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Tales from Anpan Land-o

Starting new.

Entry 1: The characters.

Meet my kids.

Cobi-pan man. Age: 2 years, 10 months. Likes: Anpan man, eating, dinosaurs, and trains. Traits- destructive, extremely silly, sometimes whiney. Very good at small motor skills (drawing, manipulating blocks)

Luca-pan man. Cobi's twin brother. Age: 2 years 10 months. Likes: Anpan man, running around, his grandparents, and trains. And Blues Clues. Traits: equally silly, destructive, extremely observant of his surroundings. Curious about people, what they're doing, and how they're feeling.

Mika-panna. Age: 3 months. Disposition: Happy. Likes: anyone who holds her, the mobile, the ceiling fan. Do I need to mention she's the sweetest baby in the world? Biggrin

And then there's me. Anpan Mom. Talents: Able to load the mini-van in under 5 minutes, including applying sunscreen and keeping velcroed shoes ON; swivels jogging strollers through zoo and aquarium crowds; bakes a mean blueberry scone, along with a number of yummy cookies. Tries hardest: to keep the kids away from candies and sugary junk food, avoid the television, and get the Anpan kids to stand up for themselves.

Occasional guest appearance by:

DH-man. Breadwinner, usually home at 330 pm, during the twins' "destructo-saurus" periods. *sigh* Hobbies: his beloved first born, his car; baseball; finding a new job.

So, we start this entry at Mother's Day. What a perfect day Smile

We dropped off the boys at the ILs' house yesterday... came home, had some wine and curry for dinner... DH went to his car club meeting, leaving me and Mika to find some entertainment for ourselves... in the form of... the SHOPPING MALL.

Actually, a few nights before I was going to buy some stuff online, but DH said to just go shopping at the real store so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. Fair enough. We end up at Ann Taylor (I had eyed out some shirts online), and to make a long story short, here's what happened:

I need new t-shirts. Desperately. My current ones are kind of tiny, with monkeys with big mouths on them (anyone heard of Paul Frank?) They show off every flab mark I have around my underarm area. Anyway, I start shopping online, DH tells me to just go shopping, so's I don't have to pay for shipping. Before he leaves for his car club meeting, he says, "Have fun! Don't spend too much!"

So's I have an evening to myself, and decide to make a Girl's night out of it... pack up Mika and my mom, we go to the mall... hit Ann Taylor, pick out a few shirts (in Ms and Ls, just in case) and then, the shorts/pants rack. I figure, I was always a sz 6/8, I'll pick out a 10, too, just in case the 8s are tight.

Get in the dressing room (after 30 minutes of browsing). Try on 1 pr of jeans, thinking it was the 8. TOO TIGHT, figure I'll try on the 10's, they MUST fit, right? THEY WERE THE 10s!!!! So I try on the rest of the t-shirts, they look pretty cute, ask the dressing room attendant what she thinks of it (does it accentuate my massive 36 C boobs LOL or does it look too tight? of course she has to make the sale, but I take her to be sincere)... and then decide to pick up even MORE t-shirts... take another look at the 10s, and figure, I'll lose this pouch, the handle bars, the thighs, if I keep walking/jogging/yoga-ing. In a year or so, right, after this cow gig is over.

So I check out. And the total is $3 short of a "special offer"- spend $75 and get a $25 gift card! WHAT THE HELL, I tell the cashier, I'm picking something else up!

Lady behind me says, "Oh! Me too! Thanks for reminding me!" She leaves the counter with her $60 pants, in search of something around $15.

Add a $30 black shell to my tab. Shoulda just gone for the panty hose.

So, now we're about $100 poorer, but I'm richer 4 shirts and 1 pr of pants that squeeze the breath out of me

BTW I just spotted a polka dot blouse I'm in love with at the agnes b online store!

This morning, we woke up, had our usual Sunday breakfast of Anpan and Melonpan (MIL shops for us at the Panya on Saturdays w/ the boys, it's a routine now), and coffee... went for a walk... came home, did some paperwork, had lunch, read, then met the boys, ILs and my parents at the park. What a perfect day.

So, what'd the Anpan kids do today that was spectacular. I don't know. They're just so sweet. I captured it on video (made it a POINT today to do some filming, as we're so bad at it!) and got Cobi and Lucas eating some pizza, talking about washing their hands in their water cups, kicking a soccer ball with DH, running around, chasing said soccer ball, and fawning over little sister.

Mika has hay fever. I just know it is... because _I_ get it, too. Poor kid. She's got the running nose, watery eyes, sneezing. And yet she manages to smile through the whole thing. Awwwwww, the kid just warms my heart! Looks like one of her eyes will be developing a clog or something soon. I have to keep watch on it.

BTW my mother's day gift today- 3 turtle picture frames made of koa wood. I've been wanting them for the longest time. Actually, I wanted 5, but DH said the larger 2 weren't in stock. Here's a link: http://www.islandcollections.com/koawoodphotoframes.html

The funny thing is, these frames are made by a fellow twin club mom's husband. His stuff is stunning. I love koa anything. Wish we could get some koa furniture, but I'm not getting anything pricey while the boys are so destructive.

It's time to head for la-la-lan-do. I'm tired.

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Tuesday- staying at home

WHAT a busy day! Now it's time for resting Biggrin Except it's only 12:30 pm and there's still a ton of things to do.

Yesterday, we went to Aunty Betsy's house... along with Tamlyn and Aunty Pam (Pam's my cousin, Betsy's her mom.) We played inside on Tamlyn's toys, and outside, with your golf set, soccer ball, and bubbles. What fun you three kiddos had! Tamlyn's exactly 9 months younger than Cobi and Lucas. She's so funny, a little Diva, if you will. Sassy, stubborn, but cute as hell.

It upset me (and Pam) that Aunty Betsy kept telling Tamlyn (her granddaughter) to ask her mommy for "mum mum". Pam just finished weaning Tamlyn around last month, the babe's 2 year birthday. Pam really wants to try for another child, so she went through a round of Clomid (which is why she had to wean)... the whole process was very traumatic for Tamlyn, which is why Pam was hurt and I, pissed at my aunt. She just KNOWS how to push buttons. Grrrrr. She thinks she's funny, but really it's insensitive.

Anyway, it was great fun, but Cobi didn't nap, Lucas dozed off in the car, and when we got home, both were raring to go. Wonderful. I was tired as heck, and took a nap in my bedroom with Mika... when I hear uncontrollable laughter. The boys had gotten into my grandmother's sewing needles. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH. how the heck they even got into the room is beyond me.

Anyway. I decided to keep us home today. Usually it's library day, but DH got upset with the 'messes' the boys are making, so I thought I'd clean up a bit so the boys wouldn't get into my papers and jewelry box. What a great feeling. I clipped all the Huggies points that have been sitting in a drawer in their room (freeing up some space), cleaned up my AMOMS (twins club) files, vacuumed the 'puter room, dusted the ceiling fans in my bedroom and puter room, and did some laundry. The boys were ever so helpful in the yard.

Speaking of which, our sunflower is going to bloom any day now! (My dad has been saying so for the past million years). But really, now you can see the yellow coming out! Cobi and Lucas have been watering the thing for a few weeks now. At first, we lost interest in gardening (2 weeks ago), but are motivated by knowing that a flower's coming out! The stalk is so huge, it's almost taller than me! And there are little sunflowers coming out of the stalk where the leaves come out.

2 weeks ago, we planted even more sunflowers- a bush variation- in the lower garden. Those are starting to sprout. I'm getting excited at the prospect of having beautiful sunflower bushes Smile As long as the bugs stay away! The boys are enjoying watching it grow, as well as watering the green onions, pineapple crowns, and tomato plants. I was hoping that I could keep them occupied watering the entire garden, but that was too much to expect from them. Oh well, at least I got some cleaning done while they played with the water and their outdoor toys. Using the water from the laundry machine, I bet we could irrigate the entire yard! But that's kinda ...umm... impossible LOL. I took out about 2 buckets of laundry water for them to feed the plants with.

