hcg levels *pg ment*

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hcg levels *pg ment*

hey girls! I lost a baby in early Dec. and got preg. again on my first cycle. I had my first appt yesterday and should have been nearing the 5 week mark. Doc sounded optimistic since after the m/c my levels were down to zero very quickly and at the highest tested point were only 32. So anyways....this pregnancy my levels came back at 152. I go back again tomorrow for another blood draw but that number just sounds so awful. I know they can vary greatly but have any of your guys had blood draws multiple times with lower end numbers and they ended up ok? Tomorrow can't come quickly enough. Sad

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How sure are you about how far along you are? Is it possible you O'd later than you think? If so then the number might be fine. I hope so! :bigarmhug:

We have a new thread up now for Pg after a Loss questions/concerns, so be sure and post there tomorrow with your beta results! :goodluck:

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Those numbers sound fine to me. I don't think it really matters what the numbers are as long as they continue to rise appropriately. Like Mary mentioned, you could have O'd a little later than you though and implanted a little later as well. I know it's hard not to worry, especially after a loss, but try to stay positive. Biggrin Good luck!