A fresh start...

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A fresh start...

AF is here. DH and I are JLIH but I'm thinking of temping this cycle anyway. Not to influence when we DTD or to "try" necessarily but just so I'll know once I have O'd and will have a good EDD if I do end up preggers. I'm just so happy at the prospect of maybe being able to be pregnant again. Hopefully it won't take too long or I'll have to move to actively TTC but I'm hoping to be more laid back as this will be my last time to be pregnant (I hope).

This board has been a little slow but I think there may be a handful of us TTCAL. So who else is here with me?


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Yippee for you! I am just waiting and waiting to see AF. I thought for sure I was going to start earlier this week with the cramping/pressure I was having but nothing yet. I am like you though we will JLIH for a couple months. If nothing then we will probably wait till next year. I was never good at temping. I dont have the patience to do it. I tried using the ovulation kits before but I never got perg when trying to use them LOL

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Good Luck! I obviously am not TTC, but I will confess to each wondering and hoping if I will be the 1% that their tubal failed.

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I'm here. I'd love to see AF and get that fresh start.
I think temping is a good idea. It can't really hurt and if your cycle is weird it could be helpful.

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Have fun charting! I've always loved how it makes me feel so much more knowledgable about myself, and my cycles. I charted to prevent for a long time before TTC, and even found it pretty exciting then!

Thanks for inviting me over to the TTCAL board, I think I'll be hanging out for a while.

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Thanks Sandy, hope AF stops teasing you and just shows up soon.

Bonita, you never know...maybe you will beat the odds Wink

Virginia, I'm sorry it is taking so long for your HCG to get back down. Hopefully not too much longer to go. :bighug:

Jessica, I'm sorry you have a reason to be over here but glad you found us.

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thanks to all.

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No longer actively ttc here, just not preventing. This month we had a chance, but at 12dpo and knowing my body so well I'm thinking I'm out. It was nice to dream, though.

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If you have not been following my story you can find it on either the PAL board or the DYSAL board. I go to the doctor tomorrow morning to find out what exactly is going on.

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I'm here too. Just hanging out, waiting.