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It's been awhile

Hello. I hope everyone is doing well. I thought that i would said hi and give an update. I kind of needed a break from when ttc wasn't going as well as I would have liked:(. It has been such an emotional roller coaster! I don't know how ladies do it when getting pregnant takes awhile....much respect for them!!! Well, I got wonderful news on the 4th! I got 4 beautiful positives and confirmed by bloodwork on Thursday. I was originally going to wait to start trying in august, I'm glad I didn't. I think getting my bfp right around our last one's due date has helped to ease the blow. I'm actually feeling pretty relaxed right now which surprises me, but i'm glad. I'm hoping that I don't go crazy around 12-18 weeks (when something went wrong with our last).

Couple of questions. I'm going back and forth on whether or not to tell people. I know that it's a personal decision, but what are your opinions? For those of you who have had little ones after a loss, did you find yourself relaxing more when you passed the point of your loss?

Thanks for your input, looking forward to hearing from you:)

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AFM - I didn't tell anyone but close family/friends till 10 weeks and larger groups till about 13-14 weeks. I didn't relax till after about 20 weeks and I still get some terrible anxiety if I have periods of time I can't feel the babies. I'm 29+ weeks now and I think there is a little fear I will carry until I hold my twins in my arms.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you for a safe, uneventful, full and happy pregnancy!!!

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Hey! Congrats!!

AFM. I didnt tell anyone but my employer and close family until after 12 weeks. We just couldnt do it again if we had a loss. And its hard for me to not dwell on things that can happen with this pregnancy-im just now finally starting to relax a bit and Im almost done...but I will not be happy happy until he is out and healthy. I hate that there is fear there but there is..after going through what we've been through its hard to not be fearful.

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I told my employer right away and our parents around 10 weeks. I had U/S at 6 and 8 weeks for bleeding so I knew there was a HB but it felt so fragile and I couldn't believe it. I had incredible anxiety leading up to the 12 week U/S which is when I found out with my loss (I had no early U/S with that one). I told my coworkers around 15 weeks and I found that incredibley difficult. After that I started to feel more confident and then we moved across country so I became too busy to worry about anything. I think once I started to show and feel the baby I felt better.

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Thanks ladies:). I'm still surprisingly pretty calm...I think that maybe it hasn't fully set in yet. We've decided to share with our parents and a couple of my close friends for now. We don't want our kids knowing so we thought that the less that know, the more unlikely someone would slip. My hcg numbers are good and I go to see my doc on Tuesday. I know that it is early but I'm hoping that we will be able to see something!

DannyT and kat83: I hope that the rest of your pregnancies continue to go well and I can't wait to hear about your babies once they're here (not that I don't want to hear about them now Smile )!

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After my recent many losses I have learned to just keep my lips sealed. Even with this pregnancy I am in denial. Even to the extent I have not taken a hpt. But I know I am defiantly pg calculating from last AF. I have anxiety, I can seem to never reach past 9 weeks. So I can understand all your feelings. Best of luck and will be keep a look out for your posts.

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Congrats, and I pray all goes well Biggrin