There's talk currently on the boards (the debate board as well as our July board) about homeschooling and pre-school. You know, the more I think about it, I'm wondering... If I find a REALLY sweet job that pays well... maybe DH could stay at home and teach our kids! LOL LOL LOL. He is, by training, a teacher. And I think any effort either of us make would be better than the education they'd get at a Hawaii public school. Maybe I should start working on my business plan. Let's hope a republican president stays in office, so that I can get a small business off and running!

Did I mention that the boys are pretty much fully day trained? They ask to use the bathroom when they have the urge. Lucas is pooping more consistantly in the pot. YAY! Cobi's still refusing, but you know... I'll take the peepee training over nothing!

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UGH! Sometimes I just feel like...

konking their two heads together like coconuts :evil: I am so so so terribly tired. The zoo was fun. Yes, it was fun. But it was also utterly exhausting. Why is it that when we're about to leave the house, everyone's fully dressed, done with the potty, the place is clean... and... THEY DUMP OUT THEIR FRIGGING TOYS?! ARRRRRRRRRGH. There is NO way I'm going to leave a mess before we leave, and it is becoming too hard to resist slapping their thighs with the palm of my hand. I've been trying VERY hard to control myself, and finally learned the trick: "The longer you take to clean up, the shorter we'll have to play at the park/with Tamlyn/ at the zoo!" WORKS! It hasn't prevented them from tipping their trains out of the bins, but golly it does speed up the clean up time.

Tonight was pretty hot in our house. Not only temperature-wise, but I was getting angry with the boys as it was. Mika was laid out on our bed, and why oh WHY is it that C and L can't stay away from ME?! They just had to follow me into my room, bring their easter eggs and dramatize their Magical School Bus video, "Busasaurus" OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. "OHhhhhhhhhhhh NOoooooooo!!!!" "That's a pteradon! that's a pteradon!" "Hey, Arnold, what do you have?" *sigh* It's so cute, and yet sooooo LOUD! They brought out every hello kitty stuffed animal Mika owns; they dragged out a blanket and pillow (she's cold, mommy!). Yep, they're definately loving; they're just a little over brotherly, and the stimulation was too much. I took her to be with Daddy in the living room, but the boys did not follow her, and decided to stick with lucky old me.

And then. tonight just before bed, they took their sweet ol' time cleaning up. WHY do they do things at such a slow speed, gingerly picking up each train only to stop the clean up progress. GRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate how mean I sound, but hell, I'm tired and grouchy. I tell them that if they don't clean up by the time I count to 3, those trains are OUTTA here, gone, bye bye, not gonna play w/ them anymore. That gets their attention. And they were such good boys, how could I stay angry.

So, where was I Lol Oh, yes. Today was a nice day. Before we embarked on our zoo adventure, I called my big sister and noticed that Lucas has created a verb out of the word "timber."


Can you guess what timber means by the context?

timber (v). knock over. destroy. Commonly used by little boys infatuated with blocks.

Lucas also pooped in the potty tonight. :kaos16:

Lucas also slept with us in our bed the past 2 nights- it seems like he needs a warm body to cuddle up to, and Cobi zonked out on the couch with Daddy, so Lucas was left buddy-less Sad It's sweet when he's in our bed, I love to cuddle up to him. I told DH when he came into bed, "Take him to his own bed" (half asleep)... Dh said, "Well, it looks like you WANT him here with your arms covering him and all."

They're only little once, right? We will always welcome them in to cuddle Smile

So the zoo. Yes. Ummm, it was really nice and sunny. They added misters (mist-ers, cool water - i hope it's water) near the francois monkeys, which was really nice. THey should put them all over the freakin' zoo, it's so hot everywhere! We got to see both Sumatran tigers, the orangutan Rusty was climbing on the chain link fence, and the 2 lionesses and the lion were in full view. As were the rhino, ostrich, giraffes, and zebras in the savannah area. A baby goat almost followed us out of the petting zoo, the hippos were in the water, but their two heads were so close together, they reminded me of Cobi and Lucas when they sleep together :warmfuzzy: Near the water bucks, there is a running stream, and C and L said, "I see a fish! I see a fish! I see a FROG!" :O I told Lucas:

You did NOT see a frog.

Yes! Yes! I see a frog!

:O It was a frog. Gross. A wild frog. Ewwww. ribbit. In the herpatorium (sp?) there are frogs galore, but for some reason, a live frog in the real world in FRONT of the glass. Yuck, not in a ZOO! Can't it do some major damage to the rest of the animals?

The neatest part of the day was when we were sitting on a bench eating snacks. Cobi offered a package of cheese to Justin (my cousin's son)... justin took the bag... but when I walked away, I heard Cobi ask Justin in a sweet, polite voice:

Would you like a cheese, Justin?

WOW was that my son?? I guess I never hear him offering anything to me; it's always "I WANT CHEESE! I LIKE CHEESE!" (I don't know the whole "I like cheese" bit; I wonder if they get it from me asking if they "would like" something?? It just sounds SO pidgin, and like my grandma!) Or, if he wants to give me something, he'll just shove it in my face (like a blueberry) or say, "here, mommy!"

Oh, gosh, it's past my bed time.

What else did I want to say...

Mika. Sweeeeeet Mika. She's got the cheeks and mouth that Lucas had when he was an infant... but for some reason looks like Cobi when she's sleeping. She was alert for a long strech of time while we were at the zoo. Lots of fun. What a beautiful baby Wink As are her brothers.

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WHAT?! It's Friday already?!?!?!

Man, where does the week GO!

First, I should start by saying that yesterday, we went to the park down the street with Tamlyn. I'm happy to note that Cobi and Lucas are getting better at sticking up for themselves. Tamlyn kept pulling Lucas's hat off him, and he was getting upset over it, fighting back for it. Well, not fighting, but protesting enough so that she wouldn't take what's his. She loves him, he loves her, it's all good. I mean, they ARE cousins!!!

It was an O-K day all in all; I had a lot to look forward to- dinner with girlfriends! Yay! Hooray for me for getting out of the house Biggrin We met at a sushi place that my parents started taking me to when I was in intermediate school. The 'master' has trained his 2 sons (who are younger than me) to take over, it seems- the sushi bar wasn't fully stocked, and the master wasn't there- I only saw one of the sons. I know the wife was there, for sure. Hmm, I wonder if everything's ok. The food was great; the conversation and compay even better! We talked and ate and chatted for about 2 hours, which was about our limit for staying away from home. Mika tagged along and was a good baby Smile :sleepygirl:

Anyway!!! Today was AWESOME! We met the twins club at a botanical garden here. It was just such a perfect day. OK, so I was 30 minutes late, but oh, well. They waited for me, I felt so horrible. But the day was so so so so SO much fun! We fed the ducks (who were quite aggressive!) and got to play with other twins. They are all so adorable! And I do realize that Cobi and Lucas play much much better with other twins. Total lightbulb moment :idea: The other twins, despite giving their moms a hard time, are SO good at sharing and understanding the concept of 'turn'. I'm so happy Cobi and Lucas had the opportunity to play with other kids like them! WHY have I stayed away from the group for so long!!! Sad And one of the ladies I've become close to is MOVING! And I don't mean moving to another side of the island... she's moving to SWEDEN! *sigh*

It was also great to be able to give Cobi and Lucas my undivided attention. No baby to feed ... no diapers to change. As much as I want to spend every waking hour of mine fawning over my daughter, my sons need me as well.

As we were leaving, we picked up some really neat red beans that fell off trees. Brought them home, and I read some informational paper that said there is NO picking of flowers, fruit, or seeds! OOPS. Oh, well. They're really pretty. I hope to start a seed collection for the boys, from various places and parks we visit. They can do whatever they want with them, except for sticking them up their noses or teasing Mika with them.

Speaking of which... For the past 2 nights, Mika's been skipping her 2 am feeding!!! She's been sleeping STRAIGHT from 8 pm to 5 am- and she only feeds at 5 because I'm SO full with milk that I feel like I'm going to explode!

I'd like to end with a few funnies:

While we were at the park, two of the moms were chatting, and the kids were getting pretty antsy, so I started giving piggy-back rides. One of the twins, 3 years old, REFUSED to get off me, and I tried telling her my back was sore. "The horsey needs a break, honey," I said.

