Getting impatient (some TMI)

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Getting impatient (some TMI)

It's been almost a month since my D&C and I'm still waiting for my HCG to fall. Granted, I started over 100,000, but I feel like this is taking forever! So far I've had
-2 days 105,000
+6days 2582
+20 days 117
+27 days 46
My MW says it looks great and I don't need to go back, but if it keeps falling at the rate it did this past week I'll have another 3 weeks to wait. I kind of figured things would move faster than this and I'd be Oing, if not already pregnant, by now. And yeah, we're still JLIH even though they said to wait until after the first AF. I kind of feel like my body won't let me get pregnant if it's not ready... which still doesn't make me any happier to have to keep waiting.

Strangely, I had a bunch of AF signs early this week then had a few days of pink spotting (mixed with something like EWCM). I had only had light brown spotting for over a week. And now I feel like I would if AF were ending. But there's no way 3 days of spotting could be AF (or really annov bleeding). My best guess, since I'm charting, is that my progesterone is finally falling to a normal level since my temps had been up a bit still until recently. I definitely wasn't Oing. I had no O pains and OPKs were negative even though my HPTs still have faint lines.

Sorry for the book. I'm feeling puzzled and frustrated by my body. I guess it's probably normal at this stage, though. I hope it all starts to form a coherent picture soon.

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Sorry that you're getting frustrated! It's too bad that our brains and bodies don't communicate the way we want them to. Hopefully you'll be back at 0 soon and your body gears up so you can get pregnant again! I totally understand your frustrations, I would seriously like to trade my body in for another today.

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Your numbers are dropping slowly. I recently went through the same thing (blighted ovum) but mine ended naturally. I had my hcg tested until it was below 5. I read that it should drop at the same rate you want it to double, so it should halve (half?) every 48 hours, and mine pretty much did just that (but my blood test when the m/c started was only at 7700).

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I've heard it drops rapidly at first then slows more and more as it approaches zero, which seems to be what's happening to me.

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With my first loss my hcg took a while to get back to 0 too. I don't know where mine started but figure it had to be pretty high b/c I was having plenty of nausea and normal pregnancy symptoms that didn't start declining until about 10.5 weeks. I was 11.5 weeks when I found out baby had no h/b and baby measured about 9.5 weeks. I waited 1 more week and had a d&c (never had the first spot). I had blood draws every 2 weeks after the procedure until it was below 5. Here are my results...just for reference.

87 at 2 weeks past
16 at 4 weeks past
4.4 at 6 weeks past (I o'd 2 days prior to this draw)
AF finally arrived at a few days shy of 8 weeks post procedure

So mine was already below 100 at 2 weeks out but fell really slowly from there. I also bled on and off throughout the 8 weeks following my d&c until I got AF back and my next cycle I spotted every day after AF until until I O'd.

I think the numbers tend to fall much slower with a d&c. My recent loss it seemed to happen much quicker, O was in a normal range for my usual cycles and AF just started and I'm not even a full month past the m/c. But like Audgee, my HCG was lower, about 6,500, when the m/c began and it was a natural m/c.

I know it's a really hard wait when you don't know how long it might take. ((hugs))

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I was just getting ready to say that about the d&c. Mine dropped so slow with my d&c but with this natural miscarriage ( I was only 5 weeks or so, so it wasnt that high) it was already at 4 when I went to the Dr the day after I started bleeding. I highly doubt I O'd this month as from what i have read most people don't the first cycle after a miscarriage. i know this waiting game sucks. We aren't going to actively start trying until probably Nov because I really want a period before incase we have another mc because I want to be sure of dates since I don't temp.