Thought I might hang out here if you'll have me (mc child) update

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Thought I might hang out here if you'll have me (mc child) update

I was on the March 2013 board until I had my third miscarriage in August at 9 weeks. I also had an early loss in March of this year and another loss between my two healthy pregnancies (now 5 and 3 yo). My doctor did testing after the last loss. That baby was a little girl with trisomy 16.

The doctor is also testing me for possible causes of the other losses. I have been diagnosed with stage iv endo in the past but haven't had trouble getting pregnancy, just keeping it. I had surgery in 2006 to remove scarring and a hemorrhagic cyst. I had scans last week which showed a mass on my left ovary which could be a new hemorrhagic cyst. I'll know more after I see the specialist again on the 15th.

We won't know if we are going to ttc again until we get these test results, but I thought I might hang out in the meantime if that was ok.

(please excuse typos, I was on my phone Smile )

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So sorry for your loss. I hope that you are able to get some answers from the testing they're doing, but in the meantime, hang out here as long as you'd like, there are a lot of us here who have experienced loss very recently too.

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I'm sorry again. But I'm glad to see you joining in over here. We were on March 2013 together. I also m/c in August at 9 weeks.

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I am sorry you are here but you are more than welcome to join us. I was on the April/May boards and had a m/c two weeks ago Sad I really hope you get answers to your questions.

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So sorry for your losses Sad Welcome to TTCAL...I hope you find lots of support here while you wait and when you are able to TTC again. Please KUP about your appointment on the 15th.


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So sorry for your loss. I hope they find answers and are able to "fix" them if you decide to have another child. I have a clotting disorder and while they can't get rid of it they put me on different meds and we just hope for the best Smile I have a 4yr old, 5 month old, and 3 losses. I know how stressful it can be to know you are capable to carry to term yet your body says no to some pregnancies.

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Thanks ladies. I had my appointment yesterday. Came back clear on all the blood tests (no sticky blood, FSH normal, normal thyroid function, no diabetes, I can't remember the rest.) She is going to leave the cyst she saw in my ultrasound for now. They can't tell from the u/s if it is an endometrioma or a hemorrhagic cyst. It is in the same place as the corpus luteum from my last loss and might that just my body hasn't gotten rid of it yet. It isn't preventing pregnancy and isn't causing any great pain at the moment so they are happy to leave it. If it starts getting too painful they will re-evaluate (side note, I have endo and get pain in this location anyway but it isn't unbearable and it isn't new).

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So sorry for your loss :bigarmhug: Glad the blood tests came back clear, but sorry about the endo, and the cyst.