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    Default FINALLY some friggin peace and quiet

    GRrrrrr. It's 8 pm. The boys are down. The baby is sucking on her fingers, resting on my chest. It was not a pleasant day. If any child wakes up in the middle of the night, I will be VERY foul.

    Started off yesterday. I was tired to begin with- went on my usual Sunday morning run with RP- six miles! Went to the ILs to get the boys- FIL has been called into work, so we thought we'd hang out w/ MIL... in the afternoon, took the boys to the beach to meet up w/ some twin club friends of mine. Never found them- why? Cuz I forgot what they look like! DUH.

    So it was probably the beach that wore me out.

    My mom left last night for a convention in St. Louis... My dad announces that I have to take him to the airport at 5 am Monday (today) for a flt to LV... they're going to meet up on Thursday in LA to be with Big Sissy. I decide to get the boys down to bed early on Sunday night so _I_ can get a decent rest... They DID go down by 8, and I was in bed at 830. I swear, I was in lala land, when

    ON flicks the light. DH comes in after his 2nd shower of the night (did I mention it's friggin humid?), wakes ME up, thank you very much, turns the damn TV on, then what does he do? Fall asleep. At 10 I was sleepless. At 11 I was sleepless. I turn the TV on to A&E, and Biography: Oprah Winfrey was on. Of COURSE I have to watch it. I ended up turning it off after 1 hour, and fell asleep (I guess) at 12 something... before I knew it, baby M wakes up- the clock sez 3:15. Feed. Snooze... and as soon as it seems like my eyes have closed... The FRIGGIN ALARM CLOCK goes off! 5 AM. Like the filial daughter, I set it to wake up on time to take my Dad to the airport. Hit the snooze button. Less than 6 minutes later, I hear him booming: IT'S TIME TO GO. How do I know it was six minutes? I looked at the clock, and there it was, surreal as it was, FIVE OH SIX.

    I start up the car, thinking miserable thoughts... and SO tempted to say, "The next time you reserve a flight, don't do the 7 am one!" But of course, in a mean way. Grrrr. How horrible am I? How can anyone say that to her father? So I shut up, drive, dump him off, drive back home...

    Get home, try to get back to sleep, but DH's alarm goes off at 5:45. *sigh* His 2nd day at the new school. He has this annoying alarm clock the ILs gave him for his birthday, that has a human voice. So, he set 3 alarms. And it went something like:

    Alarm One. Five Forty-Five.
    Alarm Two. Five-Fifty.
    Alarm Three. Five Fifty-Five.


    The boys awaken soon after... and we all get ready b/c I planned a trip to the zoo with the Twins Club. Getting ready was SUCH a PITA... Why does it take so much energy to apply suntan lotion? I swear, it takes at LEAST 5 minutes per child to get the gunk on.

    Get to the zoo (did I mention, some dumb b*tch published the mtg time to be 9 am. She didn't even friggin come- thank you for volunteering me to start the damn thing at 9 am.) Meet up w/ one of my twin mom friends... we're walking, we're walking... we get to the herpatorium (snake hut). Phone rings. Girlfriends (not twin moms) arrive at zoo; we meet up. Walking somemore... see the Gharial... see the croc... see the hippo- and for the first time, I see the rear view of the hippo. I had no idea they had tails!

    Around this time, I get another call- from a twin mom whom I've never met, but has been a member of the club since December. She said SHE's in the zoo, apologizing for not RSVPing, and being late.

    Her boys were, as she said, a handful. They turn four in December. They were just running her ragged. She's a single mom, moved here officially three months ago, working on her PhD equivalent for practicing Psych (I have no idea what she called it- she wants to work with women who need support going through divorce). Girl was SO sweet, but had ZERO control over her tykes! I couldn't believe my eyes- one was climbing all over the rental stroller; the other was walking all around... they got into the snack bar freezer and wanted some frozen pops SO bad - she refused, saying she didn't want them having so much sugar.

    HELLO, I don't think your kids' problem is sugar.

