Our TTCAL Grads!!!

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Our TTCAL Grads!!!

We have shared joys in other boards and heart aches here. We've laughed, we've cried,
and we've cheered at the countless BFP's and HH9M we've finally been able to complete.
We've graduated and we all continue to be extremely happy for one another regardless
of our own cycles. We can't seem to leave the ones that have given us so much support.
We all want to hear how you all are doing. So please keep us updated with your progress,
doctors appointment, belly pics, u/s pics, and ultimately...the birth of our little loves!

Oh and don't forget to tell me your name if you want it included. I might not know some of you Wink




January 25, 2009...Frankie ~Topo~ Edin Wallace
January 26, 2009...Mandy ~Mrs_knight~

February 13, 2009...Kim ~evilbarncat~ but
February 15, 2009...Andrea ~TTCDakota~

March 2, 2009...~OurSecretWish~
March 3, 2009...Heidi ~MrsSchepp~
March 18, 2009...April ~nurseapril~
March 20, 2009...Susie ~thinkinpink~

April 6, 2009...~danielsgirl~
April 13, 2009...Kati ~chatakat~
April 13, 2009...Melissa ~MJ2~
April 16, 2009...Pam ~pam111~

May 5, 2009...~alyny~
May 14, 2009...Rachel ~rachelperry1983~
May 18, 2009...Julie ~Readyforbaby1~

June 15, 2009...Delia ~babyJtime~
June 27, 2009...Kristy ~kristycoulter1~

July 4, 2009...Nancy ~lily0624~
July 10, 2009...Eva ~Butterfly4707~
July 16, 2009...Becky ~stoli_the_yorkie~
July 19, 2009...~hessengirl~
July 25, 2009...Gemma ~robgem~
July 29, 2009...Jamie ~scootsmom~

August 7, 2009...~jlgalvin~
August 14, 2009...Starr ~hello.kitty (woooaaahhhh)~ x 2!!!
August 26, 2009...Shelly ~shellyhudson~

September 2, 2009...Jade ~jaders~
September 5, 2009...Lyndsey ~AngelLyndz~
September 6, 2009...Yari ~lotusblossom~
September 16, 2009...Cassie ~cassiehelge~

October 4, 2009...Michelle ~Michelleey~
October 7, 2009...Tammy ~tntd~
October 28, 2009...Jen ~jenners319617~

November 26, 2009...Shannon ~Sap0928~


January 25, 2010...Rachel ~rachelrazzle~ &

February 26, 2010...Freya ~aunt_freya


Congrats Mandy!!! ~Mrs_knight~
EDD was January 26, 2009...Nate was born January 15th @ 6:10pm by C-section. Nate weighed 8lbs 1oz

Congrats Frankie!!! ~Topo~
EDD was January 25, 2009...Bobbie Wayne III(changed from Edin Wallace) was born 4 days later on January 29th @ 3:12pm by vaginal birth.
He weighed 8lbs 10ozs and measured 21" long.

Congrats Kim!!! ~evilbarncat~
EDD was February 13, 2009...Jayda Alina was born 3 days later on February 16th @ 4:47am. Jayda weighed 9lbs 14.5oz and measured 23" long.

Congrats Andrea!!! ~TTCDakota~
EDD was February 15, 2009...Carson Kohl was born 7 days early @ 11:59pm. Carson weighed 8lbs 4oz and measured 19.5"

Congrats Heidi!!! ~MrsSchepp~
EDD was March 3, 2009...Elliot Wren was born on March 4th @ 5:23pm. Elliot weighed 8lbs 5oz and measured 21.5"

Congrats Susie!!! ~thinkinpink~
EDD was March 20, 2009...Sydney was born on March 24th. Sydney weighed 7lbs 7oz and measured 20.5"

Congrats!!! ~danielsgirl~
EDD was April 6, 2009...Bethanna Rhea was born 16 days early on March 21st @ 4:48am via C-section. Bethanna weighed 7lbs 7oz and measured 20.5"

Congrats Kati!!! ~chatakat~
EDD was April 13, 2009...Rebecca Dawn was born 16 days early on March 28th @ 11am via C-section. Rebecca weighed 7lbs 8oz and measured 20"

Congrats Melissa!!! ~MJ2~
EDD was April 13, 2009...Madelyn Dawn was born 18 days early on March 26th @ 1:09 pm via C-section. Madelyn weighed 6lbs 3oz and measured 20.75"

Congrats Pam!!! ~pam111~
EDD was April 16, 2009...Damien Gage was born 8 days early on April 8th @ 3:10 pm via C-section. Damien weighed 7lbs 10oz and measured 18.75"

Congrats Rachel!!! ~rachelperry1983~
EDD was May 14, 2009...Jake was born 4 weeks early on April 17th via C-section. Jake weighed 6lbs 8 oz and measured 19.25"

Congrats Aly!!! ~alyny~
EDD was May 5, 2009...IT'S A BOY!!!! Finnian Henry was born 6 days early on April 29th @ 4:02pm. Finnian weighed 8lbs 12oz and measured 20.25"

