I thought it was over! [TMI]

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I thought it was over! [TMI]

gross TMI

I've been spotting off and on since AF and this morning I lost a chunk of tissue. Ewww. It was clearly not a clot, definitely tissue (about the size of a quarter, greyish-brown with clots in it). That shouldn't be happening if my HCG was 18 10 days ago and I already had AF. The MW is stumped, too. I think I'm getting fertile, but I'm not sure because I have no CM to go by. Darn spotting. And now this. I really hope it's all done now. 6 weeks is long enough.

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Sorry to hear that! I can understand your frustration in wanting it to be over, hopefully that was the last of it!

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Yes, sorry to hear you are still experiencing more than just spotting. That is a bit crazy, definitely unexpected. I hope that's the last of it. :bigarmhug:


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Ditto what the other ladies said. I actually had something similar happen back with my mc back in 2009, and I also thought it was strange, but figured my body was just trying to complete the 'cleansing' process. *Hugs*


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Sorry to hear that Sad I thought my m/c was over to...boy was I wrong. Hope everything clears up soon.