QOTW (Feb 14) ~ Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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QOTW (Feb 14) ~ Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

I'm not sure which countries celebrate Valentine's Day and which don't, but if your country does, do you personally celebrate Valentine's Day? Why or why not? If you do, how do you and your sweetheart usually celebrate it? (Go out to dinner, just give gifts, bake goodies, etc.)

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I love celebrating holidays! Valentine's isn't really one of my favorites, but it's so drab and cold up here, it's perfect timing for some cheering up. This year we're going out to dinner and my best friend is taking the kids out. My DS loves going on his Valentine's "date" with his Auntie. I made super hero suckers for DS to take to school today... he was so thrilled! He kept going on and on about how excited he was to give his friends cards and treats. I don't know if he realized that he would be getting some, too. Smile

For gifts, we usually don't do much. I bought a picture frame that holds six pictures and filled it with maps from our life story. First I have a map of where I was born (because I'm older!) then one from where he was born, where we met, where we married, and where our kids were born. I'm happy with how it turned out. Sentimental without being too sappy.

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Awww...how cute Elizabeth!! Your DS sounds like a sweetie! Biggrin I love the gift you gave your DH! I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day yesterday. Biggrin

We normally don't do much for V day either....it's not my favorite holiday for sure. We do try to do something to recognize the holiday but not much.

We were supposed to make a nice dinner together last night but Hubby had class so we are going to do it on Friday instead. We said no gifts but I guess we surprised each other with small gifts anyway...lol. He gave me a cute pink iPod shuffle and chocolate covered strawberries. I gave him some of his favorite candy and a GC to buy a coin proof set he wants. Biggrin

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What a creative idea, Elizabeth! Smile

Cool that you surprised each other, Jina Wink

AFU, my DH didn't used to do much if anything for V's day or much for any other holiday after we married, but after several heart-to-heart talks, he started surprising me with gifts again. Smile So... for this V's day, he gave me a big box of chocolates, a nice card, AND... a surprise gift: a movie ticket! I might just use it this coming Saturday to go see a good chick flick Biggrin I gave him a nice card and a little bag of candy hearts and chocolate. As for our "little sweetheart," she made DH a "card" (which was a heart I helped her make and she drew all over) and also gave him some little basketball-shaped chocolates that she picked out from the dollar store, and did a craft for me at school that was three prints of her palm to make it shaped like a heart in the middle.

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I got flowers from DH and I got him chocolates. We also got a deep fryer. Then we got a babysitter and went out to dinner. One of my more favorite holidays.

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I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day. Always seemed so commercialized to me. I guess I made a big deal out of my thoughts on this early on b/c DH has never done anything even though I always get him a card at the very least. This year, he did buy a card! Whoo hoo! I shouldn't complain becuase he always does nice surprises. For DD, we got her the book How do I love you?
For celebrating, we made heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Probably was my best Valentines ever. Smile

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DH bought me a very pretty ruby ring and a bag of Haribo gummi bears (my personal all time favorite!). I got him a bunch of sweet things that he likes (spearmint leaves, dark chocolate covered raspberry sticks, a package of iced cookies, and a pair of pajamas that he especially wanted.

The pj's came in the mail that afternoon so I put them in a gift bag until he could open. We were both surprised to find that they were monogrammed, since I hadn't paid for monogramming.

Even more surprising was that it said "Greg". DH is "Chris". LOL Much laughter, and comments about my boyfriend were made and the pj's will be returned as soon as the return shipping label arrives. Sadly. they were the biggest ones they had, and they didn't fit DH, so I'll have to find another source. They were too short. It's hard to find nice stuff for a tall man.

We were going to go out for a really nice meal to a restaurant we had a gc for on Wednesday, but I woke up that day with a nasty head cold, so we cancelled the reservation. *sigh* I specifically did NOT want to fight the crowds on VD.