Bleeding with activity (m/c question)

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Bleeding with activity (m/c question)

Hi ladies. I'm hoping someone can help me figure out if this is pretty normal. I had/am having a CP, so AF was only a few days late. It was horrible stabbing cramps and bright red blood for about 4 days. Today, I was only slightly spotting.... until I started doing housework, carrying laundry upstairs, etc. Now the bright red blood is back (not heavy, just med/light) and cramping again. :/ Is this how it was for any of you? Or should I schedule a doc appt to make sure everything is alright? I'm taking it easy the rest of the day for sure. Thanks.

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Hmmm not sure. My personal opinion is that you probably shouldn't be concerned as long as it isn't heavy flow. Sometimes during a normal period it will taper off to just spotting for awhile, then start back with a light flow before it finishes up.

So sorry for your loss :bigarmhug: