Advice Needed (mc mention)

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Advice Needed (mc mention)

Hi ladies,
I had a miscarriage at 7.5 weeks on May 29th. My Dr. told me we could TTC once I had AF.

My question is, how long does it usually take to have AF after a mc? Is it normally like a regular AF or heavier?

My DH and I have been super stressed with the church we pastor and have decided to take a weekend camping trip the first of July. Now I'm concerned that I may have AF then. Since having DD I've had pretty heavy bleeding, and I can't imagine it being even worse. :confused:

I'm nervous about having AF during the trip because me + AF + pit toilets + bears = miserable.

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Elizabeth - First of all, I have said it before but I will say it again. HUUUUUGE HUGS and sorry for your loss.

I believe that I got my first AF about 7 weeks after my D&C last time. I don't remember it being heavier than usual, but I have heard that it can go either way - it can be normal or heavier or lighter than usual. My doc told me that once it was normal again, that was a pretty good sign that my body was healed and we could try it again.

Good luck, and I really hope you don't get stuck with AF and bears!!! :eek:

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Hi there. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I had a natural mc at 5w3d. My first AF started exactly 29 days after I first started miscarrying, was a little heavier than normal and lasted about a week. I charted after my mc so I knew I ovulated and I was able to guess when AF was going to arrive. I got very lucky though, I think, that my body returned to normal so quickly.

Unfortunately every woman is different. AF returns more quickly for some women than others and the amount of bleeding can vary.

I hope you don't have to deal with AF on your camping trip. Good luck.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

This website helped me....

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Sorry for your loss.

I had my first AF on schedule with when I had my D&C (my incomplete m/c was about 4 days earlier). I also temped after the m/c and had an ovulation spike around the time the bleeding stopped. My AF was about the same as normal.

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Elizabeth- so sorry for your loss. Huge hugs during this time for your and your family.

I had a d&c for my m/c and my period came back right on time like a normal cycle 4 weeks later. I do have to say it was WAY heavier than normal. So much so I called my doc to talk to one of the nurses so make sure it was okay. She said as long as I wasn't soaking a super pad in less than an hour it was okay.

Hugs to you and I hope AF comes soon so you are able to enjoy your camping trip.

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Thanks, girls. I'm hoping AF comes this week before we leave, but I'll be prepared. I found a campground that is less wilderness-y and actually has flush toilets and showers! hallelujah! Smile (I live in northern British Columbia that is pretty backwoods) I'm not as nervous now...