Ashlyn1109; update! (m/c pg ment)

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Ashlyn1109; update! (m/c pg ment)

I took a year hiatus from my old user name was either ashlynp06 or ashlyn1109 I can't remember which one or log into either so here's my new name, some of you may remember me I posted very frequently (hi Mary & Val if you're reading!) I had a m/c at 12 weeks in april 2009 And this board became my support haven. DF and I completed 2 cycles of clomid, over 2 years ttc, charting, OPK's, etc. We tried everything we could financial afford to have a baby. Well for the past 4 months we have been jlih and I'm happy to announce...we're pregnant!!!!! I feel so blessed yet worried/nervous at the same time. We are about 5 weeks along and due around may 28th. My first appointment is Tuesday (so nervous!). Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know my good news and hopefully offer a little ray of hope! Miracles do happen!

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Hi Ashlyn, and CONGRATS! :party:

Hope you have a very healthy and happy 9M+ Biggrin


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Congrats to you and heres to a H&H 9 months,good luck at your appt.:)

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Congrats and HH9M!!!