cages, others were free. The birthday girl's a really sweet kid. Cobi and Lucas adore her, and they are the little brothers she never had (to boss around!)

    Grandma and Grandpa return tomorrow. Had a really good 3 weeks without them, I realize that we CAN run a house without it burning down! Cross fingers, we still have 24 hours.

    For the first time in a long time, all three kids napped at the same time Yes, yes, more shocking than you'd think! I didn't know what to do with myself, I was almost giddy! Went for a jog. Man, no one knows how refreshing it is to just have one hour of silence.

    I don't know if I mentioned this before, but last week THursday, I went out with my girlfriends from the twins club. We were b*tching our hearts out - the usual things we twin moms (well, maybe even all moms?) usually do. But then we started talking about our AMAZING kids and their special personalities and talents! It was so nice to hear about other moms' twins, how one twin (and they're all in the three to four year old age group) is more focused, enjoys working with crayons, pens, different media, while the other twin tips the crayon box over, scribbles on the mirrors, mixes the play-doh together ROFL.

    YAAAAAAAAAAWWWWN. DH is on vacation. We went to see "Finding Nemo" yesterday. Very cute movie. I'm surprised that C and L sat through the WHOLE thing without fidgeting! Woo-hoo! Mika slept. Surprise, surprise. The story was cute too, about how parents just have to let loose, let their kids experience life. I think my cousin Pam should see it- she's a bit of a micromanager when it comes to (well, everything) Tamlyn, and she's of course doing it out of concern for her daughter's safety. But Tamlyn KNOWS she wants to have fun- that's a good thing- and will rarely let momma get her way!

    ANyway, tomorrow's another day at the beach

    Oh, I forgot to mention Cobi gashed his head on the toilet bowl rim. No need for a visit to the ER, but shucks, poor guy!

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    amaku, yasashiku

    we'll raise you
    sweetly and gently.

    For some dumb reason, haiku have been popping into my head. I love it, the sponteneity of it all. Let's see if I can write one about Lucas:

    Kenta no mi
    itsumo tanoshiku

    (Kenta- Lucas' middle name)

    always lives to the fullest.

    Life is good. I'm tired. The parents returned last night, and we're all happy. I'm ready for them to go join big sissy again She really needs the help! Am also thinking of going up there to LA myself, maybe mid July before C and L's birthday. Am I crazy? Stupid?

    Tamlyn came over this morning, and C and L did NOT want to share their toys with her. I wonder where that came from. Well, so much for them being passive! ROFL.

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