Her response? "NO! The horse isn't broken!!!"

Another one-- the other night, Lucas was showering with me and suddenly, the water turns cold (because someone upstairs flushed the toilet or something.) Lucas starts crying, "I'm COLD! MY COLD!" repeat, repeat, and of course he's sucking in air. I"m holding him, because unlike his claims, it AIN'T cold to me, but I try to keep him warm... and without any warning,

*BOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!* RIGHT in my hands. :bootyface:

He says to me, "My make BOOP in mommy's hand. My WAAAAAAAARM" :angel4:

Here're some pictures of today:
NOte, the mommy duck with her little baby ducks?? :duckie:

Ducks being aggressive.

Our sunflower facing the wrong direction!!!

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Oooooooooh! I hate slugs!!!

:evil: :evil: :evil: The slug ate our sunflower in the making Sad It's Cobi and Lucas's first experience witnessing the world of garden pests. Cobi said, "The slug ate my sunflower. I want to grow MORE sunflowers." We have a whole set waiting to sprout, which we planted on Saturday, hopefully they'll come out and I can lay out slug pellets (Forgot today). Good thing great-grandma spotted the slug party going on near their chili flowers- she spread hella lotta salt over there LOL. Then I collected them in a plastic bag. Hopefully they'll dry out.

So, we watered our plants this morning with our dirty laundry water... I wish there were a way to irrigate it straight from our laundry sink to the garden! It's such a pain to carry buckets of water. At least the water's being recycled and the boys are learning something there!

After we were done in the garden, Lucas was running around w/o clothes on...

so I told him, "we better put our shirt on! Or else the bugs are going to get you!!! They think you're YUMMY!"

Lucas: NO! I'm not a food! I'm a boy! I'm a big boy!!!

ROFL. They say the cutest things!

So, anyway... my parents left for Las Vegas this morning; after that, they'll go to LA to be with Aunty Joni for 2 weeks. TWO weeks! How am I going to manage this house without them! Someone send me some good housekeeping vibes, PLEASE!!!!!

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UGH today, part II.

The boys are with Daddy right now- I'm somewhat pissed off :? Was getting water for Lucas upstairs, and wrapping up some other chores (taking out the trash, setting out the garbage container, saying good night to Grandma) when I hear the boys marking on the walls. YES it can be heard from upstairs. Come downstairs, and wouldn't you know... the big mirror has crayons ALL over it. AGAIN. :roll: You'd think that their father was watching them. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Good luck cleaning the mirror, pops.

I actually wanted to journal something funny Lucas said, again. We were eating lunch together, and I was playing with Lucas and his feet.

Lucas: "Mommy, what you doing?"

Me: "I'm playing with you."

Lucas: "You playing with me? Am I a toy??"

ROFL!!! And now that he's sitting on my lap, I suppose it's time to say goodnight.

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Where does the week go? TOO FAST, it's all gone! I don't even remember what happened! I think on Thursday we went to the park with Pam, Tamlyn and a few other little friends... Yesterday we were at the beach. Wasn't that fun! C and L reFUSEd and I do mean refused... to get into the water. I dressed them in their new U/V outfitus for the first time. They looked so tall and slim... and handsome! My boys are growing up :cry: I was tired of sitting on the sand, and just grabbed one, and splashed with him in the water. Cobi. He ended up having a great time.

Actually, DH's friend is visiting now. Uncle Dalen. He came with us yesterday. What a great help he was!!! He picked Lucas up and dunked him around for a bit! After that, Cobi and Lucas didn't want to get out!

While we were splashing around, I couldn't help think how different they look now. Not babies anymore. Definately handsome little men. I wish they'd stay babies forever, but I guess that's not possible.

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It's been about a week since I last entered anything here. Not that nothing's going on!!!

I'm so tired of the naughtiness. I hate to say it, but the word "dangerous" is burned on my vocal chords. It comes out so smoothly now, like it's the only word I've been saying all my life. In truth, it feels like the only word I've been saying for the past month!

This past week wasn't particularly tough; and I realize now that the boys aren't necessarily DESTRUCTIVE... they're just walking disaster areas! They touch EVERYTHING in site, pull things down, out, off, create messes here and there. UGH. My job is to tell them to clean up after finishing one task, right? MAN they are so fast, my job also includes running after them and disciplining if they don't listen! Cobi's doing a good job of listening. He won't clean up on his own initiative (what big words and demands to expect of a 3 year old!), but Lucas will test and test. I swear, he gets 'closed' in his room at least twice a day!

Can you see this discipline thing is getting to me? LOL.

Dalen said that it's necessary. If we don't do it, they'll just run wild... we have to teach it to them. I understand what he says.

Anyway, this was also a pretty fun week Biggrin Yesterday, the three of us (Mika stayed at home, and Pam and Tamlyn came to watch)... went to the beach with a bunch of playgroup friends (again!) It was nice and overcast... we brought their nets, and a friend of ours caught three little fish! And her son caught a hermit crab!!! I thought that was so neat. We're going again on Wednesday. This time, I'm going to make sure that Cobi and Lucas get a chance with the nets, too.

It was so nice to be with just the two of them, not having to worry about M... all three of us played in the water. I loved cuddling them and being close again, not having to yell or say 'dangerous'! They enjoyed it, too... I think they're loving the water more now, which is good. Both walked freely in and out of the shallow area, and the other little kids are naturals in the water, so they could watch how it's done.

Tomorrow's a birthday party at the zoo, for our neighbor. I think it'll be lots of fun.

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As expected, the party was a lot of fun! We got to sit for 45 minutes in the aviary, feed birds, watch them fly around us- some were in cages, others were free. The birthday girl's a really sweet kid. Cobi and Lucas adore her, and they are the little brothers she never had (to boss around!)

Grandma and Grandpa return tomorrow. Had a really good 3 weeks without them, I realize that we CAN run a house without it burning down! Cross fingers, we still have 24 hours.

For the first time in a long time, all three kids napped at the same time :shock: Yes, yes, more shocking than you'd think! I didn't know what to do with myself, I was almost giddy! Went for a jog. Man, no one knows how refreshing it is to just have one hour of silence.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but last week THursday, I went out with my girlfriends from the twins club. We were b*tching our hearts out - the usual things we twin moms (well, maybe even all moms?) usually do. But then we started talking about our AMAZING kids and their special personalities and talents! It was so nice to hear about other moms' twins, how one twin (and they're all in the three to four year old age group) is more focused, enjoys working with crayons, pens, different media, while the other twin tips the crayon box over, scribbles on the mirrors, mixes the play-doh together ROFL.

YAAAAAAAAAAWWWWN. DH is on vacation. We went to see "Finding Nemo" yesterday. Very cute movie. I'm surprised that C and L sat through the WHOLE thing without fidgeting! Woo-hoo! Mika slept. Surprise, surprise. The story was cute too, about how parents just have to let loose, let their kids experience life. I think my cousin Pam should see it- she's a bit of a micromanager when it comes to (well, everything) Tamlyn, and she's of course doing it out of concern for her daughter's safety. But Tamlyn KNOWS she wants to have fun- that's a good thing- and will rarely let momma get her way!

ANyway, tomorrow's another day at the beach Biggrin

Oh, I forgot to mention Cobi gashed his head on the toilet bowl rim. Sad No need for a visit to the ER, but shucks, poor guy!

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amaku, yasashiku

we'll raise you
sweetly and gently.

For some dumb reason, haiku have been popping into my head. I love it, the sponteneity of it all. Let's see if I can write one about Lucas:

Kenta no mi
itsumo tanoshiku

(Kenta- Lucas' middle name)

always lives to the fullest.

Life is good. I'm tired. The parents returned last night, and we're all happy. I'm ready for them to go join big sissy again Biggrin She really needs the help! Am also thinking of going up there to LA myself, maybe mid July before C and L's birthday. Am I crazy? Stupid?

Tamlyn came over this morning, and C and L did NOT want to share their toys with her. I wonder where that came from. Well, so much for them being passive! ROFL.

