Little update on me and TTC (m/c ment)

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Little update on me and TTC (m/c ment)

Hey ladies,

I've mostly been lurking the last couple of weeks, trying to put TTC near the back of my mind. Key word there was trying, because I never really stop thinking about it. I kind of freaked out a bit after learning that my doctor now considers me 'high risk' for future pregnancies and referred me to the local fertility clinic.

While I was waiting to hear back from the RE, I had my ultrasound to make sure that I had passed all of the products of conception, not that I expected there would be much at just over 4 weeks. MY OB is in the same building as the u/s clinic, so they usually just give me the report to take down to the OB (most patients have their OB appt right after the u/s). Since I didn't think I really needed an appointment, I didn't book one, but the office was still closed when I went to drop off the report. Like always, I read it on my way downstairs. Uterus looked 'good' as far as size, shape and position, ovaries looked good, lining was good. In the 'other' section, however, the tech noted a 'fundal septum'. Strangely, this wasn't the first time I'd heard of this, so my heart sank a little. She didn't provide any measurements or say whether it was partial or complete.. but I'm assuming partial because you'd think that with all of the ultrasounds I've had in the past 9 months, somebody would have noticed a complete septum. No idea what I'm talking about? It's a uterine abnormality. I really don't know how to describe it, someone else might be able to do it better, but a septum is also the part of your nose that separates your nose into two nostrils. A uterine septum can be pretty drastic. A complete septum can divide your uterus/cervix in two.

Anyways, this has been on my mind all week now, so I was dying to get a call from the RE. Thankfully they called on Monday, and I'm set up for my first appointment next Monday, the 6th. I'm looking forward to discussing my history with a doctor who doesn't totally disregard the fact that I've been proactive enough to chart my cycles. I hope that she sees it as saving her a step in my treatment (if treatment is necessary). I'm looking forward to hearing what she has to say as well. I want to get pregnant so badly, so I also want to be the healthiest I can be, both physically and mentally and this whole TTC/Loss process has been draining me!!

Hopefully I'll be back this time next week to fill you in on what I've learned!

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Well it's nice to hear from you again. I'm still sorry about your loss honey.

A uterine septum would certainly explain problems... I hope that if that's the problem, they can remove it easily!!

I understand what you mean about it draining you. I'm sorry you are having so much trouble! Good luck at your RE, I'm glad you are going to the experts. They'll be able to help you Smile

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Hi Jessica. Sometimes we all need to take a step back for a bit. I hope the RE is proactive and your back with positive news next week!

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Good luck Monday Jessica...I hope it's the first step to some answers and ultimately gets you to HH9M's. I'll be watching for your update. :bighug:

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Hoping your appt. went well!!!

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I had a Uterine Septum (partial, not complete) removed 6 months ago. So far I had one chemical pregnancy naturally conceived since then, which is more than I've had in the last 6 years (you can read up on my history in my TTC space/link below).

Depending on how big it is, it may not make a difference. Mine was a large lump of tissue, taking up a lot of space inside the uterus and it was almost complete.

I hope your appointment went well and I look forward to hearing the results!

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I hope your appointment went well and the RE can answer you questions about the septum. good luck!

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Thanks ladies!

I had my first appointment with the RE on Monday morning and it went pretty well. She is very optimistic and thinks that as long as all of my test results come back looking good, we likely won't need to make any medical interventions. My age, health, and the fact that we did manage to get pregnant twice, despite the poor outcomes, all work in our favour. I'm undecided if I'll call on CD1 this coming cycle or the one following to get started with the tests because I'm going to be out of town when AF starts and will most likely miss the blood work that's supposed to be done on CD3, and the baseline u/s that is supposed to happen between CD3-6. She did say, however, that if I want to call anyways and book everything that I'm here for, to go ahead and we can to the other tests next cycle.

I think these are the order of the tests:
CD3: blood work (complete work up)
CD3-6: baseline ultrasound
CD 6-12: 3D ultrasound while uterus is filled with saline to check for polyps or other abnormalities, will check tubes on same test (this is where I'll find out whether I have a septum or not. She old me not to worry, because she finds that a lot of times the techs will write something like that and be wrong. Apparently you really need the 3D u/s to see and measure)
CD 23: More blood work, checking progesterone

DH goes in for blood work and a semen analysis (he's not too pleased about either which, in turn, makes me not overly pleased that he's not being a 'team player')

I could use your advice though: While I've ovulated between CD15-17 for the last couple of cycles, my usual was always after CD19-20. This month it was CD 22. Do you think that CD 23 will be too early to test progesterone in the event that I O this late next cycle?

Regardless, I really like this doctor so far. I read some reviews on her that say that she's cold, shrugs off your questions, and doesn't like to treat patients who are overweight. I wish I hadn't read anything about her, because I didn't get those vibes from her at all. She's very to the point, which can sometimes be interpreted as cold, maybe rude, but I don't like when things are sugar coated and appreciate knowing what I'm up against. She answered all of my questions just fine, cracked some jokes with me too, also a + for me. Lastly, weight isn't an issue for me, but I've worked hard this last year to be in the best physical condition I've ever been in, and I've worked reeeaaallly hard at making healthier food choices.

Long story short, I don't have answers yet, or any kind of treatment lined up, but I have everything I need to get going with the testing and I'm looking forward to getting the results! It'll be at least a month before I can get all of the tests done and go in to get the news, it'll feel like forever.

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Hey. Well it looks like you are heading in the right direction. I hope everything is fine and you will have a plan put in place that will work! AND you will be pregnant in no time!!

I feel you on the tests, we are in the same boat! Sad

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sounds like you have a great doc and a great plan in place! I'm still holding out hope that you're pregnant this cycle and don't need any of the tests. Smile