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mc question

I miscarried early Wed morning, flet pretty good Thurs (emotionally) but since Friday have been having increasing pain. Still passing bright red and clots & last night passed large piece of what I think was the sac. No fever, no saturating every two hours or but not sure if this is expected. This is not what I've had happen previously so I'm trying not to worry, but honestly I feel like crap & was hoping to return to work tomorrow.

Does this sound right to you?

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Im not sure if you were around after I had my D&C but it was really scary. For over 21 days I bled heavily and passed large clots and stringy stuff that I think was tissue, its so hard to tell. I was also not going thru a pad every half hr or hr, it was more of 2 hrs or so so they werent worried and I had to have my betas taken since then, it was 10/4. I still have them followed. I finally quit bleeding heavily around halloween. Every one is different and it can be quite scary and not to mention just gross. Take care, and just dont over due it

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M/C related TMI below...

Hi Carole,

First, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Although I've mostly been lurking since my own m/c, I had everything crossed for you and my heart breaks for you. :bigarmhug:

When you say you are feeling pain, do you mean cramp/contrax type pain that cycles, or constant, achy, or shooting pain? I would be concerned about shooting pains, and would call the Dr or go to the ER asap. If it is cramps/contrax or bad AF type, that could be completely normal, but still keep an eye on it. I had a natural m/c a few weeks ago. I started with just the bleeding and it took several days of cramps/moderate contrax ...I actually downloaded a contrax timer app and could time them at 2-4 minutes for 3 days...until I passed clots and most of the products of conception on a Wednesday. The cramps let up a lot then although I still passed a lot of large clots for a few days, and another "mass" on Saturday. The bleeding started to let up right after that, although it kept up lightly with a few clots and some occasional cramping for about another week.

If you are concerned about the level of pain, I'd definitely check with your Dr. I understand how lousy this whole thing makes you feel. I had the extreme misfortune of having it happen during my school concert "hell week", and I wasn't able to take more than a couple partial days off. I understand wanting to get back to work, but give yourself and your body the time that you need. Take care of yourself.


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Thank you for your replies Kat and Jean. After I posted the above, it finally started to improve. I was having constant aching through my entire pelvis. I also have Crohn's disease which went into a major flare after my first miscarriage, and sometimes it's difficult to differentiate colon pain from uterine pain. *sigh* I'm pretty sure the aching was uterine, with the sudden grab-ya pain being gas pain from my irritated guts. Fortunately, as I said, for now things seem to have settled down.

It was worse after eating, every time, which should have been a big tip off to me that the guts were involved. When I'm hurting it's a lot harder to think these things through. Now that the pain is nearly gone, I can sort it out a lot better.

I'm hoping that the worst is finally over. Now all I have to do is not fall apart every time someone asks me a child related question. My husband and I use the same hairdresser and he had apparently told her in the past that we were trying to have kids, so of course it's the first thing she asked me about when I got there for my appointment Friday afternoor. Yeah, I'd made that appointment in an attempt to distract myself on Friday. So much for distraction.

Today, while we were volunteering at a speed skating event (my husband is a long time volunteer) one of the other volunteers asked me how old our baby was. All I could do was say "we don't have children". For some reason she thought we had had a baby. In two years no one has every said anything like that to me there, but it had to be this weekend. *sigh*

The toddlers and little ones don't bother me, but as we were leaving the oval, someone had a newborn in a carrier on the counter if front of them, where I had a great view, and it nearly broke me. It was all I could to keep my composure and keep on walking. I wish I hadn't looked.


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Oh Carole! :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: I'm glad that you are starting to feel better, and I also hope the worst is over for you.

I completely understand about the questions and seeing babies everywhere. It seemed like suddenly EVERYBODY is pg around. The same day we confirmed that we had no heartbeat I walked into a department meeting to see one of my colleagues very pg, and I hadn't heard about it yet since we are in different buildings. I had to leave and go cry in the ladies room. Sad There are also 4 (maybe 5) pg teachers in just my school right now. Although I'm doing a lot better right now, that many baby showers in a row just might do me in.

Of course in church today I got the "Well, you have kids." in the course of a conversation. Beee Frustrating when people assume because of your age that you must have already had your kids, and we're just still trying to get there.

Please feel free to PM me if you want more info or to just talk. I'm going to include a link to my current chart here, just for comparison. The neg HPT is listed on the first day I didn't get a + at home. Beta was still 16.1, but low enough not to register on HPT. Don't won't suddenly see a +HPT later in the cycle. We didn't do anything that would get us pg. Blum 3


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Oh Carole, I'm so sorry for every thing you're going through right now. Here's the hugest, warmest hug I can muster


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Carole, Huge hugs! How are you doing today?

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