Question (m/c mentioned)

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Question (m/c mentioned)

I have a question and was hoing you ladies could help me out...

I got a BFP on 11/18, and sadly had a natural m/c on 11/28. I literally bled for one day and night and then it was over. My last blood test on 12/1 showed by hcg at an 8. My Dr said it was dropping great and I should count 11/28 as cycle day one.

I ended up getting positive OPKs from Dec 11 to Dec 16. I have never before gotten more than a 2 day surge. I felt my normal O pains on the 16th (but tried bd'ing plenty during the whole time because I wasn't sure how my body would be after a m/c).

So fast forward now... I am now about 16dpo from last positive OPK and O pains. I should mention I stopped taking OPKs on the 16th because I know my O pain, and it was definitely O pain for me. I am still getting BFNs and no AF as of now. I have never had AF be this late.

Can I ask if any of you had natural m/c, how long did it take your first AF to come?

Thanks for any comments.

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Kim, once you ovulate your next period should be pretty well on track. It took me 21 days to get a BFP so you might still be in the game, or you just may have changed to a longer luteal phase. My cycles changed a bit after each of my miscarriages...

Sorry it's not more help

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It can take a few months for your body to return to normal after a m/c. If you are late and getting a bfn, then I would assume that your body is just taking longer this month. :bigarmhug: So sorry you are going through this.

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Thanks guys... I appreciate the thoughts. I wish AF would just get here...

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Sorry, thought I had posted here. It does seem odd to me that you only bled one day and night. Have you ever had AF be that short before? Hope you can get a clear answer soon :bigarmhug: