Anyone familiar with MTHFR and PAI tests?

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Anyone familiar with MTHFR and PAI tests?

I'm waiting to hear from the doc, but during a workup for IVF, they ran a PAI and MTHFR panel on me because of my recurrent losses. (Four in 3 years)

Turns out I'm compound heterozygous for MTHFR - I have heterozygous A1298C AND heterozygous C677T along with PAI 4/5.

From what I've been able to figure out so far, the C677T and the PAI 4 specifically both put me at a significantly higher risk for miscarriage.

I can't express how angry and sad I am to find out that what's been blamed on "advanced maternal age" might have been something treatable.

I'm meeting with the nurse tomorrow for something else, but hopefully she can shed some light on this for me & or give the doc a call so he can call me & give me some answers and information.

Sorry to pop up out of nowhere after being gone so long; I've been reading but just haven't had much to say. It's been a rough year.

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I have MTHFR but I only have one abnormality. I have had 3 losses and 2 kiddos at home. I'm currently preg again. They have me on 81 mg of aspiring and extra folate. I'm also on proges suppos but that has nothing to do with the mthfr. They can only put you on medication and hope for the best. I had DS just fine but the preg after I lost and was on the exact same stuff. Actually started it earlier too. It is a cruddy thing to have and I realize that I have the least of the evils but it is still not fun. On the other hand my friends has the worst and she had a succesful preg and is also due with her next son in Jan. She has to do medication and shots. Hope this helps some.

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Sorry don't know anything about that but wanted to give the biggest, warmest hug I could muster :bighug:


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I have the MTHFR but they never told me what strand. Of course the dr's tried to explain it to me, but it the medical terminology that I just don't understand.
I had 3 m/c last year before they did any blood work & found out I had it.
Then my hubby & I couldn't get prego for 10 months. So my new dr put me on clomid & it worked the 1st time.
I am currently 9 weeks along & they have me on a low dose aspirin & progesterone. I chose to do Lovenox for the 1st trimester & I hope I can get off of it after that.
But Good Luck & I hope all goes well for you!