Multiple Miscarriage - Fertility Testing Options? (XP)

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Multiple Miscarriage - Fertility Testing Options? (XP)

Hi: I posted to the Anything board, but thought it was worth a try here as well. I recently suffered a second miscarriage and I'm looking for fertility testing options that we might consider. Feedback / advice welcome! TIA, Christa Here is a link to the post on the anything board with some more info:

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There are probably many others who are more well versed in this than I am, but after my second miscarriage I had a 'Saline Infusion Sonogram' to check for polyps or fibroids, and a 3D ultrasound to rule out a potential uterine septum. I also had blood work on CD3 and CD23 to check various levels at the beginning and end of my cycle.

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:bighug: I'm so sorry you had a second loss. I asked my MW about testing after my second consecutive loss and was told 3 losses or a year without conception before they'd test. But, I'm young. I was also told that because I had successfully had 3 children already it was probably just bad luck. I'm glad your doctor is willing to go ahead with testing and I hope you're able to have a successful pregnancy soon. Good luck.

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I had testing after my third miscarriage then further testing when I failed to fall pregnant again (and then more when previous symptoms arise again).

Karotyping of miscarriaged tissue.

Bloodwork including - thyroid, FSH, diabetes, blood cell counts, I think something to do with NK cells.... I can't remember them all - there was 10 vials all up.

Diagnostic ultrasound x 3

Surgical -
HSG / blue dye test
Laparoscopy (history of endometriosis, seeing if it had reflared)

I hope you get some answers. The loss we tested was found to be due to a fatal genetic mutation. There was no reason found for repeated miscarriages / inability to fall pregnant again. It was basically put down to bad luck.

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I had 2 m/c and hopefully have a sticky one this time (5 weeks). See this site for information on what may cause m/c, and testing that can be done to determine fertility problems.

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