Lost my baby yesterday....

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Lost my baby yesterday....

M/c mentioned, children mentioned.....I went in and they couldn't find the hb on Doppler and then on the u/s there was no hb and no fluid around the baby. I had pressure and had to pee a lot, really a lot Sunday night and I wonder if I lost fluid then bc I felt weird but had heard baby on the Doppler at home so didn't worry too much. I just can't believe this happened to me I was 14 wks yesterday when I found out and they think it happened very recently. My MW isn't certain I lost the fluid she says she thinks it's possible the baby couldn't produce any of it's own. I had told the kids and they were so excited they told everyone else. I really wish I hadn't told them now. They took the news well though seeming to understand. I am so very sad I don't even know what to do with myself. I've had two losses in the past both where the baby stopwd growing at 6 wks and I m/c at 9. I hate hate hate that I have to do it again only it's worse bc now I'm farther along. I just talked to my MW and after conferring with the on they think induction is the safest for me. I wanted a d&c but Im too far aline. I go in at 7:30 tomorrow morning to get started. Its going to be awful. I want to try again and have been told I need to take at least two months to heal. I am of course terrified of this happening again but I want another baby someday.

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I'm so very sorry. Sad I will say a prayer for you tomorrow morning...may the process be smooth as possible for you.

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Tiffany, I am so very sorry Sad I can relate because this happened to me last year. We had the heartbeat, things were going okay, we told everyone including the kids, then at my next check up there was no heartbeat. So I had a D&C two days later. Two years prior to that I had a loss but that was at 6 weeks, no heartbeat. It's worrying, scary...I even remember tossing all my maternity clothes away, totally giving up because I was just so angry & upset. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow...prayers going out. Again, truly sorry... Sad

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I'm so sorry, Tiffany. :bigarmhug:

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I am so very sorry for your loss.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately I had a similar experience. We went for an us around 17 weeks and there was no heartbeat. Our baby measured at about 15 weeks. I was told that the placenta was too close to cervix so they wanted to do a d&e. Was also told that since baby measured past 14 weeks that there was only one doctor in their office that could perform the procedure. It is possible to have it done. I had the d&e done the next day but I kind of wish I would have waited another day of two. It all seemed to happen too fast and I didn't know what questions to ask. I would have liked to have seen our baby and maybe had pictures taken. So if you need to take alittle time then do what feels best for you. I will be thinking about you and pray things go as well as possible for you tomorrow. I'm so sorry you are going through this.

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I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

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Mrsk5- it is possible but they don't do d&e here only d&c do if I wanted the d&e I would have to go to the U an hour away. Plus the OB said that since the baby just recently died its bones are still hard so doing a d&e poses more if a risk of possibly tearing a hole in my uterus. The OB was confident that this was going to be the easiest on my body in the end do I'm okay with the decision. I just want it over quick and I know this won't be most likely.

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I am so sorry for your loss Tiffany :bigarmhug:. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you. Know that we are thinking about you and hoping you'll be ok.

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I am so sorry you're going through this. Sending lots of prayers for peace & comfort your way.

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I just read over my first post and realize that I probably came across as trying to contradict you. I'm sorry about that, that definitely wasn't my intention. The last thing you need right now is someone stressing you out more. I hope that today goes by quickly for you. Once again I'm sorry for how I sounded. Please take care of yourself!

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Oh my gosh no mrsk not at all!! Please if my response sounded abrupt I'm sorry, my head is in a thousand places right now. Everything you said was fine! I didn't have any problem at all in fact I was glad you explained what your experience was.

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This is a difficult time. I understand what you feel. Hang in there. I am so very very sorry.

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So sorry for your loss. Will be praying for you and your family during this time.

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I'm so sorry Sad

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I'm so sorry for your loss sweetie. I lost my baby similarly about 2.5 weeks ago and it's the hardest thing I've ever had to experience. Sending lots of hugs and thoughts and prayers your way.

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Thanks for all the t&p. I finally got to come home around 12:30 on Friday. I will update w/ my precious baby's birth story later.