Back from my break (m/c & child ment)

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Back from my break (m/c & child ment)

I'm hoping that nobody is still here from when I was here this summer before I took a break, but I am at a point of needing the support again.

Quick run down on me: DH & I started TTC in the summer of 2004. Had a missed m/c in Feb '06 and a natural m/c in May '11. We have struggled with infertility and we have had 5 IUI attempts - 2 successful being conceived and 1 resulting in a child - our DS is 2.5 Biggrin We are now on the path to IVF and have our first consultation this week. I have always struggled with my weight (yo-yo badly) and have lost 20 lbs since Jan 1st because I knew that the Dr's would be making that a prerequisite.

I am nearing the end of my TTC rope - it's been 8 years of worrying, waiting, mourning and of course with our son, great happiness. I think this is our last chance effort before I throw in the towel and accept that our life is complete with who needs to be in it.

I look forward to getting to know some of you ladies and wishing everyone that they get what they want.

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Hi Harmony, welcome back! I remember you from last year. Unfortunately, I'm still here but hopefully not for much longer.

Congratulations on losing 20 lbs.! How exciting about IVF! We are also going the IVF route. I really hope your stay here is very short and sweet. Good luck!

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Welcome back! :bigarmhug:

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Thanks Ladies - I recognize both of your names Smile

Jina I hope you aren't here much longer either LOL!

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Welcome back Biggrin I'm still here, too. I understand the waiting and wondering. We've stopped actively trying for #2, but we aren't preventing, either, so I still have hope that someday, maybe... Anyway, congrats on losing 21 lbs! I've lost about that much myself and hope to lose about 10-15 more. :goodluck: