Hi all. Mind if I join early?

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Hi all. Mind if I join early?

Hi everyone.
I recently got my first bfp in our 4 years of trying. Was so excited, and even saw heartbeat twice by the time I was 8 weeks. Then we got news that the heartbeat was gone, and baby stopped growing at our 10 week ultrasound. I had a D&C last Tuesday (my body doesn't do much naturally in the reproductive sense). Now we are waiting 6 weeks to see if there's a chance of a natural cycle after all this. If not, we'll go back to clomid and provera for some more cycles.
I can't ttc yet, but would you mind if I came in here a little early?

The dr says the good news is that know we know we CAN get pregnant. So we move on and try again. We are trying to keep our focus on the positive and moving forward Smile

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Oh Susan, I'm so sad to see you here! Hopefully the coming weeks pass quickly for you so you can continue to TTC. I found that wait very difficult.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I know that it's really hard. But of course you can join in early! Smile

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Thank you ladies Smile

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I'm sorry. I'm glad to able to think about getting into TTC again. I hope it happens quickly for you, before you start clomid again. :bighug: I'll be stalking.