Intro and Post D&C Question

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Intro and Post D&C Question

Hi Ladies:

My name is Christa. I just had a D&C on Tuesday, November 27; we found out at 11 weeks on November 24 that the baby no longer had a heart beat. I'm still lightly bleeding and have some cramping. I have a post op follow-up with my doctor on December 20. I've been told to take it easy until then. Generally speaking I was told to wait at least two cycles before we try again. But, does anyone know about on average how long it takes for your cycle to return?

Thanks in advance,

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So sorry for your loss Sad

I also had a D&C and it was 52 days before I got my first period, which, from what I understand is on the longer end of the range. My doctor said 4-6 weeks, and it was just over 7. I also think there there are mixed messages when determining how long to wait to TTC again. We were told we could try again immediately after my first period post D&C once it was ruled out that it wasn't a molar or partial molar pregnancy.

I hope your cycle returns to normal soon!

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I'm sorry for your loss. I've had d&cs after two of my losses. One was at 12 weeks and AF returned roughly 28 days later as per a usual cycle. My other was this year. I had bleeding at 27, 28 and 31 days past d&c then a normal period from days 33-36 after the d&c. It is different for everyone though. After all 3 of my m/c (one natural) I've been told to wait a minimum of 2 months to give my body time to recover. This time we waited a little longer.

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Sorry for your loss.

Mine returned like a normal cycle with the D&C being day 1. I temp'd so when I saw an ovulation spike I suspected that my cycle was ok. I am extremely regular with my cycle though. It seems to be different for every one and doesn't seem to matter how far along you were. I was 13 weeks.

Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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Christa, I hope you don't mind me replying to your question here. I had a d&c with my first loss. We found out the baby had stopped growing at an u/s when I was 11.5 weeks. The baby measured about 9.5 weeks. I charted from the day of my d&c and it was a long cycle. It took almost 8 weeks for my cycle to return and I confirmed ovulation around 6 weeks. My doc said 3 cycles...when I questioned further he did say 2 or 3 and that there really is no statistical evidence to back up those recommendations so you'll see doctors advice varies a lot on this. I did end up waiting the next cycle too b/c once AF ended I spotted everyday until ovulation...I just didn't feel my body was being normal so I didn't want to take the chance. We then tried the next cycle which resulted in DS2.

I hope your wait for AF to return is a short one. :bigarmhug:

ETA: I forgot to say I o'd right after my HCG fell below 5. It was being tested every 2 weeks post procedure.

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Oh Christa, I'm sorry this pregnancy ended up this way! Not fair.

No help with the post D&C questions but sending lots of hugs and warm thoughts your way!

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After my D&C AF returned after 28 days like it had been chart day 1.


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I had to induce a period after 82 days after my d&c.


pico83 (not verified)

I'm so sorry.

Mine returned 31 days after the D&C, but I didn't ovulate before it. I ovulated another 3 weeks later (7.5 weeks after the D&C). We were cleared to TTC after my first AF.
I charted and saw my temp slowly drop over the month and when it finally fell below coverline AF showed.