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Thread: Dealing with the dreaded question (m/c ment)

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    I'm so sorry you're going through this Mandy! Our August board has a FB group, you should try to find it, I know the ladies there would offer lots of support.

    It can be an uncomfortable question, especially so soon after the m/c. We just went through one in Oct, we hadn't told anyone we were pg and we still haven't told anyone at all about the m/c. I don't get "are you pg yet?" but we do get asked if we're planning on another, which we just answer honestly, yes we would like another, hopefully soon, and leave it at that. We don't make it public that we are actively TTC, (because that inevitably leads to people asking if its happened yet) we just give off an "if it happens it happens" type attitude and most people accept that.

    I do try to be sensitive to friends when asking them if they're gonna start having kids soon, but unfortunately sometimes I just end up blurting it out out of curiosity, so I know that people who ask those types of questions aren't necessarily doing it to be hurtful or rub salt in the wound, they just don't know better.

    I hope you get through this time and heal, and I hope you find a way to deal with Nosy Nellies.
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    have you ever tried saying something to make them feel just as incredibly awkward? i have.

    "i'm a hermaphrodite. so is my husband." (transgender also works)

    "i teach school, so i hate kids."

    "god said being a mother doesn't suit."

    "i wanted kids until i met yours."

    "i'm too selfish. you know how that goes."

    "i hate sex. i can never orgasm."

    i have more but they might be too insensitive for this forum. (i typed them then decided to go back and delete.) go ahead, try one out on someone who really bugs you. they will never ask again... trust me.
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