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DH was busy readying his car for a show tomorrow night. He wanted to hide the yucky sticker marks on the baby seats, so he took Lucas's stuffed Totoro to place between the 2 seats. Lucas freaked out right before bedtime, looking for Totoro. Randy had to show him the pics of Totoro in his car, to let him know the dude was OK.

There's a picture of him.

Today was ROUGH. Not only was it hot (geez, what's new.) I had 2 cups of coffee and was busy all morning cooking- lentil soup for a friend who pulled her back. R was readying his car, waxing (again, what's new), polishing, everything. The boys were running between us. It was actually pretty cute. Lucas was helping me wash and chop veggies, while Cobi was drawing pictures. That part went smoothly.

Strapped up the kiddies after lunch, along with Obaachan. We drove out north, and made a small visit to said friend... her son was delighted with the visit, and they all played nicely, sorta. Lucas threw a tantrum, he didn't want to leave, but I had to get going... because I wanted them to try a Wendy's Frosty so bad (ok, I admit it, I wanted one :D), so we drove further north. Now, back at home and at my g/f's house it was hot and sunny, but cross the town line, and it was POURING! I was shocked! It was raining so hard it was almost scary. But I did get the frosty! Drove back to our neighborhood and had to stand in line for my mom- she needed to register for her aerobics class. Lucky me, I bumped into one of my "Aunties"- family friend I've known for my entire life. It was nice, as my mom always wants me to bring C and L down to her class so she can show them off- finally, she could, along with her brand new granddaughter! It was nice, the boys played well together, adventuring off, Lucas running around, tagging onto my mom when she arrived, Cobi more interested in the 'wildlife' (trees, leaves, bugs, seeds) surrounding the community center.

We got home, and then things got nasty. For starters, they both had mini-naps, and were still grouchy. I had no nap and was extremely grouchy. They wanted to fight; they didn't want to watch a video; they wanted to play outside (In the beating sun!) Ohhhhhh!~ FONT IT! I let them out and get hot, whatever. Grrrrr, I was so tired. And of course, dinner still had to be made. Luckily, my dad arrived home and took the boys out in front. It was pretty funny, he was sitting on one of those Japanese straw mats, and the boys were running around our small front yard.

I was pretty grouchy (as always) for the rest of the night, both kids finished dinner early, climbed out of their chairs and started crawling ALL over me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr r r r r. I friggin' had it, said, "OK! I'm outta here, bye-bye" and left to pick Randy up at the convention ctr where his car is going to be shown tomorrow.

Driving there, I saw a high school graduation (after the ceremony). People EVERYWHERE holding signs, wearing lei, and while I was stopped at a red light, couldn't help but think... fifteen years from now... There will be Mika, holding 2 signs "COBI" and "LUCAS" designating where her brothers would be. My babies, lei covered to the tops of their heads, at the threshold of the rest of their lives.

I sure hope they survive the next few weeks and make the age "3"

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After a week of not sleeping through the night, I think Mika's getting back into her old way of things- sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping. I know she was getting up because of the teething, and maybe she had to nurse, I just let her. Last night, I don't remember what time I fed her last, but I did hear her thrashing around, moaning, and I thought, oh, crap waking up again. Fed her, went to the bathroom, and checked the time. It was already 530 am. I guess it was time to eat.

It was nice until about 30 minutes ago, when both boys woke up. Great. Now the fun begins. AGAIN.

I know I should be more grateful.

FIL called last night. He was TDY since last Sunday, and We all thought he was coming home this Saturday night. He called to ask DH MIL's cel number, he's on a plane, at LAX. How does a man get around not knowing his wife's cel number. Oh, well. I guess they're always around each other. 1 hour later, he calls again. He's back home. :?: I was thoroughly confused, or maybe he was... when he called, he was already at HNL! ROFL. I told DH, we should have just picked him up at the airport, duh, MIL was at church.

So, DH asks me if I want the ILs to take the boys tonight. They usually take them on Saturday nights, Friday night if they have their monthly ballroom dancing (did I mention that they're only 52?) Before, when the boys were younger, I used to feel apprehensive about letting the boys stay overnight.

It's a scary neighborhood
Cobi's sick!
Lucas has a fever!

Better let them stay home!

Now that they're becoming little tornadoes, I'm there, bright eyed, bushy tailed, full train cases in each hand, delivering my boys Smile every Saturday morning! Not that I don't love my boys... but it's nice to be able to enjoy the silence for a good 24 hours (or more!) and play with my little girl, whom I feel gets neglected during the week, confined to the stroller. It's the reason why I'm trying to limit our outings during the week.

Usually, these overnighters are anything but relaxing. I end up cleaning. I suppose that's relaxing.

So now, it's Saturday morning. I got them to stay away from my computer, and into our bed where DH and Mika were sleeping. I started admiring Lucas's tiny feet. They're so small and sweet. Cobi's feet are much wider. "luau" feet, my mom calls them, as his toes are spread so wide! Probably because we walk bare-footed around the house. You know, whenever we go out they're in socks and shoes. But 90% of the day, we don't wear shoes, hence the wide-foot problem. We did get some nice new eccos for them on Thursday night- DH saw them advertised on sale at Nordstrom's semi-annual womens and children's shoe sale, so we were there. And I picked up a sweet pair of sandals (not the feragammo slides Sad ) for me Smile

The boys are up. Begging for their trains. I don't know why, but Cobi came to me asking where the giraffe and zebra were. ???? Umm, dear, I really don't know what you're talking about. Lucas, who was cuddled against my chest said, "We can find Zebras and Lions at the zoo!" Turns out Cobi meant his train cars w/ the zebra, lion and giraffe (I believe Lucas translated for me.) Oh, did C put up a fight.

Early on this week, I got SO mad :evil: at them and the messes they were creating, I threw most of the trains in plastic bags and hid them, telling Cobi and Lucas that I would give them away to a little boy who really loves trains but doesn't have the privilege of owning as many as they do. They could have them back if they proved they could put away their toys. The place stayed pretty clean this entire week. The trains really do clutter the place up. But remember, we were at William's yesterday, and he has the Lift and Load set, so C and L wanted their trains back. I gave in, gave the trains back and told them that they could have them IF they cleaned up after they were done. Let's see if that happens.

My plans of visiting big sissy have dissolved. Plane tickets are hella high, and not worth it. But she said she's so excited at the prospect of me visiting, she'll investigate ticket prices. Heck, she should pay my ticket up there Lol

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Happy 4 month birthday to Mika-panna! She turned 4 months on the 8th. What's today, the 10th? Not bad, I'm just 2 days late.

Mika's just so amazing. She 'talks' back, or initiates conversations. When she hears Lucas's voice, or sees his face, she lights up, total smiles. And Lucas responds, "Hi Mika! Look! She's smiling at me!"

Of course she's smiling at you, you're her doting big brother!!!

I'm so glad we have her. She's just such a star. Hasn't made us worry at all about... anything! She fusses a LOT when she dirties her diaper, or if her hand falls out of her mouth (she's got the fingers in the mouth thing going on now, due to teething). Other than that, she sleeps or smiles. Awwwww. Warm fuzzies all around!

Today, we hung around the house. I tried cleaning up a little outside, as we'll probably be playing more outdoors now that DH is home for the summer. Filled up the baby pool, organized their toys... I'll bet it's totally DISorganized again tomorrow or the day after, courtesy of obaa-chan.

In the afternoon, we played in the pool. Even Mika came out stylin' her UV protection outfit! She just chilled in the water. After that, DH took Cobi to his mom's (FIL fixed his 'puter and it needed to be retrieved), and L stayed home with me. AND HE NAPPED! OK, it was after 4 pm, but still, he did Smile I love to spend individual time w/ the boys... we rarely have a chance, and I know I should make an effort to do it more. Must remember.

Lucas is becoming bossier and bossier. It's hilarious. I can hear me in his voice.

Mommy! That's not your chair! That's grandma Joycie's chair. Sit in your chair RIGHT NOW! :shock:

The whole RIGHT NOW thing is a part of their regular vocabulary. But hey, it works.

