Think I may have O'd or am getting ready too.

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Think I may have O'd or am getting ready too.

I felt amorous last night for the first time since getting pg months ago and that's always an O sign for me. We couldn't actually seal the deal as it has only been 12 days since we delivered our tiny baby. Then I noticed today I felt a familiar cramping that I always get. It's right around the time I would expect to O if my cycle were normal anywhere from cd 11-19 is normal for me. I took an O test this afternoon and it was pretty close to positive I think. On one hand I'm happy it seems my body is getting back to normal do quickly. On the other hand it makes me really sad, I shouldn't be O'ing, I should be having my big u/s and this just brings home that Im not, that I will never get too. Trying to look to the future though and see this as a good sign.

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I'm very glad you're body seems to be getting back to normal so quickly. I hope that you will be blessed with a stick baby as soon as you are ready to try again. :bigarmhug:

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