Congrats Julie!!! ~Readyforbaby1~
EDD was May 18, 2009...IT'S A BOY!!!! Michael Edward was born 9 days later on May 27th. Michael weighed 8lbs 3oz

Congrats Delia!!! ~babyJtime~
EDD was June 15, 2009. Maria Konae was born 3 days later on June 18th @ 12:38pm. Maria weighed 7lbs 12oz and measured 21.25"

Congrats Nancy!!! ~lily0624~
EDD was July 4, 2009. Thomas Edward was born 14 days early on June 20th @ 1:35pm. Thomas weighed 5lbs 12oz and measured 19"

Congrats Kristy!!! ~kristycoulter1~
EDD was June 27, 2009. Mary Joyce was born one day later on June 28th @ 8:26am. Mary weighed 8lbs 5oz and measured 20.25"

Congrats Eva!!! ~Butterfly4707~
EDD was July 10, 2009. Julizah Esperanza was born 9 days earlier on July 1st @ 7:41am via C-section. Julizah weighed 6lbs 10oz and measured 18.5"

Congrats Lyndsey!!! ~AngelLyndz~
EDD was September 5, 2009. Anabella Juliette was born 7 weeks earlier on July 16th @ 10:30am via "all by herself!" Bella weighed 4lbs 5.5oz.

Congrats Becky!!! ~stoli_the_yorkie~
EDD was July 16, 2009. Arthur William Jr was born 6 days earlier on July 10th @ 4:10pm. AJ weighed 7lbs 14oz and measured 20"

Congrats CJ!!! ~hessengirl~
EDD was July 19, 2009. Jordan was born 6 days earlier on July 13th @ 4:05am. Jordan weighed 7lbs 8oz and measured 19.75"

Congrats Gemma!!! ~robgem~
EDD was July 25, 2009. Kaia Lauren was born 1 day earlier on July 24th @ 5:04am. Kaia weighed 7lbs 9oz and measured 20".

Congrats Jaime!!! ~scootsmom~
EDD was July 29, 2009. Allyson Ellory was born 2 days earlier on July 27th @ 11:53am. Allyson weighed 7lbs 9oz and measured 18.5"

Congrats Jade!!! ~jaders~
EDD was September 2, 2009. Eleanor Grace was born 25 days earlier on August 8th @ 1:47am. Eleanor weighed 7lbs 1oz and measured 19.5".

Congrats Starr!!! ~hello.kitty/woooaaahhhh~
EDD was August 14, 2009. Atom Cash and Zero Mercury were born 20 days earlier on July 25th. Atom Cash was born @ 5:55am weiging 5lbs 11oz and Zero Mercury was born @ 6:01am weighing 5lbs 9oz

Congrats Shelly!!! ~shellyhudson~
EDD was August 26, 2009. Veronica was born 20 days earlier on August 6th @ 10:59am via C-section. Roni weighed 6lbs 11oz and measured 20.5"

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Well I guess I'll start...LOL

EDD July 9, 2009...thinking boy

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EDD July 25, 2009. Just hoping for healthy.

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I'm due April 16th with a little boy

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My signature says it all I guess - I'll come back to this and post some belly and u/s pictures.

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Here's my 20 week belly pic

And the u/s at 18 weeks

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Hey girls!

My edd is May 14th, I'm thinking it's a boy! We have our big u/s on Friday, so I can update you then Smile

Here is a belly pic from last week.

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Hi Ladies!!

My EDD is June 15th, 2009 Smile Will be finding out in January sometime what this little monkey's gender is!!

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EDD 1/26/09.

It's a boy!! Nathan Garrett

You can visit my space to see my belly pics, though they do need to be updated. Smile

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Updated up to here!

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I am a ttcal grad..My son is now 11 months old Smile I am in the 2ww as well...but not actively posting on this board as time does not allow.

Anyway, I will see if I can make this into a sticky for you!

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Add me to April, due the 6th. She's a healthy little girl and we can't wait to meet her! I hope that this does give encouragement to others. After 3 unexplained losses miracles do happen!

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what a cool idea Smile i know my stay on this board was short, but it meant so much to me!! we are expecting our first baby girl, due march 3. having a hard time with names Smile

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Done up to here!

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edd 2nd March 2009.. Im expecting my precious little girl..

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I am due approximately August 7th. I will have my first US and confirm my due date on 12/19
I have had 3 HCG tests and they were

I love this board, and I lurk and read up on everyone every day

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I still lurk here everyday to check up on you ladies.
My EDD is May 5 and we are keeping it a surprise:D

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EDD is July 19. Having my first u/s tomorrow, pls cross you fingers for me

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Remember to let me know if you want your name included. If you don't include it or if it's not in your siggy...I wont add it to your info.

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Hey There! I'm due February 13, 2009. It's a surprise, but I'm guessing girl.

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Hey Eva! Great idea to start this thread. You can add my name and I'm due 2-15-09. We are expecting a boy!!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin Thanks woman!