    They were just so... boisterous! C and L are tame compared to them. They were sitting on some giraffe statue, posing for pictures, and those boys were just EVERYWHERE climbing, jumping, running. C and L just SAT there. I don't know why... oh well, better than them jumping everywhere.

    It was time for us to move on to the petting zoo.. Girl-Friend tried to convince her boys it was time to get OFF the giraffe and to the petting zoo. Blonde son pitched a fit, ran off; mom tried carrying him back... he got REALLY upset, stopped, looked at her and said:


    Oh My God. I have NEVER heard a 3.5 y.o. say "Shut Up" in my life. (When I was telling DH this, he said that Lucas was grabbing C's shirt yesterday at MIL's house, trying to grab a toy back, and kept saying "G*d Dammit") I was so embarassed for me. Yikes. They departed after the petting zoo- her realtor was at the zoo ready for her to sign papers. She just bought a place, and was looking forward to the event. We did, however, meet up with them again at the picnic area.

    After this all, we went home. It was hella hot... picked up my grandma, drove to the HS where our club wanted me to pick up some paperwork for renting out meeting spaces at the h.s... and I'm reading through the app, and it seems like we'll be unable to hold fundraisers there without some form of insurance. Great. Wonderful. I hear even BETTER news from one of my friends- the place where we were hoping to get a matching community grant from ONLY gives to 'large' organizations. Oh, well. Whatever.

    And the boys?? They did not nap. They did not nap. Did I mention, they did not nap? The very day when I need it the most, recovering from the heat, the exhaustion, the lack of sleep... they do not go down. Not a minute of silence.

    My head is just spinning. I'm debating whether I should go for that El Presidente/coke or settle down w/ Harry Potter. Why the hell am I recording this? Remembering this day is, perhaps, the last thing I want to be doing.

    I'll say one more thing. It was definitely a double shot Monday.

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    Default My throat hurts...

    from yelling at the kids too much.

    Well it's been at least one month since my last post here... things have been slightly wild. The boys are still as sweet as ever and guess what. STIILL not napping. I'm so exhausted! I've been trying a new thing. Well, new as of yesterday, when I took them for their physicals and the nurse suggested I do this:

    After lunch, set them down w/ a futon and pillow, turn on Sesame Street (and ONLY SS). After the show is over, turn off the tv, and separate them (one in the bedroom, one in living room, I guess). Turn on a timer, and tell them that they are to have quiet time until the timer goes off. It worked yesterday, Cobi fell asleep at least. Lucas, no success. Today it didn't work, but we'll try again next week.

    I must say it's during this "quiet time" that the boys get into the worst trouble. In the past, it was vaseline and aquaphor... another time it was desitin (and I'm talking, painting the walls, bedding, floors, toys)... last week? GLUE! Glue. Yes, Glue. When you think they've done everything, they get into their glue. Ya know, I thought I childproofed their rooms. I guess not enough. My bad. Too bad I spanked my kids for doing it.

    Anyway, their physicals. Cobi is 32 lbs, Lucas is 30. No big changes, they are still in 50% and 25% (respectively) in weight, and 50% in height (don't remember what that was.) They were easy to examine (according to the NP who conducted the physical. Yeah, she wasn't the one who had to collect the urine sample). Cobi was ahead of L in fine motor skills (drawing and holding a pencil). Lucas was ahead of C in gross motor skills (balancing and jumping). They both gave the nurse a hard time w/ the eye exam. It was pretty hilarious, they were answering for each other LOL... finally, the nurse gave up and said, "OK! We know they can see!"

    I won't bother catching up with what's been going on in the past month. Cept that Cobi is pretty much potty trained- I'd say 99%! He'll have an occasional poopy accident, but aside from that he's figured it out. Lucas. Not poopy trained, and will pee on the floor if he's distracted.

    You know, this morning I cleaned my floors (and I do mean wiped them down with an organic solution, then with peppermint tea) because he pooped on it and then neglected to tell me so his *ahem* waste was smeared on my carpets. LOVELY. Anyway, we were home all afternoon, and the boys dumped their toys out (after I cleaned! ) and messed the whole friggin' place up again! GRRRRR! I'm putting away the toys. For GOOD.

    Bye bye round house set!

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