my emotional typing rant....

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my emotional typing rant....

I have so many mixed feelings right now. I feel sad, angry, hurt, annoyed, mad, pissed, depressed, lucky, horribly un-lucky, blessed, and not blessed. My miscarriage was early. Much earlier than most people have them, because most people who have them as early as me don't even know about them in the first place so it's just another cycle for them. But I did know. I knew and I was excited. I know a lot of people probably think we don't need a third kid, they worry about my health and if we can afford another kid. While I was nervous to tell some people because of that...I didn't really care. Part of me did though, and that part of me feels like i caused the miscarriage or something, like I didn't want the baby enough. I had been wanting a third kid for a few months though, and Joel just wasn't quite ready yet, which was fine. We weren't trying, but if it happened, then it happened and that was fine. So it happened, and then it didn't. I say it like we got a new appliance or something. We had a baby. I had a baby inside of me. He didn't have arms or legs or anything like that yet, but there was life...or at least the building blocks of it. Who knows how far along these things are when the horrible happens, but it was life to me. I already was shopping around to try and find out how to fit 3 carseats into our small SUV. I bought a pair of maternity pants in anticipation of needing them sooner than i ever had before. I talked with a friend about how i was excited, but how some part of me was just really nervous, but i'm always nervous this early in pregnancy, so no big deal.

I read around on all of the support groups, and message boards about miscarriages and I make myself feel like i don't belong. We haven't been trying to conceive a baby for 4 years without success. We didn't have a stillborn baby. I didn't even have to have a d&c for any of this. I just had my period a week later right? But then how do i really feel? I really feel like I just had a baby taken away. Like i had already seen this kid in my dreams and hopes and wishes, and God just took it away. I really feel like I'm going to think of this child as one of my children for the rest of my life. I feel like when August 13th rolls around, i'm going to feel empty inside because there is no baby being born, or celebrating a birthday. How long will that date be important to me....probably forever. There are women who have gone through this so many times. More times than i could ever imagine. So i make myself feel like i don't belong or have a right to be sad about this.

On Wednesday morning i was sitting on the computer and started to get some cramping. It was more cramping than i'd had before but it wasn't horrible. I got re-assurance that was normal. Then i go to the bathroom, and things aren't normal. I'm bleeding...a lot. Wednesday night I know things are bad. The bleeding keeps happening and I know what is probably happening. At midnight i've lost hope and resign that we've lost our baby. The bleeding is really bad and it's not normal. Thursday morning I have a renewed hope...maybe the bleeding is done. Doc says it can be normal and to wait until the Monday appt. Well that won't work for me, sorry. I go to the ER to have a blood draw and exam. I'm ok checking in. I don't cry because i'm just looking for a confirmation of what i already know. Joel is at work and has to go to school, Joel's mom has the kids so i went alone. I just needed to know. But i'm alone. They call my name and I walk back to get into the exam room. Just then Joel calls my name. He decided he should be there and screw school. Thank God. I get into the room and burst into tears hugging him. I'm so glad someone is there with me. So we wait and joke around. The nurses are all really optimistic and think everything is fine. I joke with Joel that there is no reason to give me false hope, just tell me what i know and we'll move on. After about 2.5 hours my blood draw comes back. Hcg levels are a whopping 32. I should be about 3 days pregnant with levels like that...not 4.5 weeks. The nurse says maybe you just ovulated late. Unlikely. I smile politely and say thanks. Then she leaves. I know with that number that it's over. It's one thing to know the's another thing to hear it spoken out loud. About an hour later they come to do a pelvic exam. There is so much blood that they can't even see anything. Hearing them say that I lose it. I just want this torture to be over and done with but the exam lasts what feels like forever because they can't find the stuff they need. After everything is done we go to leave the hospital. I've had my time to cry, i've cried all i can for now. We go to check out and pay our co-pay and the woman behind the counter glances at my paperwork and says 'Ooh so when is the baby due.'

The past two days have also sucked. I have moments of every one of the emotions i mentioned before. Sometimes i want to be alone, other times i can't stand to be alone. Kenzie has been a comfort and a joy. We told her that mommy was sad because we were going to have another baby, but that God decided to take the baby away, take him home. Last night i was crying in our room. Kenzie came and asked for a hug and why i was crying. I said because i was said. 'Because of the baby?' she says. I say yeah. 'I want another baby too mommy.' Soon after she crawled into my lap and asked me to sing her a song that we haven't sung to her since she was a baby. That was wonderful. She is still my baby. I have two wonderful children to cling to as well as a very supportive husband who knows he is having to walk on eggshells around me right now. He is ok with that. I'm moody, i'm spaced out, i'm a busy body, and i'm lazy. I'm everything all at once.

