sorry I've been MIA *child ment*

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sorry I've been MIA *child ment*

Since quiting my job and becoming a sahm and watching kids thing has been hectic. I believe I'm ovulating now but have yet to dtd. While I want another child so bad it has just been such an adjustment for me to be at home all the time and I'm more wore out now than I ever was working. I love being at home with my kiddos but the added kids are a tad bit stressing as 2 of them are slow at developing and they are both younger (1 &2 yrs old) so trying to help them learn and develop skills is so hard and can be a bit frustrating not to mention DS is teething and a whiney little Momma's boy lol . Any how just wanted to say hi and get caught up on posts even though it looks like it has been kinda dead on here. Hope everybody is well.

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Welcome back Smile I've been MIA for bit too.

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Welcome back, Sandy. Being a mother really is one of the hardest jobs in the world. :goodluck: and KUP Smile


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welcome back sandy