9 months

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9 months

Based on theory, this is when my baby would have been born. I had moved on, and then suddenly it hit me one day, I would be delivering about now (we really didn't know the edd, and probably would have come early). It is weird how your body just "knows." We have been unsuccessfully trying, and instated provera this month. Was going to do clomid, but we decided to wait till may to do the first round, can't lie, very paranoid about it, amazing once the "innocence" is lost.

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I'm sorry youre having a rough time Susan. Sad I also had felt I moved past my loss but when the EDD rolled around realized it was still pretty fresh. I still have moments where it all comes back like it just happened. I'm sure there will always be some of that but I don't mind because it helps me remember that baby was real even though he/she wasn't born to this earth. The innocence lost after experiencing a loss is the other difficult part to deal with moving forward and trying again. I hope you are successful in your TTC efforts soon. :bighug:

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I'm so sorry Susan! I'm terrified of that as well. I was supposed to be due in November right before Thanksgiving so I'm afraid that the holidays will be sad for me for the rest of my life. There's just no pain in the world like this. I firmly believe that. I've experienced a lot and nothing hurt like this. I think it's like you said, because it is so innocent and once that's gone there's no getting it back. I'm sending some giant hugs your way sweetie!

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Due dates (even approximate) are tough.

Be good to yourself. :bigarmhug: