Anniversary day :( (m/c, child ment)

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Anniversary day :( (m/c, child ment)

Today is the two year anniversary of losing our first baby. I miscarried at 10w5d after going through 5 iui's to finally get that baby. It seems as though the hurt has faded to a certain point but is still very much there. Sad I was slightly emotional today.

But... We will now remember this day for a different, happier reason. Our DS (who was conceived two cycles later through iui #6) took his first steps on his own today!! Smile

I just wanted to post bc I knew you ladies would understand when IRL people don't...

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loss ment., child ment.

Sorry about the loss anniversary Caity its a hard day to go thru. I dont even want to think what I will be like next year on April 19th our lost baby's birthday. I can say from past experience that the hurt is always there in some form but after some time its not as constant as it was and special days or certain things make it fresh again for a bit. Thta's awesome that Corbin took his first steps today! Ari hasnt yet though she is close

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Thanks Tiff!! I have been thinking about you a lot lately. I hope you are doing ok. I'm still so heartbroken for your loss!! Can't wait to see Ari walking!! Smile

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Congrats on the lil' guys' first steps Smile


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I know it must have been such a hard day. I lost my baby 3 weeks ago and sometimes I think I'm okay and then out of nowhere I'm just crushed with waves of grief. I fully believe now that while we heal the pain of going through this is never really gone. And it's definitely hard for other people to understand. We're here if you need to talk. And congrats on your baby boy's first steps! Maybe he was saving them up for when you needed to see them most. :bigarmhug:

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It will be a hard day-but a day to remember...your son is beautiful and now you will have your hands full!

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Thanks so much ladies for all the kind words. It's just nice to have a place where other people understand how you're feeling Smile

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I am so sorry about your loss. No one should have to experience a m/c. Congratulations on your beautiful son and his first steps! I'm sure it was amazing to see.

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