QOTW (Jan 23)

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QOTW (Jan 23)

What is your favorite fruit, and least favorite fruit, and why? Smile

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My favorite fruit is a toss-up between oranges and cantaloupe. Both are sweet and juicy Smile Though cantaloupe chunks are easier to eat and less messy. Then again, you can also buy orange JUICE, which is convenient, though not as much fiber even "with" pulp.

My least favorite has to be blackberries. The seeds always stick in my teeth. eck. Lol

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I would say raspberries are my fave, I have easily sit down and eaten an entire little pint of them in one sitting without even noticing. And watermelon or honeydew are my also among my favorites but I don't get to eat them all that often.

Least favorite, blackberries, pineapple and cantaloupe.

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Favorite - definitely strawberries or better yet strawberries & blueberries together.

Least Favorite - blackberries, just don't like the seeds!

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Favorite - Fresh cherries or mangos.

Least favorite - Papaya

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Ohhh I forgot about raspberries! I don't get them that often because they're more expensive. I think I will change my answer to raspberries now, thank you very much Biggrin

Jina, I like mangos, too. Smile

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I really like those Cuties mandarin oranges right now. They are so easy to peel, don't have seeds, and I have yet to get a bad one....I know, I know, I just jinxed myself.

My least favorite are Pomegranates. I love the flavor but I still haven't figured out how to eat those things yet. Too much work for such little reward.