He was also saying some pretty hilarious stuff with DH around. I forgot what it was, but man, it had DH rolling, too.

Did I ever mention that incident with the new Dinosaur book? It's a good one, has great big pictures of dinosaurs and describes the eras they lived... so we get to the triceratops page, and I ask C and L, "why do you think the triceratops has three horns?" Lucas says, "Beep beep"


I also managed to put away some toys. Took some negotiating, but they agreed that I could put away the Little People Airport, garage, and vehicles. They get to KEEP their Thomas trains. Oh, the clutter is SO not there. And in my closet now, holy hell.

Oh, man... am I tired. I thought Maybe I'll go for a run tomorrow morning at 5 am?? YEAH RIGHT.

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Hyperactiveness: Is it an inherited trait??

Or is my son just a normal three year old? Not that I'm obsessing over it; just something to think about. Ok, and maybe I'll start worrying Lol But I think he's pretty normal.

We're talking about Lucas here. Whenever he drinks from a straw, he must chew it. Cobi's comes out perfectly normal, no chew marks.

Sometimes when he talks, he has a habit of clenching his jaw, and making like he's chewing.

Ya think I should get him some gum?

The thing is, I KNOW this was me when I was a toddler. Ever since I can remember, I had "itchy toes". Couldn't go to sleep because my nerves were so jumpy, and I guess they had to come out through the valley between my big toe and second toe. My poor mom! She took me to a number of naturopathic doctors to get the 'bug' out of me, and really it never left. God, if Lucas has to go through these extreme fits of energy like I did, I feel so bad for him. Maybe I'll take him out more so he can run around and release it that way.

When I look at him, I see myself. Hyper, jabber jaws, curious, gotta touch everything, skinny little kid.

So anyway, today we took a trip to the mall to return some gift clothes that we received, but Mika grew out of :shock: this is one big baby. DH's cousin and Pam gave us SO many hand me downs, we can dress another set of twins, I kid you not... hopefully, we can use the credits from the returns to dress Mika in clothes she wants, once she develops an opinion of what she wants (Hopefully it won't be red and white striped tights with a peter pan sheath and orange hat). Cobi and LUcas did well walking through the mall... except for when we walked into stores!!! ROFL, DH had to wait outside with them while I made the exchanges. I got SO SO SO po'd at them while we were in Neiman Marcus. Near the entrance, there were these cosmetic/travel bags lines up, and some of them were cylindrical- perfect for curious little boys! They just HAD to touch them, right? Grrrrrrr... how can you get mad, though? these displays are SO tempting to little hands! I growled at DH:

:evil: YOU TAKE THEM OUT and I'll met you by the fish!

So, he did. It was like that pretty much through the entire mall. Before NM, we hit Baby Gap... I told them to wait w/ DH while I went to make the exchange (there are plants and benches everywhere, so there is always something to look at), but apparently Cobi went ballistic after I left, ran off looking for me, and turned back on the verge of crying because I was nowhere in sight. Poor kid.

I tried to find them some cute Nemo things, but ya know, there are none? Actually, I was looking for a good Nemo story book, but was looking at the Disney Store- they don't have any yet.

At the end of the trip, DH said, "They're not quite ready for the mall, are they." :upsidedown:

So the rest of the day went smoothly... we ran some errands after lunch. Cobi tagged along w/ me to the pet store and we dropped Lucas and DH off at the playground. I'm determined to spend some quality time with them one on one... they're going to start school soon (SOON! Fall 2004!) and I want to get to know them better as individuals. Plus, they are SO much easier when they're alone, instead of with their partner in crime.

Nothing too interesting at the pet store, but C insisted on coming with me. We saw a dragon Goby, which looked a bit like a snake (hence the name?) and mice.

Now, someone please tell me why would anyone want to BUY a mouse? If you want one, come to my backyard, there are supposedly a couple who are eating the bait, but not getting trapped, according to the pest control guy.

Speaking of pests, I guess I didn't empty the pool completely last night and this morning I found a dead baby gecko in it :puke: :cry: DH said it probably got thirsty and fell in. YUCK.

Anyway, long day over, no naps for the guys (luckily DH took them to the ILs as he had to pick something up to fix his 'puter). I'm off to do my reading.

Hey, that's another thing I've noticed lately. Of the 3 or 4 books I've read in the past 2 months, 2 of them deal with twins. Weird. What's it about twins... I'd love to write something about twins, I just have to think about what exactly.

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Oh, man if these kids are worth anything, it's a good laugh.

Tonight, i was trying to get them to clean up their toys. I asked Lucas, "Are you done putting away the trains?" He looked at me with some 'tude and said, "No." "What kind of answer is that?" :shock:

Yes, this is my son. The things they say are verbatim what comes out of my mouth. Down to the, "Lucas! Put this block down here. RIGHT NOW" (Cobi, this afternoon.)

Ah, to have two mini-mes. I wonder what Mika will be like?

And what do I want my boys to be like? I keep thinking, it would be nice for them to be their own persons. I love that they're curious and imaginative, and funny as hell. I want them to stick up for themselves, and for other kids, too. And I suppose I want them to be happy, but I don't want life served to them; they have to discover it for themselves.

It was a nice day today. Started w/ me taking Cobi to get some groceries. Yesterday he tagged along with me, too. So I guess next time I'll drag Lucas along. Cobi even got to ride the quarter machine merry go round in front of KMart. Which was a TOTAL waste, as 2 other kids could have ridden it along for fifty cents, but oh well, since when were 3 year olds practical.

We got home, emptied the car and then made our way to the park (via stroller! Woo-hoo for us!) and played for a few hours there with our toddler friends.

Came home, expected them to nap but of course, they didnt. Grrrrr.

After dinner, big sissy called to place her semi-daily report on the twins. Before that, I was getting Mika to "talk"- it was SO cute! She laughed, talked, GROWLED! ROFL!!!! Meanwhile, C and L were in the bath with Dh. They were quite grouchy b/c they didn't nap, but we had a quality 30 minutes of playing on the floor- all 5 of us! I love those moments. Why don't we spend more of them together??? Maybe b/c it's too hot during the day :goofy:

Oh, well. It's 7:55. They've all been in bed for at least 10 minutes now. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I love this silence!!!

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DH and I actually got a lot accomplished. First, we went to see our Financial Adviser. Nothing new, cept, thank goodness the market is going up! Second, we drove around looking for somewhere to eat. Together, no twins. Just us and M. Third, picked up dinner (Hawaiian stuff. Laulau and Kalua pig). Fourth, picked up some paperwork I needed to get done for the twins club, as we've switched over officers and I no longer have to be the check writer Biggrin (that was an enormous accomplishment for me, getting to the Credit Union to pick up that little card!) and lastly, to the market to pick up long rice to complete our dinner.

Dad watched the boys. He and obaachan. It was nice to see them, but I knew that they'd wrecked the place!

I was changing M's diaper today, and my mind kind of wandered off... trying to remember what kind of mom I wanted to be, before I actually HAD kids! ROFL!

I always imagined myself as a teacher, either at a school or university... here or abroad. I love the summers off that teachers have. I would take my kids to whatever adventures I wanted to go on- manual labor hotel slave in France; teaching summer school English somewhere in Asia; building houses somewhere in South America. Never did I ever imagine I'd be sitting my big a** in a leather executive chair pounding away at my keyboard. This life is comfortable. I may even say, sheltered. Comfortably sheltered.

No way do I want my kids to be in the midst of war or a terror bomber in Jerusalem. But I do want them to see what it's like there, from a young age. Maybe not at this age, but while they were still in school. Keep them on their toes, you know?

I'd love to give my children that experience. I have a certain sense of adventure. My other half... uh... doesn't. Yeah. Maybe we do like things comfortable LOL.

But back to earth now. The boys didn't nap.. AGAIN :? And I thought we'd worn them out enough (filled up the kiddie pool, splashed around a bit...) but apparently not. By the time they had had their baths, brushed their teeth, peed in the toilet, Lucas was still going. In fact, before they brushed their teeth, we were playing on the floor, and Lucas had a burst of energy, started pulling papers out of their cupboard, thrashing his Thomas balloon around. It was actually pretty cute and funny. We made him put his toys away, and tried to get them to bed.

