Question about OPK's (M/C mentioned)

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Question about OPK's (M/C mentioned)

Okay so I haven't had my first post M/C AF yet (I hope soon) but I was taking some IC pregnancy tests and finally got a complete negative last Wednesday. Today on a whim I took a OPK and it was pretty dark. Does that just mean I still have pregnancy hormones left or that I could be getting ready to O, despite not having AF yet?

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You can O before your first AF.

When I temped after my m/c, the first week looked crazy but after that, it looked exactly like every other cycle so I'm assuming I O'd then.

Good luck.

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Sounds like that's exactly what's happening. I didn't use opks after my m/c, so I'm not sure if that happened for me, but my AF after my m/c was exactly 4 weeks later, so I was lucky. (hello, run on sentence.)

I know Erin (who was on the Jan board with us and also had a m/c) just got a BFP without having AF after her m/c. So, it definitely can happen!

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I think your body could be gearing up to O.

I O'd before my first AF after my mc and my cycle was actually a normal, 29 days after my mc. Some women's bodies just return to "normal" more quickly than others.