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First, hugs. What you feel is perfectly normal. It was a baby, despite however early you are and you loved it and always will. At least when you get called to heaven, you will have a darling child waiting for you. Im not religious but thats what I believe. Id like to tell you what everyone tells you, it gets better. It truly does,but not for awhile. Ive only had 2.5 months to cope with mine, and there will be times you cry. Times when you think its not fair for someone to not want any more children be pregnant (people you know, not yourself), seeing pregnant people so happy, there are times when you will be bitter.

I dont want to take what you feel and make this my own. But this is a little of my insight on your situation compared to mine. A good thing for you is you can try again soon, I however cant. That kills me. Im not patient and Im trying to be and I feel as if my body is not ready even though I am emotionally which is annoying. I say this because I had a d&c, had lots of complications, bleeding, clots for over 21 days. It took over 8 wks for my levels to be 0. Then after no bleeding for 19 days, I start to lightly cramp and spot which i thought was my period, now my spotting had been going on for another 15 days, before recently turning to heavy blood more like a period the last 2 days. I was kinda hoping to try again this month, but can not track my cycle and dont even have hope for trying next month.

Like you I sometimes feel like GOD took it away because I was naive, I wanted a summer baby, we got pregnant again our first cycle, I knew it was to good to be true to get pregnant that fast again but thought perhaps we were lucky, but in the back of my mind I knew something was going to happen. Then I was thinking well my edd was may 5, so that means ill really have it in April since it will be a csec, i didnt want another winter baby, i wanted a summer baby so sometimes i feel since i didnt want that, then it got taken. Its hard. I try my best to accept GOD took it due to it having problems and he needed it more than we did for whatever reason.

Its hard not to feel alone at times to. But thank god for kids, they do help a lot dont they? but they also hurt your heart when they say I want another baby. My son is 3 and understood when we told him. He recently said, I want another baby and I dont want another baby to go to Heaven. i want it to come home and live with us. I can not comprehend how this little boy understood what we told him. You cry, you heal. Your heart will always be broken a little.

In my mind for months now,way before we got pregnant, My next tattoo will be two hearts attached, one blue for my son and one pink -for some reason i think our next will be a girl when it happens-and in my vision was always angel wings in between the hearts. this part always disturbed me as i feel angel wings are for miscarriages, angels in heaven, now i understand why my vision was what it was. weird but true.

We move on. We will always remember, we will always love. We will always have that baby in our hearts, minds and it was a part of us. Remember, celebrate. Make a ornament to remember. Document it. It did exist.

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((hugs)) You still have a right to grieve. For most women, once they find out they are pregnant, the baby is part of their lives and their future. I think a lot of the feeling of loss relates to how we feel that baby will fit into our future lives.

Just because you see other people's situations and think what they experienced is worse than you, your feelings are still valid. I never appreciated until my loss how hard it is to deal with a m/c, no matter how early.

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You have the right to grieve and you need to. Don't let others notions or opinions make you feel different. A loss is a loss no matter how long that little angel was with you.

Take the time you need

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With my first loss I did not even know I was pg until I started to m/c. I was still very devastating and just the other day 8 years later DH said something about how old he/she would be today.

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"kat83" wrote:

I don't want to take what you feel and make this my own. But this is a little of my insight on your situation compared to mine.

I love this line. It's so true. I don't want to in any way sound like I assume that I know how you feel. My experience was fairly similar. I started spotting during my seventh week and bleeding at 7w2d. The bleeding got really heavy around midnight and I just laid in bed with my dh crying and praying. He made me go to the doctor the next day but I didn't want to because I knew what was happening.

The U/S and bloodwork seemed like torture because I already knew the truth. They wouldn't let dh in the ultrasound room with me. It was a very scarring experience for multiple reasons but I won't hijack your thread.

I know a lot of people won't understand what you are going through. But miscarriages, while physically difficult, create emotional wounds even more. You were pregnant. No matter how long the pregnancy lasted, you are emotionally connected. Allow yourself to hurt, and allow yourself time to heal. You deserve it.


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:bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:

I'm really sorry you are having to go through's just not fair. Sad

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Huge hugs :bighug: Sorry I was late posting on this, was trying to find time to read your post.

How are you doing this week?