Grrrrrr. I was trying to read their Thomas collection book, and they kept interupting me climbing on me, stepping on me... I HAD it, I was so PO'd, I closed the book, turned off the lights and shut (OK, Slammed) the door. :evil: Really, all I wanted was a friggin' shower.

Took said shower, climbed in bed with my 2 sniffling babies, who kept moaning about reading. So I read "Goodnight Moon" to Cobi and "Where the Wild Cobis are" to Lucas (his version- "The night Lucas made mischief of one kind and another....")

Those moments when I can whisper their special stories into their ears, or look at them straight in their eyes, my face touching theirs, kissing them over and over again, are purely magical. I live for those stolen snuggles...

And they STILL whined and moaned after all that reading and snuggling! Cobi kept crying, "Will you REEEEEEAD to me, Mommy!" "Mommy, REEEEEEAD to me!!!" And there he was, in the middle of the hallway, tears streaming down his cheeks, holding a 300-plus page book. Heavy-a** thing.

Not being one who wants her child to hate reading because of the trama of one single night, I told Cobi, "Come, Cobi. I'll read it to you."

DH says, "Cobi come. Don't tell Lucas."

But right behind Cobi, there he was! Lucas, doing his hop/dance/jump for joy :roll:

They got ONE story- Toby and the Stout man.

After it was done, they got their kisses from me, and DH followed them to tuck them in. I heard them giggling for a while, and now it's quiet.

NOW IT'S QUIET! :pinkelephant: I'm doin' the happy dance. Just finished printing 6 pages of photos for my dad (his father's day gift, I'll give him a Grandpa book)... these are pics of my sister's kids. Now I have to print pics of mine, but my darn printer ran out of ink! I'll have to send HIM to Costco to pick up ink for pics that I'm printing for his gift! ROFL!!!

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Feel like crying...

:cry: Sometimes, do you look at your kids and just feel like crying?

Not when they're bad; not when they talk back (b/c that would make me feel like taking a sledgehammer to the wall!)

But when they're fast asleep, lookin' totally innocent, oblivious to the evils of the real world?

I had one of those moments, just a few minutes ago. I was nursing Mika (man, that kid did NOT want to eat all day), but Lucas had snuck into our room. I'm sure he was overtired, and didn't want to sleep alone (well, not really alone as Cobi's in there, too), so he crept into our room. He pulled a pillow from somewhere, declared it HIS pillow, laid his head down and watched me and Mika. Eventually, he fell asleep, and while M was still eating, I took a look at him.

He's getting so big! He's got these beautiful, huge boy hands. They just look like they'll be ready to throw a baseball next year. According to DH and FIL, he (and Cobi) inherited the 'crooked pinky finger'. Apparently it runs in the family... Mika doesn't have it. But if it runs in the genes, then my dad must be related, too, as his is really crooked. Unless his is arthritis.

Where was I??

Perfect feet, so cute and cuddly. And this boy, in a few years, won't want to sneak into our bed for much longer, he won't want extra cuddles; he won't want mommy to lay down with him. He'll be a normal, rebellious teenager (I GUESS!)

Of course, when they're placid like this, I have to steal a million kisses. I love being face-to-face, just one centimeter separating us. I can feel his breath, his life, going in and out... when I'm near my boys like that, I think of how much energy and spirit they have in their little bodies- even when they're sleeping!

DH just read what I wrote over my shoulder; he said that they ARE the evils of this world. :twisted: :twisted:

Inside, I'm crying, that they're growing up SO fast!!!! Sad Oh, they'll always be my babies... and however exasperating they are, I must admit Cobi and Lucas are funny as heck.

The other week, DH bought Trix yogurt (you know, the bunny rabbit, Trix is for kids? Why don't they spell cereal names correctly, by the way? If kids are eating them, they should learn to spell correctly. Trix... Captn Crunch, Fruit Loops.) and it's colored. Like, green/red/blue swirled. It does not impress me- I hate all those added colorings. I opened one little 4 oz. cup, and said, "Ewwww, gross! It's green" or something like that. A few days later, Lucas opened his, and said, "Ewwww! It's RED." I thought it was hilarious, normally kids scarf this stuff down, right? OK, so he DID scarf it down, but I think he's picking up on the fact that yogurt should not be bright red or pink OR cotton candy flavored. (they ran out of yoplait yumsters at the market, which is why Dh bought the other one. Both are made by yoplait, though.)

I'm in a relatively good mood today, because today was a relatively good one. I started by running w/ B ... at 6 AM. We did the 4.5 miles in about the same amount of time (here's my exercise journal)... came home, and the boys were up watching Sesame Street. Gave DH his Father's Day gift (I don't know if he knew I was making one for him, too, but I printed a bunch of photos and put them in albums for my own dad and FIL, and DH very late last night). While we were eating our breakfast of an pan (no melon pan for me today!) DH brought up going to Sesame Street Live today.

:shock: I was impressed. Never does he suggest doing that kind of thing... but MIL gave us some cash yesterday and told us to go see it (she wanted to buy us tickets, but didn't know which showing we wanted to see). So, we headed out at 9:30 and Cobi and Lucas had their first taste of live theatre!

It was really cute! I enjoyed the show thoroughly. The unfortunate thing about these shows, though, is that adults go, too, and it's really hard to see over tall people. SSL this year was held at an auditorium I used to perform in WAAAY back in college (in the band)... and back then, it didn't really matter to me what kind of seats there were- it's just music, who really goes to WATCH? But if you're going for a live stage performance, it really matters if you're sitting behind a tall person! And there were MANY tall dads! Ya know, we bought four tickets, but ended up sitting in two, as C and L had to sit on our laps!

Elmo looked a bit strange. Much shorter in person than on the show ROFL. Out of proportion, I guess. Big Bird, stiff on the top. What do you expect from an eight foot tall bird. I did gain a new respect for Zoey!!! She's so cute, I didn't realize it. Usually I find her to be annoying as she enjoys saying, 'That's funny, hee hee hee hee hee', but she did her little ballet dance to Elmo's "Imagination" song. Very cute.

Will we go again? Probably not. DH was disturbed at the commercialism of these shows- all the things up for sale, terribly overpriced. However, the Wiggles are coming next month- on Cobi and Lucas's birthday, to be exact. The boys don't watch The Wiggles at all, but I wonder if they'd enjoy it just because it's a show?? On the other hand, maybe the boys liked SSL because of the characters- for the 30 minutes we waited before showtime, Lucas must have asked us "Where's Elmo?" twice every five minutes. It was difficult coming up with clever answers, so he just had to be satisfied with "Elmo's brushing his teeth and fur."

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I am exhausted. Yesterday we went to the beach in the afternoon. It was SO much fun. Before we left, I found an innertube somewhere in our kitchen. Yes, the kitchen of all places. Brand new, never been opened. So, we blew it up and the boys had a great time. I could pull them out far as I swam out, but then had to go back in and swim out again many many times, as there was only ONE and I do have two kids who have opinions and demands about certain things.

Later, I told DH that we just had to get another water floaty thing, it was too much fun! I thought I'd go later today... today was hectic, too!

We started at the aquarium (it was raining; the zoo was plan A, aquarium, plan B). I lost my sunglasses there, it's just too dark. There were so many little 'nemos' in the South Pacific display. Hilarious. As well as Dorys! Also ran into a girl that I met when in Japan. She's from here, too... her MIL has been a teacher at our alma mater (and DH's workplace til last month- did I mention that almost everyone knows each other on this island?!) ... I said to her, "Hey, you look familiar" and she said something like, "Hey! Yeah! JOAN!'


"No! Kelley!" Oh, man she was embarassed. Not like I enjoy doing that to people.

Anyway, she also Stays at home, has 2 girls- 1 yr and 2 yrs. I think we'll be meeting her on playdates! She's a very sweet girl, but things in Tottori didn't work out to her- she was being harassed and even stalked by a co-worker. Terribly frightening when you're in a foreign country. She left mid- year and came back to HI, and I sort of lost track of her, til I met up w/ her MIL at the teacher's strike of 2001.

