multiple CPs with Dr appt next Tuesday(child mentioned)

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multiple CPs with Dr appt next Tuesday(child mentioned)

Little back story...I have had 2 healthy pregnancies in the last 6 yrs. We start TTC in Oct. I have had 3 CPs since Christmas. First 2 both ended at 4wks 2 days. The one this month ended at 4wks 5days.
I have made an appointment with my OB for tues. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to what I will be going through. What will possibly be tested. Anything I should ask my OB to test for.

Thanks ladies!

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Have you had blood tests with the CPs?
Not sure about your Dr, but I know many think you shouldn't even test until AF is a week late, so they may not even consider the CPs as a problem (stupid I know, but I have heard it happen more then once)

From my experience - OBs know about your body when you are pregnant and are really not the experts on infertility/fertility issues - I would ask for a referral to a RE for answers.

Typically the first thing they will do is a bunch of blood tests, and probably an u/s to look at what's going on inside.
Since you are getting BFPs, I wouldn't think your tubes are the issue, so not sure they would do a HSG yet.

Did you have any other issues prior to or inbetween your healthy pregnancies? How old are you?
I had no issues with my 1st, and nothing but issues after (other then when I do get and stay pregnant). Did you deliver your children vaginally?

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had my appt yesterday. she is doing blood work to check my HCG to get a base line as well as check my thyroid. i also am setting up an U/S, she wants to look at the inside of my uterus and see if maybe there is an issue there. its not a matter of me being able to get pregnant, just staying pregnant. she aslo has a plan B in place if these test come back fine. she will do a repeat pap smear and check for infection. I wont have any answers for 3 more wks. which AF is due by then so maybe she will be able to test more blood if i happen to be pregnant when i go in.

its noted in my charts that i had DS2 at 36 wks (even though an U/S showed me at 38.5 wks and his pedi said he looked like a full term baby bc he didnt have any white stuff on him and his nails were super long) other than that i havent had any issues with my previous pregnancies. and both were vaginal deliveries. i also have no medical issues in my family besides breast cancer on my moms side

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Have they mentioned an incompetent cervix? In my support group there are a few women that have incompetent cervix's and they get a stitch in during a majority of their pregnancy to help keep baby in.