Maybe (poss pg ment)

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Maybe (poss pg ment)

Well I just couldn't help myself. I tried one of my1.50 tests and saw a very faint what almost could be classified as a shadow. I think I could keep a small business afloat with my POAS habit between OPK's and HCG's.

Anyway, of course I said why not go buy a 3 pk of FRERs and then I can check and then check again the next 3 days as I usually get AF on day 13...Well I think there is a darn line! I don't want to get excited until it gets darker but I've been starving today...ALL DAY...and continuing to have those aches I've had the past two days.

Please LORD let this little one stick!

see test:

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How exciting!!! I totally see the line!

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Holy cow, Danielle! I think that's pretty dark for 10 dpo. Yay!

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DEF. a line!! Sticky vibes!!!! Smile

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Its still there this am! Holding outtill tues for good bloodwork but thankful and praying for stickiness!

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Looks great!

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okay. i'm jealous of your fantastic luck. after my d&c, the re said, "this doesn't mean you are more fertile." gosh - read the words right out of my mind. if only only only i could have more fertility after a pg/mc!

you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thx kadi - I am just not accepting it as real yet. I guess my loss is still at the front of my mind.

I truly hope this year is your year girl. You deserve it!

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Danielle!! My fingers and everything are crossed for you!!!!

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Sending TONS of sticky vibes!!!

Come on little bean, STICK! lol Biggrin