After we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers, DH, the boys and I walked across the street to have lunch at the park. I heard bagpipes coming from somewhere, but couldn't see them being played. Shortly after we settled down to eat, a mom and 3 kids pulled up to the parkbench nearby. I saw them at the aquarium shark exhibit. As soon as she sat down, she yelled to her boy, "Sit down on the table, dammit."

A few moments later, "Sit your a** on the F()*ING TABLE, LISTEN TO MOMMY."

NOw, this wasn't just your skinny Japanese American woman. She was quite hefty and looked rough. Spoke pidgin. Definitely part Asian, but also had the looks of a "tita" - translated roughly into local slang: someone you would not want to mess with.

Lucas was just staring in shock :shock: holding his sandwich.

DH tried to stifle a laugh.

I was HORRIFIED. Mostly because I couldn't help but think to myself, "Is that what I sound like?"

Anyway, I didn't confront the woman, mostly b/c I knew exactly what she was going through. Maybe she didn't have to fly those exact words, but sometimes little boys can be exasperating. Trust me, I know.

OK confession time, I do use the "F" word in front of my kids, usually when they step on my skin and it pinches. Now that really hurts, and I scream out 'F&&^!!!!!!!' out of reflex, not really out of anger. If anyone has had their arms stepped on by a 30 lb baby, they'd know how much it hurts.

SO we get home, Lucas is sleeping, Cobi not, but he entertains himself with the trains.

DH had been mentioning that Lucas has an underbite. I knew it, he also has 2 double teeth. Bottom cuspids, I think. I finally called for an appointment to see a dentist, and wanted the receptionist to note the oddity. His appt is on July 11th. Meanwhile, DH has been hounding Lucas about his teeth. Trying to get him to jut the top ones over the bottom. :roll: I wish he'd take the pressure off. "He's going to be teased SO badly." Well, yes, he's going to be teased. Maybe. But he'll be extra self-concious, have confidence issues, AND be teased if you keep hounding him about it! GRRRRR. And do you THINK this kid will stand being beat up? He was kicking the tail out of Cobi this morning over some trains, while DH and I were trying to get some work done. I don't think he'll have to worry too much about being beat up, especially if he has his brother around. "He's going to be special ed." Umm. Ok, here's where we need to stop worrying so much about the kid. Yes, I'm worried about him, too. But is this kid NOT the smartest on the block next to his brother and sister? You know, I took L shopping with me today after he woke up, and as we were checking out, he was looking at the gallons of milk and asked me, "Mommy? Who's that milk for?" I told him, "For Daddy, and Mommy and Cobi and Lucas and Mika." He looked puzzled... "No, it's not for Mika." (pause) OH, I so dreaded what he was going to say as he looked and pointed at my chest. "Mika drinks milk from your chi-chi" :oops: :oops: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Could you say it ANY louder, kid?

So, maybe he'll need a speech therapist; but geesh, he's been talking for just 2 years, give the kid a break!

OK, rant over. I think I'm just trying to rationalize things for myself, so that I don't freak out. That damn double tooth. I'm so positive that's what's the root of it all.

After Lucas and I came home from shopping, I let the boys play with their new water colors. Smart me forgot to buy another innertube when I went out shopping, and told DH that we should stop by to get another one, after we stopped at his mom's- she had called while we were shopping and wanted us to pick something up that her sister sent from Japan.

So, dinner was nice Lol No, really it was. We grilled outside. Before we knew it, it was 7:30! So late, and I'm so tired, right. Got to MILs, and do you know what her sister sent us from Japan???

TWO ANPANMAN INNERTUBES! And a Thomas one, just in case one of the APM breaks. Too funny, huh. We called Japan, thanked our aunt for the presents and even Cobi and Lucas even got to speak some Japanese (ROFL): Moshi moshi. Arigato.

So, now we are 3 innertubes happier, and will take 2 of them along to the beach tomorrow morning Smile What a perfect ending to a hilarious day.

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Little O

That's what I call Mika sometimes. Either Little Miss "M" or Little Miss "O". M, for Mika (her name), O for Orange (what her name means- Mikan). She's the sweetest little lady around. She's huge. Been wearing Lucas's hand me downs- and he was wearing them at 11 months! M is 4 months. Where does the time go? Some other babies her age are already on rice cereal! :shock: M's not... I hope to keep her off solids for as long as it's acceptable. This time around, I hope not to depend so much on jarred food- I did with the boys, just because it really is hard to deal with preparing baby food when one has to take care of twins!

M's not rolling over. She's rolled once, from tum to back. Maybe it's her girth? She does do a bunch of funky poses that I swear can be counted as yoga poses Lol she's kicking a bunch, when on her tum and on her back. And she's talking up a storm. I think she's doing just fine.

Oh yes. She also LOVES her fingers. Can't suck enough of them, baby. M's been fussy recently, I don't know if it's PMS or teething, but man does she get PO'd often. Right before she lays down to sleep... never happened before, just in the past week or so.

We all went to the beach today. It rained quite a bit, but after 45 minutes or so, the skies cleared up and shined us a beautiful Hawaiian morning. Mika did well in her UV suit and didn't fuss in the water. She sure didn't look happy, but she didn't cry, either.

B took her son W on his little board w/ the looking glass... they saw sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and a bunch of fish. As we were leaving, Cobi said, "I want to ride on W's board." :? DOH! Why does he not speak up at the time! GRRRRRRRRR. Did I have a lot to do w/ this boy and his timidness?! I wish he'd speak up when he wants something... actually, I wish I had taught him to speak up. (sigh) They ARE going to get beat up in school. Sad

I feel like mean mom today. The boys really needed a nap, and I forced them to stay in their rooms. It took an HOUR for them to get down, and I sure growled a lot. But they finally did it. I'm dying to know how others get their kids down! Mine went at 3:30! :evil: And then, you know, they woke up at 6! Oh well. At least they got in 11 hours in a 24 hour period.

So, nothing eventful happened today... Except I picked up an old Cross-stitch project. Trying to do it in time for my gf's wedding next June. I'd also love to do one for both sets of Grandparents by Christmas. And finish sissy's twins' quilts. Yaaaawn. Such is my life.

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Interviews with Cobi and Lucas


Who's your best friend: Ummm, you! Mommy!
What's your favorite fish: Ummm, Mr. Ray! (from Finding Nemo)
Who's your favorite train: Ummmm, Arry and Bert
What are you getting for your birthday: Lucas wants the yellow crane. I want the gray crane. And Bertram.
What's your favorite toy: My new tools!
What's your favorite food: CHOCOLATE!
Where's your favorite place to go: PEARLRIDGE! (That's the mall)

Who's your best friend: Ummmmm, MIKA!
What's your favorite fish:
Who's your favorite train: JAMES. You know, James is the red engine and Diesel 10 chases him and goes PINCHY PINCHY.
What's your favorite toy: MY tools!
What are you getting for your birthday: PETER SAM! :? (I had no idea...)

Anyway, Cobi and Lucas turn 3 in about 2 weeks. We just ordered the Roundhouse Set for them. I can't wait to set it up when they go to sleep on the 23rd and wake up to the new trains! Their train table is in the tool shed, as they were misbehaving on it- jumping off the table, putting water cups on- now that it's been away for a couple of months, I hope they're ready!

Mika. She's just rolling everywhere now! One end of the room to the other! Roll, roll, roll. It's pretty neat, especially since she wasn't rolling last week! She's sleeping right now, but will be awake to eat soon.

All of us woke up late today. The boys didn't nap yesterday... DH took us for ice cream in Waikiki. I wish we could do these things more often! After we parked our car, we took a stroll to the Duty Free Galleria. They have a HUGE fish tank with a winding staircase, so you can walk with the fish. It was pretty neat. They sure have a lot of manta rays in there.

We walked around a bit more, and then stopped at the Cold Stone ice creamery. I'd say their ice cream is OK... nothing spectacular, IMO.

And that's about all that's been going on! DH goes back to work in 2 weeks Sad Both my parents are going to be travelling during C and L's birthdays, so we have to set their little party for August 2nd, or so!