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I'm an old grad, and I lurk often. I'm TTC #2, and DS is currently 22 months old (today!). This board was a haven for me after my first loss and during my 2nd. My details are in my siggy Biggrin

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"TTCDakota" wrote:

Hey Eva! Great idea to start this thread. You can add my name and I'm due 2-15-09. We are expecting a boy!!!! Biggrin :D Biggrin Thanks woman!

Hey Andrea....i've missed you girlie....how are things????

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My EDD is July 29. I had my first u/s today and I was terrified, but my little bean looked great! He/she was measuring ahead at 7w3d and had a heart rate of 135. Most beautiful sound in the world!!

I'm on Lovenox shots, oral progesterone, and a ton of folic acid and other vitamins. My intuition tells me that everything is going to continue to go well this time around, but I'm still scared, as you all can understand.

I still lurk daily to check for any BFP's. I wish you all the best!

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hi gals. i'm due on the 4th of July Smile

i have my NT scan on tuesday which i'm totally freaked out about. i think the fear just stems from the fact that i'm scared to miscarry again.

but, we've been blessed to have seen our baby's heartbeat 3 different times. tuesday can't come soon enough though!

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What a great idea! We are expecting our little girl on 3/18/08.

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Eva - Can you add me as well?

My EDD is May 18th. Our anatomical scan is January 2nd but we are thinking of keeping this little one a surprise. Time will tell. DH wants to find out so he has a little time to get me to change my mind. Wink

I know there are many new faces here but I wanted to let you guys know that I think of you often and keep you in my thoughts! :bighug:

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Of course Julie! You're on now...I put you down as a surprise. But if you find out...let me know and I'll change you! Biggrin

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Can you please add me to team BLUE!!! We found out last week we are expecting another baby boy!! Thanks girl Smile

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Rachel when are you due?

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Name: Franki
Baby Name: Edin Wallace
Gender: Boy
EDD: 1/25/09

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May 14th! I think you have me up there Smile

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hehe Oooops sorry Rachel. The baby's eating my brain! LOL


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I'm due April 13, 2009. We didn't find out gender, so we're a surprise!

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Thanks girl!! lol It's alright, I have the same problem too Smile

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I completely missed this sticky. Please add me.

EDD April 13, 2009

It's a surprise!

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Hi guys....Starr here. DH and I have been TTC for 13 months. Ive been a member of this board since Oct 07, although Ive been locked out of my account for several months. I had to create a new name so I could post.

Anyhoo...on 12/06 I got my BFP with my third morning urine at 8dpo. It was crazy...I peed three times within 2 hours, and on the third pee I still got a BFP on a digi. I got my betas taken three times and the numbers were wicked high. 11dpo- 134, 14dpo- 740, 18dpo- almost 5 thousand. On 12/17, I got my first u/s and am thrilled to be expecting twins!
This was my 3rd cycle on Clomid. I have had a few early losses since starting our TTC journey, but are confident this will stick. This is the longest Ive stayed pregnant since losing our first son at 23 weeks.

I am hopeful both of our babies will stick, and I will never have to post here again as a TTCer. Hopefully this is our happily ever after.

EDD 8/14. I was really hoping we could keep the sex a surprise, but with twins, you kinda HAVE to find out what they are.

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Great idea!!!
I'm due March 20, 2009 with a little girl!
TTCAL was a great place for me to be when I lost my little one. I met alot of supportive people and found some great friendships. I check on all of you often and hope and pray it's your turn next. Good luck to all of you!!!! Smile

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ok sooo i guess i'm a grad now Smile :) Smile wooohooo!! Smile :)

i'm due in september..and so far..thinking i have no idea what i'll be having! lol Smile maybe a surprise..hmmmm Smile eh he..no i'm thinking girl

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I am due late August but will probably deliver early August. I am thinking boy but will be thrilled with either gender.

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Wow! So great to see everyone's BFPs and dates! I have been lurking and not posting much, I think until I have my level II scan at 20 weeks, I will be a nervous nelly (that is when we found out we lost out little girl last time). But...you can add me to July 16, 2009. We will find out the gender sometime in Feb, but I am thinking we are having a girl. Smile

Thanks Eva!


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GL with your u/s

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:wavehello: Hey Becky!!! You're added now!!!

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Eva, can you please add me? I am due in September Smile Thanks! At this point, I'm not sure what I'm thinking as far as a boy or girl, but I will get back to you!

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Hey eva..mrs. doctor..ummm..you skipped me...lol..lol.

add me! add me! Smile

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Yari I had you under August for some reason! LOL I went ahead and switched you to Sept.

Cassie you've also been added.

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Oh ok!! so you were on your A-game after all! lol lol...i didnt even bother to look in august! silly me! lol Smile
well thanks for updating Smile

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woooooo I got my 2nd u/s yesterday and we saw 2 heartbeats! I am so so so relieved. Both lil ones look great.

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"hello.kitty" wrote:

woooooo I got my 2nd u/s yesterday and we saw 2 heartbeats! I am so so so relieved. Both lil ones look great.

omg!! i am sooooo happy for you :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!