Onto another month.

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Onto another month.

17 months since beginning this process. Trying to stay upbeat here, but it is getting harder and harder.

What on earth made me think I'd get lucky shortly after a miscarriage? It really got my hopes up. I think I am doubly upset when each month fails since then. I've had 3 tries since then and nothing. I'm doing acupuncture, taking progesterone in luteal phase, temping, OPK's, had a laparoscopy already, special diet, supplements/vitamins, everything short of fertility drugs.

I really thought we'd manage this naturally, but I'm feeling a bit hopeless right now.

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Pg ment

I would suggest breathing and taking a month off here and there from all that stuff. I too did most of those things; acupuncture, vitamins, charting, OPKs, diet and a hysteroscopy. I do feel those things were very helpful. I was taking a 2 month break from the acupuncture bc of expense and completing some tests (ultrasounds, hysterscopy for abnormal bleeding). We were on vacation on the 2nd month so I didn't chart and that's when we ended up conceiving.

I'm not saying to drop everything, I know the panic and urgency to conceive. It was on the 5th cycle after 2 miscarriages 2 cycles in a row that we got pregnant again. Just try to take a month off from trying so hard (but still BD, just not on a schedule).

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Thank you for your response. Deep down, I know I need to relax.....I just can't! the diet, supplements/vitamins are all on the instruction of a doctor who believes it can prevent the recurrence or development of endometriosis, so I know I need to keep that up. I am not perfect with it and try not to stress, but most of the time I do follow it. Where I need to relax the most is with the thermometer! I have to use OPK or temp at least to track ovulation to know when to start the progesterone, but after that, I need to hide the thermometer! And spend more time at the gym, doing yoga, deep breathing, staying off pregnancy websites........thanks for the reminder to remember to settle it down! And congrats on your pregnancy. Gives me a bit of hope too.

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M/C and PG mention

*hugs* It's hard. All of it. We went 26 months before it happened. Had 2 m/c's this year. After the second one, I just needed a break. No temping. No charting. No progesterone. Just sex when we wanted. Lo and behold, BFP 2 cycles later. Crazy! It happens, sometimes the stress just is too much.

Fingers crossed for you!

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You've gotten some great advice already...there's really nothing I can add but I just wanted to give you a :bigarmhug:.

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I'm so sorry. I can relate, as we've been trying for #2 since our loss in 2009 and no pregnancy yet. Hang in there, I have found it is much better to breathe and relax and focus on other things in my life. I know it's hard, though, it's always in the back of my mind.