Where are all the toddler mommas?

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Where are all the toddler mommas?

DD will be 3 in November and is the light of my life.

Right now, we are into remembering to potty and being very excited when it happens (and changing many panties when it doesn't).

She is very chatty, and wants to be mommy's big helper ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes I catch myself wishing for the days of peeing alone, sleeping in until 9am, having my dinner plate all to myself, and being the one who is LOOKING at the mom with the child who is screaming, but I wouldn't give up all the hugs, kisses, and new adventures for any of those things.

DD is adamant about choosing some emoticons for this post and she is getting antsy. Here are her choices:

:jumpingbeans: :angry5: :pinkelephant: :piggy:

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I'm here!

DD is 18 mos. We're just starting part-time daycare which had been a HUGE challenge. But I feel with winter coming, she going to need something else to do than just playing in my small house.

How's potty training? It frightens me!

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DD is 22 months today. She will be 2 in December. Things are Super fun right now. She loves talking and learning new things. Right now were not Potty Training. We have a 3 in 1 potty but she rather play with it then use it right now. The big potty scares her so that's why we thought maybe getting her a little one would help. We're not going to force it on her, when she's ready, shes ready.

Right now we're going through a Picky eating stage, so we have to sneak ways to get her to eat her veggies. I can't complain tho, she does have her tantrums but really who doesn't. Most of the time shes very sweet and loves to cuddle. I love it.

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"Sweet Nutmeg" wrote:

DD is adamant about choosing some emoticons for this post and she is getting antsy. Here are her choices:

:jumpingbeans: :angry5: :pinkelephant: :piggy:

I think those emoticons perfectly encapsulate toddlerhood! Nice choice, little girl Smile

My DD is 17 months and just entering real toddlerhood. So far, I love it. I love how hilarious and adventurous she is, and how much more she can communicate every day. Babies are cute, but toddlers are FUN...