Natural Fertility Boosters?
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Thread: Natural Fertility Boosters?

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    Default Natural Fertility Boosters?

    So, I'm ashamed to say that I've reached that point in TTC where you get completely frustrated and want to give up. I say I'm ashamed because I've met so many amazing ladies on that have had quite a more difficult journey that I have and I feel like my frustration is a dishonor to what they've gone through.

    Alas, I am here.

    So, I've decided to do some research on boosting my fertility chances naturally. I wanted to ask for your opinions/input. So far I've read mostly about cutting out caffeine, boosting nutrient/vitamin rich foods, taking vitex and maca, moderate exercise (especially stress reducing), doing cleanses, and drinking antioxidant rich tea twice a day.

    Has anyone researched or tried any of these? I really need to stick with my new healthy eating plan. Maybe the fertility benefit is the motivation I need... lol

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    I am in the same place you are - I'm so over it all.

    I am trying to just cut out caffeine, sugar, lots of fruit and veggies and reducing stress.... it's not going GREAT, but I'm trying.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Elizabeth. I started acupuncture for fertility. I love it. I am a scientist, so this was not an obvious decision, but I decided, what do I have to lose? If you pick an acupuncturist skilled in chinese medicine, they have lots of herbs you can take to boost fertility. They also do a health workup and suggest things that are more mainstream, like reduce/eliminate caffeine and no alcohol during the luteal phase, encourage exercise, healthy eating, etc. I have been very stressed at work and the acupuncture is working wonders on that. Good luck!

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    Hi Elizabeth,
    Sorry to hear you are down and frustrated. I understand 100%. I remember you from my (short) foray onto the January board when I had my early m/c. Tough not to conceive after that, isn't it?

    I've tried tons of natural fertility boosters. I've been on a low carb/sugar diet and supplements for endometriosis for a year, doing acupuncture since my m/c in May, recently doing chiropractic (for pain but also heard of a few pg stories), and I am taking progesterone in luteal phase (prescribed by RE).

    While I haven't had success in getting pg (well not a keeper anyway-a chemical in Sept), I really feel so much better than I did before starting all that. I have more energy, and the acupuncture is really relaxing. My cycles have been just about perfect. My acupuncturist is a bit baffled as to why I am not pg yet, because everything seems great. I have come to the conclusion that it must be my messed up tubes causing most of the difficulty.

    Anyway, I do think those things all help for general health/well being, and I have heard of a lot of success stories. I think the acupuncture really helps with the stress/anxiety. The only down side is that is is expensive, and mine is not covered by insurance.

    I think any of these things are worth a try, and if anything, you might just feel a bit better and a little more control over the situation.

    Good luck.

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    I understand the frustration, Elizabeth I don't really know of anything else to boost fertility other than what has already been mentioned, but if I hear of anything, I'll let you know.


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