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FINALLY some friggin peace and quiet

GRrrrrr. It's 8 pm. The boys are down. The baby is sucking on her fingers, resting on my chest. It was not a pleasant day. If any child wakes up in the middle of the night, I will be VERY foul.

Started off yesterday. I was tired to begin with- went on my usual Sunday morning run with RP- six miles! Went to the ILs to get the boys- FIL has been called into work, so we thought we'd hang out w/ MIL... in the afternoon, took the boys to the beach to meet up w/ some twin club friends of mine. Never found them- why? Cuz I forgot what they look like! DUH.

So it was probably the beach that wore me out.

My mom left last night for a convention in St. Louis... My dad announces that I have to take him to the airport at 5 am Monday (today) for a flt to LV... they're going to meet up on Thursday in LA to be with Big Sissy. I decide to get the boys down to bed early on Sunday night so _I_ can get a decent rest... They DID go down by 8, and I was in bed at 830. I swear, I was in lala land, when

ON flicks the light. DH comes in after his 2nd shower of the night (did I mention it's friggin humid?), wakes ME up, thank you very much, turns the damn TV on, then what does he do? Fall asleep. :? :? :? At 10 I was sleepless. At 11 I was sleepless. I turn the TV on to A&E, and Biography: Oprah Winfrey was on. Of COURSE I have to watch it. I ended up turning it off after 1 hour, and fell asleep (I guess) at 12 something... before I knew it, baby M wakes up- the clock sez 3:15. :roll: Feed. Snooze... and as soon as it seems like my eyes have closed... The FRIGGIN ALARM CLOCK goes off! 5 AM. Like the filial daughter, I set it to wake up on time to take my Dad to the airport. Hit the snooze button. Less than 6 minutes later, I hear him booming: IT'S TIME TO GO. How do I know it was six minutes? I looked at the clock, and there it was, surreal as it was, FIVE OH SIX.

I start up the car, thinking miserable thoughts... and SO tempted to say, "The next time you reserve a flight, don't do the 7 am one!" But of course, in a mean way. Grrrr. How horrible am I? How can anyone say that to her father? So I shut up, drive, dump him off, drive back home...

Get home, try to get back to sleep, but DH's alarm goes off at 5:45. *sigh* His 2nd day at the new school. He has this annoying alarm clock the ILs gave him for his birthday, that has a human voice. So, he set 3 alarms. And it went something like:

Alarm One. Five Forty-Five.
Alarm Two. Five-Fifty.
Alarm Three. Five Fifty-Five.


The boys awaken soon after... and we all get ready b/c I planned a trip to the zoo with the Twins Club. Getting ready was SUCH a PITA... Why does it take so much energy to apply suntan lotion? I swear, it takes at LEAST 5 minutes per child to get the gunk on.

Get to the zoo (did I mention, some dumb b*tch published the mtg time to be 9 am. She didn't even friggin come- thank you for volunteering me to start the damn thing at 9 am.) Meet up w/ one of my twin mom friends... we're walking, we're walking... we get to the herpatorium (snake hut). Phone rings. Girlfriends (not twin moms) arrive at zoo; we meet up. Walking somemore... see the Gharial... see the croc... see the hippo- and for the first time, I see the rear view of the hippo. I had no idea they had tails!

Around this time, I get another call- from a twin mom whom I've never met, but has been a member of the club since December. She said SHE's in the zoo, apologizing for not RSVPing, and being late.

Her boys were, as she said, a handful. They turn four in December. They were just running her ragged. She's a single mom, moved here officially three months ago, working on her PhD equivalent for practicing Psych (I have no idea what she called it- she wants to work with women who need support going through divorce). Girl was SO sweet, but had ZERO control over her tykes! I couldn't believe my eyes- one was climbing all over the rental stroller; the other was walking all around... they got into the snack bar freezer and wanted some frozen pops SO bad - she refused, saying she didn't want them having so much sugar.

HELLO, I don't think your kids' problem is sugar.

They were just so... boisterous! C and L are tame compared to them. They were sitting on some giraffe statue, posing for pictures, and those boys were just EVERYWHERE climbing, jumping, running. C and L just SAT there. I don't know why... oh well, better than them jumping everywhere.

It was time for us to move on to the petting zoo.. Girl-Friend tried to convince her boys it was time to get OFF the giraffe and to the petting zoo. Blonde son pitched a fit, ran off; mom tried carrying him back... he got REALLY upset, stopped, looked at her and said:


:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Oh My God. I have NEVER heard a 3.5 y.o. say "Shut Up" in my life. (When I was telling DH this, he said that Lucas was grabbing C's shirt yesterday at MIL's house, trying to grab a toy back, and kept saying "G*d Dammit") I was so embarassed for me. Yikes. They departed after the petting zoo- her realtor was at the zoo ready for her to sign papers. She just bought a place, and was looking forward to the event. We did, however, meet up with them again at the picnic area.

After this all, we went home. It was hella hot... picked up my grandma, drove to the HS where our club wanted me to pick up some paperwork for renting out meeting spaces at the h.s... and I'm reading through the app, and it seems like we'll be unable to hold fundraisers there without some form of insurance. Great. Wonderful. I hear even BETTER news from one of my friends- the place where we were hoping to get a matching community grant from ONLY gives to 'large' organizations. Oh, well. Whatever.

And the boys?? They did not nap. They did not nap. Did I mention, they did not nap? The very day when I need it the most, recovering from the heat, the exhaustion, the lack of sleep... they do not go down. Not a minute of silence.

My head is just spinning. I'm debating whether I should go for that El Presidente/coke or settle down w/ Harry Potter. Why the hell am I recording this? Remembering this day is, perhaps, the last thing I want to be doing.

I'll say one more thing. It was definitely a double shot Monday.

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My throat hurts...

from yelling at the kids too much. :?

Well it's been at least one month since my last post here... things have been slightly wild. The boys are still as sweet as ever and guess what. STIILL not napping. I'm so exhausted! I've been trying a new thing. Well, new as of yesterday, when I took them for their physicals and the nurse suggested I do this:

After lunch, set them down w/ a futon and pillow, turn on Sesame Street (and ONLY SS). After the show is over, turn off the tv, and separate them (one in the bedroom, one in living room, I guess). Turn on a timer, and tell them that they are to have quiet time until the timer goes off. It worked yesterday, Cobi fell asleep at least. Lucas, no success. Today it didn't work, but we'll try again next week.

I must say it's during this "quiet time" that the boys get into the worst trouble. In the past, it was vaseline and aquaphor... another time it was desitin (and I'm talking, painting the walls, bedding, floors, toys)... last week? GLUE! Glue. Yes, Glue. When you think they've done everything, they get into their glue. Ya know, I thought I childproofed their rooms. I guess not enough. My bad. Too bad I spanked my kids for doing it.

Anyway, their physicals. Cobi is 32 lbs, Lucas is 30. No big changes, they are still in 50% and 25% (respectively) in weight, and 50% in height (don't remember what that was.) They were easy to examine (according to the NP who conducted the physical. Yeah, she wasn't the one who had to collect the urine sample). Cobi was ahead of L in fine motor skills (drawing and holding a pencil). Lucas was ahead of C in gross motor skills (balancing and jumping). They both gave the nurse a hard time w/ the eye exam. It was pretty hilarious, they were answering for each other LOL... finally, the nurse gave up and said, "OK! We know they can see!"

I won't bother catching up with what's been going on in the past month. Cept that Cobi is pretty much potty trained- I'd say 99%! He'll have an occasional poopy accident, but aside from that he's figured it out. Lucas. :? Not poopy trained, and will pee on the floor if he's distracted.

You know, this morning I cleaned my floors (and I do mean wiped them down with an organic solution, then with peppermint tea) because he pooped on it and then neglected to tell me so his *ahem* waste was smeared on my carpets. LOVELY. Anyway, we were home all afternoon, and the boys dumped their toys out (after I cleaned! :cry: ) and messed the whole friggin' place up again! GRRRRR! I'm putting away the toys. For GOOD.

Bye bye round house set!