OT kinda nervous *child ment*
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Thread: OT kinda nervous *child ment*

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    Default OT kinda nervous *child ment*

    We found out last week that my children's daycare will be closing. We have thrown around a lot of ideas. I cannot find a daycare I am totally happy with. Our other option is for me to stay home and watch a couple other kids. I would love to do that but am also nervous as I have always had a job and we have always had extra income.Things are not as perfect as I would like them to be but things can be worked out (we still have a house listed for sale)I am just scared to death of telling my work and giving up the extra income. I guess I am just looking for some comfort :/

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    I am sorry you are having a rough time. I am thankful I am able to stay home with my girls.

    Come join me over on the Anything Topic Board. There is a general chat thread going on there that will get more traffic than here.

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