QOTW (Feb 27) ~ Scammers

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QOTW (Feb 27) ~ Scammers

Some scams are pretty obvious, others are pretty sneaky. Have you ever been scammed or almost scammed? Do you know someone who has, or have you heard about a particular scam? Explain.

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Hmmm.....I've never been a victim of a scam. At least not a big one....I mean, I'm sure some of the pan handlers I've given money to weren’t exactly being 100% truthful. I guess that could be considered a scam. Oh wait, I guess I've been a victim of credit card fraud. Someone got a hold of my credit card number and charged bunch of stuff but my credit card company took care of that for me. I dunno....I'm going to have to think about this some more....

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I've had the same thing with credit card scam except that they didn't actually have my credit card, it was in my wallet. I think that is identity theft or something.